Breen Sarr Theln, A Very Cool Carrier

breencarrier3I have three characters currently flying about in the new Sarr Theln Carrier. Of course this is uncle Q’s latest freebie for his winter event on the frozen tundra of some distant world conjured up in the mind of Star Trek’s ultimate omnipotent being.

I was fortunate enough to have saved up an extra 640 glossies of his royal Q-ness last year and so it only took nine days to acquire the new ship. Don’t forget additional characters on the account need only acquire 40 glossies of Mr. de Lancie’s character.

sarrtheln-92I have my top toon, Admiral Sager flying this ship with some good gear and upgraded, Advanced fighters. One hangar has the advanced Chaos Fighters and the other has the Advanced Frigates which are actually Plesh Brek Raiders :D. You get two wings of three fighters per hangar and two wings of one “frigate”. The Plesh Brek Raiders are much more resilient and this has advantages when you are in a situation with a lot of enemies. The little fighters tend to get destroyed by the warp core explosion of ships you defeat. They are kind of stupid that way 😉 I have found that to be a problem with most of the small three per wing fighters in carriers across the STO universe.

sarrtheln-95I am also flying this ship with two other toons at the moment. Admiral Be’ina my Romulan engineer at level 58 is working on getting the ship trait. The Sarr Theln offers a ship trait that extends hull heals on the ship such as engineering team, to the pets. This is a great way to help keep pets alive longer. For those of you unfamiliar with carrier pets, they get stronger as they stay out in a combat zone longer. The fighters and frigates and such all gain stars. Each star adds a bonus of a perk or buff to the pet that helps them survive longer but it also seems to increase their “threat level” as well. Admiral Be’ina really likes to fly the Falchion Dreadnought and that ship utilizes a hangar bay so the ship trait offered by the Breen Carrier is valuable to her.

The toon I have that is most likely to actually fly this ship as a primary is science officer, Admiral Rodessa. She is currently running missions with the ship.

breenpetsI like this ship. I haven’t been an avid user of carrier ships with the exception of the Romulan Falchion which is not really a carrier per se. The first four mastery levels are nice passive boosts. First you get a double. The recharge time for launching pets is 40% shorter and the rank up XP is 50% faster for pets as well. Then you get a 10% hull boost. Third comes a reactive shield perk that increases regeneration and offers shield damage resistance of 5%. The fourth mastery perk is a 10% shield boost, These are all very good perks. As I mentioned before the level five mastery is a ship trait your captain can use on any ship. It is specific for carrier pets as it heals the pets hull when you heal the carrier’s hull. If you fly any carriers at all you should fly this one at least until you pick up the ship trait.

sarrthelnThis Breen ship is a solid performer. It has a fairly quick turn rate of 7 degrees per second and offers a resilient hull. Admiral Sager is running the ship with the Mark XI Breen space set for shields, deflector and engines. Most of the other gear is solid stuff. He is also running all three Breen special consoles. I generally don’t like taking up three console slots with special consoles that do not offer a passive bonus, but I was curious about the three consoles and the assorted powers they offer as a set. I am still not sure what the third set power of “super cooled weapons” does. I am guessing it either reduces cool down or power drain. It does not appear to give a weapon damage boost.

Flying in a ship like a carrier that relies on pets to assist with damage is ideal for a science captain that has a variety of exotic damage attacks at her disposal. The three Breen consoles offer up additional attack/buff/debuff that may have long cooldown periods but coupled with a science captains special abilities they can be used effectively together over time. By the time you have exhausted your assortment of science/exotic damage abilities the first one is coming back on-line.

Honestly, if I equip a better space set to this ship it could very well be the best carrier in the game. And it’s FREE! Not getting this ship is a sin against all things Star Trek. We are talking about three minutes a day for 25 days! You still have time to get the ship before the Winter Event closes out mid-January.

sarrtheln-96One quirky thing about the ship is that it is physically too small. Carriers are LARGE. If the little fighters were the only option for pets it would be OK. But when you launch the larger Plesh Brek Raiders it looks silly. The Plesh Breks are way too BIG to have launched from the Sarr Theln. It is almost comical to see these big Raiders sort of magically appear out of the carrier. It’s like a Chihuahua giving birth to a Great Dane. That said, I like the larger pets they are tough little bastards.

Overall I give the new Breen Sarr Theln carrier very high marks. I like it better than the Obelisk, KDF Vo’quv and the Fek’lhri Kar’fi. These are the only other true carrier ships (two hangar bays) that I have any real experience in. The Kar’fi has no resiliency. It offers up a faster turn rate of 8 degrees per second, but it really should be more like 10 with that weak sauce hull. The Fleet grade Vo’quv with a T5-U upgrade might be the great challenger to this carrier. I like the extra maneuverability the Breen ship has. When using deflector abilities that require the target to remain in the front 90 degree arc, the Sarr Theln and the Kar’fi have a distinct advantage over those big slow-moving hulk type carriers. The best carrier could also be the Xindi Aquatic. I don’t have one, but statistically it looks fabulous, especially if it is upgraded to T5-U!

But the crown jewel of carriers may in fact be this wonderful Winter Event prize. It is absolutely FREE and it is Tier 6! It is in fact the ONLY T6 carrier available in STO at this time.


These are the results of the poll I posted several months ago regarding carriers. How many of you think the Sarr Theln should be the best? I reset the IP vote counter so you can vote again. Let’s see if the Q has delivered us a winner! There have been 155 votes up till now, so the Breen Sarr Theln has a long uphill battle. Now I need to get back online and get that ship trait!




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