Romulan Faeht Intel Warbird is Devious.

faehtHappy New Year! I know some of you may still be nursing an ass-whooping hangover, but it’s time to read about another beastly little ship in STO.

I have been flying about in two more of the T6 Delta Rising launch ships lately. Rodanna is currently working on mastering the T6 Guardian Cruiser and Be’ina is working on her third T6 ship, the impressive Faeht Intel Warbird. Today the focus is on the Romulan ship.

Be’ina is my highest ranking Romulan; she is currently level 59 and just about to crack that Fleet Admiral rank. I figured I would test this ship in a more “end game” situation so she was ideal other than the fact that she is an engineer now in a tactical ship. My tactical Romulan captain is just level 50 and really not a very evolved character. So Be’ina it is 🙂

Be’ina has fully mastered the Romulan T6 Aelahl Battlecruiser and the new T6 Breen Sarr Theln Carrier I wrote about earlier. She has just begun flying this ship and probably will not fly it much after reaching tier V mastery because she is built to fly the big engineering ships. She is a holy terror in the Falchion Dreadnought.

faehtstatsSo first impressions of the Faeth were a bit so-so but then I started to really settle in with her. I did not realize this ship was equipped with an enhanced battle cloak until I dragged the cloak into my toolbar and saw “enhanced”. The stat graphic from the wiki shows “battle cloak”. That is an error! I was delighted with that revelation. I love the enhanced battle cloak. I have the other four ships with it as well; the Romulan T’varo Retrofit and Fleet T’varo and the Klingon B’rel Retrofit and Fleet B’rel. This ship however, is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the five. Seriously, the intel BOFF stations, the active sensor array, the heavy-duty hull and an ENHANCED BATTLE CLOAK! Holy Tactical Climax, Batman this ship is a BOSS!

The ship features a near raider-like turn rate of 19 dps significantly less than the B’rel but a little tighter than the T’varo’s 18 dps. You will give up a little shield power when comparing to the Fleet Grade T’varo Retrofit, 0.99 versus 0.90 but you gain all the benefits of the intel ship; the two hybrid intel BOFF stations and the active sensor array. That is more than enough to compensate for the 10% shield advantage the Fleet T’varo has. Still not convinced? Y ou also get the 5th level of mastery perk that your captain can use on any ship she flies. The 5th mastery captain’s ship trait is “Tactical Retreat”. This gives your ship a huge speed and defense bonus when your hull drops below 25%.

The active sensor array is actually quite useful in PVP, PVE or Missions. When you have a ship targeted, you activate the sensor scan and after fifteen seconds (you must stay locked on that target for the whole time), weaknesses are exposed on the target ship. You and all of your allies can then take advantage of the weaknesses for a short period of time. You have to pay attention to the active sensors, when the weaknesses are revealed you have a short time to choose one to exploit before the systems resets.

boffsI have touched on the intel BOFF abilities in other posts but I will address them again here as I continue to appreciate their usefulness. First, intel abilities are not career specific. I have found that the intel BOFFs tend to come with Intel abilities tailored to the career of the officer, but in reality any intel BOFF can use any intel ability. They are however, limited to their career path for standard BOFF abilities. This allows you great control over how to utilize intel BOFF abilities. I really like the kinetic magnet, intelligence team, and ionic turbulence abilities. The jury is still out on the surgical strikes ability. I have been using it with this Faeht Intel Warbird and it is difficult to discern its effectiveness. That ability reduces the firing speed of your weapons while increasing their accuracy and critical hit chance. Surgical Strikes is clearly a tactical leaning ability but it could be used on a science hybrid or engineer hybrid station if you chose to teach the intelligence engineer that ability. I am not suggesting that specifically but you could do it.

The Faeht has a commander tactical/intel hybrid and a lieutenant engineer/intel seat as well. As is typical in this class the lt. commander station is also tactical and there is a universal ensign. But the 5th slot is not a lieutenant but another lt. commander seat, this one for a science officer. That is some serious BOFF action right there 😀

On a side note: how cool would it be to have an all universal/intel BOFF setup. Yes it would have to be limited to four seats, commander, lt. commander and two ensigns to make it fair. Or the ship would have to be nerfed elsewhere, shields, hull etc. That would awesome to play with!

Since Be’ina is an engineer by trade, she doesn’t have a great selection of tactical BOFFs. You can see I chose to load up the commander seat with intel abilities for the most part. Over all I am not convinced my setup is the best possible solution, but it has been most effective running the featured Borg PVE queues and Vaadwaur missions.

faeht2As is the case with nearly every Romulan ship, this sneaky and deadly ship is also quite lovely to behold. Its lines are sleek and sinister and the ship just screams out that it is ready for serious ass kicking business.

The mastery perks for the ship are pretty good. The first perk is a 5% weapon accuracy bonus which is pretty good. Next is a singularity boost that both increases the charge rate and decreases the cool-down for singularity abilities. I generally run the singularity fully charged at all times since I really enjoy the power boost more than the actual singularity abilities. That is just me though. The third perk is quite nice adding a 10% damage boost to both energy and kinetic weapons. The fourth adds an extra 2.5% critical chance which is better than the boost you get from the CrtH modifier!

romfaehtRun this ship with a full house of Romulan BOFFs and the stealth bonus will really make this ship a force to be reckoned with. I am running this ship with pretty much standard fare Mk XII stuff. Nothing over the top. All of the corrosive plasma weapons were enemy and mission drops. I did not stack this ship at all. That said this ship is a boss. Like all escorts you have to be aware of your hull strength. The only problem I have had with this ship is that occasionally I get caught up in a warp core explosion with my hull weakened. The ship can be destroyed easily with 50% hull and no shields by a nearby warp core explosion. This however is true with most escorts and raider class ships. 25% hull on this ship with Be’ina at the helm is about 12k where as a large cruiser would still have over 20k at 25% hull.

The Faeht comes with a special universal console “Heavy Plasma Lance”. This ability did not seem to be very strong. I might consider replacing it with another console, but I haven’t used it enough to be certain of its fate. I really like this ship. I like it enough that it may very well become the go to ship for my up and coming tactical Romulan captain. The ship costs 3000 Zen so you have to be pretty sure that a small tactical escort/raider is what you want. I would definitely choose it over the T’varo or even the Fleet T’varo. You will be hard pressed to find a better ship in this class than the Faeht for your Romulan toon.

Only 14 more days of Q’s Winter Event so get as many Q glossies as you can. Any that you don’t use this year, you can save till next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀




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