T6 Guardian Cruiser

I mentioned last week that I had Rodanna working towards mastering the T6 Guardian Cruiser and I figured today would be a good opportunity to write about that ship.

Before I dive into the Guardian, I would like to mention that the Sarr Theln Carrier in just a few short weeks has managed to reach the number two spot on my poll of Carriers, despite its 6 month handicap on the chart. There is only a week left in Q’s Winter Event, I hope you still have time to get those 1000 glossies! If not, save what you have till next year.



This Carrier poll originally came out last summer and the Sarr Theln was added only a few weeks ago. It quickly moved up the chart in popularity. This is a solid carrier and it is absolutely FREE!

gaurdianSo Admiral Rodanna has the T6 Guardian and I actually like this ship. Rodanna is an engineer so this is a suitable ship for her. She typically flies the Tactical Odyssey Cruiser as her flagship. At first I was very skeptical about this ship. It is after all a ship that is marketed for 3000 Zen. Was it going to be better than the T5-U upgrade for the Odyssey? As seems to be the case with most of these T6 ships, the difference comes down to a few variables. The upgraded version of most T5 ships gains a big hull boost and a bonus console. The T5-U Odyssey will have 11 consoles vs just 10 for the T6. Odyssey has the added benefit of the advanced slipstream giving 60 seconds in the slip vs 30. The Odyssey T5-U will have about 5% MORE hull strength as well as a 15% boost in shields. T6 ships have the 5th level of mastery that affords the captain a transferable trait. Of course the T6 ships also have the hybrid intel seat(s) as well. Tough call and it depends on your play style and preference.

Admiral Rodanna is not one of my three primary toons so she is only level 53 and does not have the best gear. I outfitted this Guardian with pretty standard fare for consoles and weapons. Most of the combat she has done has been in Romulan PVE, Romulan patrols and Delta Rising story content. The ship performs quite admirably I might say. I am beginning to really enjoy the intel BOFF abilities.

This new T6 Cruiser is not an “Intelligence” ship. It therefore lacks the full commander chair for an intel BOFF and does not offer the active sensor array. I like those two things, I really do, but this ship is a more traditional Starfleet cruiser and in that regard it is a solid ship worthy of consideration by even the most discriminating Captains.


The Guardian is a big cruiser like the Galaxy class with 1100 crew and all the standard big cruiser features. It does shave a little more maneuverability than most end game big cruisers in the federation. 6.5 base turn rate and a 35 inertia rating which is notably better than the Odyssey. Like other T6 ships I have written about, this one also has the dual Lt. Commander BOFF stations. This ship is perhaps the most versatile big fed cruiser in the game as far as BOFF seating is concerned. Yes, the Commander seat is an engineer, of course it is, this is a big feddy cruiser and that is what is expected. But this T6 ship offers both a Science and Tactical seat for a Lt. Commander! The hybrid seat is for a Lieutenant intelligence engineer and there is a universal chair for an ensign. This is very versatile seating for a Starfleet cruiser.


Rodanna is able to place her top science officer in a powerful bridge station offering abilities that enhance this ship’s performance against a variety of enemies. the ship is no slouch offensively either with a tactical chair for a Lt. Commander weapons officer. She has placed an intel officer with kinetic magnet and intelligence team II in the hybrid Lieutenant seat. I am really starting to like the intelligence team ability. The cooldown is fairly short and the effective flash cloak and fire it offers is great when operating a typically clumsy big cruiser. Kinetic magnet is an ability that I have mixed feelings about. Sometimes it is awesome but I really wish it worked against the Vaadwaur tricobalt mine weapons. It does not for some reason. I might have her change out the Tractor Beam Repulsors II for Gravity Well II in the Lt. Commander spot for PVE or other team play.


Many people on the forums have expressed their displeasure with the Intel T6 ship design and appearance. This Guardian Cruiser should appeal to the traditionalists among us with its classic nacelles and saucer. Personally, I don’t mind the artistic changes in some of the T6 ships; it adds variety to the game. Traditionalists that insist on flying classic Starfleet designs have many options with T5-U and T6 ships including this ship.

I believe I am going to make this T6 Guardian the standard big cruiser for Rodanna. It is a very solid performer. If she needs a more athletic and tactical ship she has both the T6 Intel Battle Cruiser and the solid T5-U Avenger Battle Cruiser, to utilize for those missions that require a more aggressive posture.

Honestly for a true engineering captain this T6 Guardian is pretty damn good. Take a look at it before you buy something else just to be sure you get the best ship for the job.


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