Secondary Deflectors, Soon to be Standard Fare

Last week I posted a poll and it looks like a close race between Gravity Well (23%) and Hazard Emitters (20%) for the most popular science BOFF ability. While on the subject of science abilities, Cryptic has announced that the secondary deflectors are now standard equipment on all science ships (the very first sci ship you get at level one is excluded). These secondary deflectors in Star Trek Canon appeared on the USS Voyager and others. In STO they made their debut on the Dyson Science Destroyer vessels.


You may remember that the Dyson ships have two modes. Standard mode and tactical mode. In standard mode the ship was essentially a science ship. Sensor analysis, sub-system targeting, 3/3 weapons layout and a Commander seat for a science BOFF. Upon activating “tactical mode” the ship transformed, hiding the secondary deflector and rendering it disabled, dropping the sub system targeting and sensor analysis abilities. It also downgraded the Commander science seat to a Lt. Commander. Meanwhile the Tactical seat became a Commander chair and weapons layout changed to 4/3 exposing a powerful dual cannon weapon.

Now the secondary deflectors are going to appear on nearly all science ships. The unique tactical-mode remains exclusive to the Dyson ships however. Cryptic will reverse engineer all qualifying science ships currently in your inventory. You will now have a slot for a secondary deflector. New ships will come with a common secondary deflector of appropriate mark value. This change was announced on January 16th but I have yet to see the change-over in-game. I am looking forward to it because in my experience science ships are under-powered and this will give them a needed boost in performance. According to the press release on ARC, all ships with BOTH Sub-system Targeting and Sensor Analysis will receive the secondary deflector slot. Ships with only one of these abilities will not. That means most carriers will not get the upgrade and that is fine, carriers have the advantage of pets.

I have long felt that there was not enough difference in the classes of ships. I still feel that Cruisers need more hull and more damage resistance. Science ships need a boost and I would like to see very rare high mark value secondary deflectors that really offer a great boost in performance. I think that science ships with large crew counts should also have more hull strength, not so much damage resistance but hull strength. I feel that larger cruisers should also have up to ten weapons bays but limited to beams when configured with more than eight.

This is a start however with the secondary deflectors and it give science ships an edge they have needed for quite some time.

I am looking forward to next month’s 5th anniversary event. Rumors are circulating about free ships, etc. I have always liked the anniversary events. Remember, always, always, always, get the free stuff! Cryptic typically doesn’t skimp on the freebie ships so if they offer one, please do the mission(s) and get the ship. OK, I have been slacking with my exploits on STO so I need to get out there and go where no one has gone before…







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