Fifth Anniversary Event is Underway

I logged on today with much anticipation about this 5th anniversary event and started out by playing the special event mission with Harry Kim. The mission is pretty good; I particularly like the two points in the mission where you are given a choice on how to play a certain portion. You get Normal, Hard and Very Hard options. I am not sure if the selection is for challenge purposes only or if your rewards are better for taking the tougher options. This mission is chock-full of puzzles so I am glad I took the “Normal”, translate “Easy” route. The  puzzles are simple with the exception of the “maze”, that one is a bit time-consuming. I hate puzzles though so maybe it was me 😉 I like the story content of the mission though so it was still fun. Each week of this event the prize will change. Today I got the Kobali uniform along with some other fixed rewards. There is a chance in the maze to get a Kobali BOFF which I found on the left hand side of the maze about two-thirds to the end. Next week the opportunity to complete mission and earn the special Kobali Deflector, then another week and you get the Kobali Impulse Engines and finally the Kobali Shield. By that time you may have the Kobali cruiser already in hand and why not equip it with the special Kobali space set?

The special mini-game Cryptic created for this event was full of bugs today. There are Omega molecules scattered around and Q sends you on a daily mission to three different areas to destroy them. I was able to easily complete the mini-game on Earth Space Dock but could not get mission credit for the mini-games I played on Vulcan or K7. I made sure to play inside the mission marker. I played dozens of times on both Vulcan and K7 and never was awarded credit for completing the mission. Near as I can tell if too many people are trying to access the same Omega Molecule it just stops awarding points. I am not sure if this matters but the molecule that worked on ESD was both unoccupied by other players and glowing red instead of the blue glow on every other molecule I found. I also scored the highest on the one where I was alone even though I didn’t really do better on that one than the others. I was able to log back in and complete the mission. Perhaps by tomorrow they will have it operating smoothly. I don’t like galavanting about the universe to complete one daily grind mission, especially with the long cool-down on transwarp abilities so that part kind of sucks. They could have just had you go to one spot randomly each day.

kobaliOne nice thing about the Omega particle mini-game is that you earn crafting supplies as well as Q-mendations. The destroyed Omega molecules leave crafting bits behind and they can be used to craft omega upgrade kits.

Hopefully Cryptic will get the bugs worked out soon. I want that ship! The ship looks pretty cool and I think it will have a special bridge option. There is a point in the mission with Harry Kim that you will be on that bridge.

The ship is a cruiser and is part of the special mission. The ship has a cool looking design but seems to be a pretty standard cruiser. The BOFF seats are heavily weighted towards engineering and the only universal chair is suited for an ensign. That is a bit “weak sauce” but at least it has two Lt. Commander seats with the second set up for  a science officer.  I like the 7 dps turn rate and the special console looks nice.  This could be a strong tanking cruiser as it also has reasonably strong shields with a 1.15 modifier and a decent hull topping out at level 60 with a base of 58,000.

Looking back at some recent poll data, Gravity well has pulled out further comfortably in 1st place with over 25% of vote and hazard emitters has fallen well back at just 18%.

The Breen Sarr Theln is in a close second to the Jem’Hadar Carrier for best two bay carrier. Check back on the back issues to cast your vote in the polls. I have much to do in STO, so I will be back next week 🙂



3 thoughts on “Fifth Anniversary Event is Underway

  1. I’m just considering starting Sto so I came across your blog and I have to say I’m a big fan of star trek but the game sounds very complex when it comes to choosing skills and ships and boffs. I really want to play science but it sounds harder to lvl and play. Is it possible to play science offensively and be successful or is it just going to be a struggle against the straightforward dps classes.

    Beginner guides are very bad for sto, I’ve been looking into the game for a while now and decided to download it but I honestly can’t decide on a class yet. Is the game population healthy enough to start playing.

    It’s a very confusing game from an outsider’s point of view

    1. Honestly if you want to play the game and run through the story and build a science character it is not that hard. Complex? Absolutely, but hard, no. The only time that it becomes really hard is if you want to build a strong PVP character. PVP is very hard unless you really understand the nuances of the game and how to build a killer toon. However I have 10 characters including two full on science characters. I can play through the PVE and Campaign missions without trouble with my science characters and neither of them have any significant special build. Since STO is F2P I strongly recommend you try it since you are a fan of the franchise. If you play other MMORPG games you will find STO to be similar in many ways both good and bad of the MMO genre. I have played significantly on WOW, SWTOR. DC Online, Runescape, Neverwinter, D&D online. I like STO the best. I am a fan of the franchise, but I like the other MMO franchises as well. I still prefer STO.

      1. Thanks for the advice, I made an account and leveled to 12 this afternoon and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I made a science character even though people say it’s underpowered, I’m really enjoying the little things you can use and combine for nice effects and the story is pretty nice too. I’m putting the skill points into the things I use and not stressing about it too much, I’ll retrain if I have to at max level. I also play wow and in comparison the story here really keeps me interested, unlike wow where I just steamroll without reading the qst text. There’s lots of tinkering to do with bridge officers and skills and science really has some awesome abilities to use. I’m really excited right now hope it lasts to max level and that I won’t have to spend too much money on it to be fun. Thanks for the advice once again

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