Another Post Level Fifty Skill Tree!

commandWith the 5th Anniversary update the team at Cryptic added, among other things, a new specialization skill tree for post level sixty players. This one is called Command Officer. There are 30 additional skill points here bringing the total to 90 among the 4 trees. This means your toon can reach level 60 and then advance 80 more times! Cryptic has truly made the “end game” something to continue playing. Those of you that like to play just one toon should rejoice because you can work that one toon for a VERY long time now watching him grow stronger well past level 60. Big juicy STO kudos for that.

This new tree is a primary tree option and allows you to build both space and ground skills. Like the other trees it has a character ship trait it offers after 15 points are spent and then a boost to that trait when all 30 points are earned. I encourage you all to check out the skill tree on any of your characters at level 60 plus. This tree offer a bonus of 5% ground hit points or 5% hull points in space just for selecting it as the primary plus a small amount extra for each point taken in the tree. This means you have to decide right away if that is preferred over the original primary specialization Intelligence Officer which gives a defense bonus in space or dodge bonus on the ground of 5% plus a little more for each point taken in the tree up to 15%. The Command Officer tree has quite a few expose perks which may be very beneficial to science and engineering captains that don’t have a lot of big damage opportunity on tactical.

Don’t underestimate the power of these trees. Each point gives you a minor perk but collectively it really makes your captain allot stronger. Admiral Sager has only taken two points in the secondary specialization “pilot”. He has a 12% turn rate bonus along with the perks received from the two spent points, “Eat my Dust I and II” These give him a stacking defense bonus when taking damage on my rear flank. On the admiral’s primary tree Intelligence Officer he has a passive defense bonus in space of 9.7% from the 14 points taken plus the 14 individual perks for each of those points. These specialization trees make your toon much stronger.

I like this new Command Officer tree. I may move my level 50 engineering toon, Rodamarak to capitalize on this Command Officer tree! Just as a review. The specialization trees offer a passive bonus that grows as you take additional points in that tree. The passive bonus and the abilities gained by taking points in the tree are only active while that tree is active. There is no respec option for specialization trees as there are for skill points and traits. Choose wisely. As you progress along the skill tree you will unlock some abilities including space traits. These are “unlocks” are available to your captain even when the specialization tree is not active! I recommend completing one primary tree before starting another since only one can be active at a time. The secondary trees at this time are each specific to ground or space so it does not matter if you spread points between as you will just switch between them depending on whether you are in space or on the ground. In other words selecting the secondary tree, “Pilot” does not hurt you in space as the “Commando” tree has no space abilities anyway and vice versa the Pilot tree has no ground abilities. But if you spread points between the Intelligence Officer and Command Officer trees which offer points in both space and ground scenarios, you give up the points in one tree when you select the other. I am working on the Intelligence Officer Tree and Pilot tree for now with Admiral Sager, but I have a few fresh level 50s that I can work the new Command officer tree with.

The glitches I reported last week on the daily omega particle mission were quickly resolved. No excuse to not get your free ship and your free Kobali space set!

See you out there…


8 thoughts on “Another Post Level Fifty Skill Tree!

  1. Hello again, I reached level 49 as science and about to be 50 so in was wondering which ship to get, I suppose I have to buy one from the c store, I want to play ‘sciencey’ but still do good dmg. What would you recommend to buy?

  2. Lot’s of choices there, Did you win the Breen carrier at the Winter Event? That is a Tier 6 ship with decent DPS potential and heavy on science. It also is available to fly at level 40 and it gets stronger as you grow in level. The Dyson Destroyers are pretty good. You had an opportunity last year to earn one for free but you can also get advanced versions in the C-store for all three factions with three different configurations. Read about them here:

    The Dyson Destroyers are probably the most tactical of all the science ships due to the ability to switch to “tactical mode” and unleash a powerful 4th forward weapon.

    For a Fed toon the Multi-misson ships are a good bet, the strategic version comes with an auxillary powered dual canon weapon, it draws from Auxillary power rather than weapons power. I have never flown that ship however.

    1. I’ve been playing STO for about 9-10 days now so I haven’t been around for the events. I just speed leveled this past week and am really enjoying the game. There are still some things I haven’t figured out but I’m working on it however the ship choice is really bothering me at the moment.

      I just got to 50 and I want to buy a good ship that will help me level to max and which I can basically use as my main ship.

      The Multi-mission ships you mentioned seemed amazing to me too but then I discovered they were T5 and the T6 ships look really bad but they cost about the same on the C store.

      I figured since I’m going to spend some money I might aswell get a T6 ship but if the difference is not that big I would love to get one of those Multi-mission ships?

      At the same time I’m doing the Qmendation qsts for the free T6 ship but that one seems to be very engineering oriented and not going to suit my playstyle.

      I need a ship that is very versatile and focused on weps and shields, the event one seems to be hull repair oriented or at least that’s how I understood it with my basic knowledge of the game.

      Anyway even if I wasn’t so far away from the free T6 ship I still wouldn’t consider it as my main ship since I am very much into the Federation look and feel of the ship.

      So I’m very confused at the moment, should I get the Multi-mission ship whih is one tier old or get one of the T6 ships since they cost about the same, however I hate how they look and the one I do like the Pathfinder i think it’s called is too much healing oriented.

      Basically, I don’t know what to do.

      I read quite a few of your blog posts and it’s great up-to-date info about the game. I appreciate the time you take to reply.

      1. Are you a tactical captain? If so there are a few options for you. Please consider looking at the posts below from the blog regarding T5, T5-U and T6. Most of the T5 ships including all the C-Store ships can be upgraded by purchasing an upgrade token from the Cstore. A T5-U ship is fairly comparable to a T6 ship with some interesting differences I debated about in these posts :

        The only bummer about escorts is the hull and shields will be weaker than larger cruisers, but the turn quick and fly fast and they hit hard with weapons. If you end up buying a T5 ship in the C-store consider joining a fleet, With a little effort and some fleet contributions you can buy a fleet version of your Cstore ship for just 500 zen and some of the fleet credit you earned in the fleet. Fleet versions have a bonus console slot and 10% boost to hull and shields. be sure to take the special console off the old T5 ship before deleting it a the fleet version will not come with the special console. At this time there are no Fleet versions of T6 ships. If you want a ship that is a little more sturdy, you can try a Battle Cruiser type ship such as the T5 Avenger or T6 Eclipse. battle cruiser style ships turn better than there larger and clumsier engineering based cousins, but offer a compromise on hull strength and weapons. They are tougher than escorts but a bit less manueverable. A great place to check out all the ships and there stats and abilities quickly is on the STO Wiki, the ships page is here.

        The Multi-mission ships are fairly science oriented but as I mentioned to the other person who commented above, the Dyson Destroyers are probably the best science ships if you want a more tactical feeling ship. Keep in mind that there are ships for sale on the exchange some are cheap less than 500k energy credits, some are ridiculously expensive 500 million energy credits.

        I hope this helps.

        BTW, just be prepared for the trip from level 50-60 to take as long as the trip from 1-50 took.

  3. I’m the same guy who posted both comments :))

    I’m playing as science all the way, ships included.

    I’m leaning towards a multi-mission ship + upgrade which actually costs more than a T6 ship so that’s a bummer but T6 ships are just so damn ugly, I agree variety is good and I would love to see them in space just not in my face.

    On the other hand, they have a cloak which even tho I don’t care about that much is pretty epic for a science ship to get a good positioning specially in pvp.

    So it’s a hard decision, I think the ships are way overpriced and regretting it later won’t be cool at all.

    What do you think about Multi-mission strategic version + upgrade to T5U

    Will this be comparable to the T6 ugly ships

    1. I have not flown the Multi-Mission ships. When they first came out I thought they were pretty cool, but I ended up buying the Dyson Destroyer instead. There is a T6 science ship called Pathfinder that is based on the Intrepid class (Voyager) so it has a more traditional Starfleet look but it is not a real tactical ship. The Strategic Multi-Mission offers a universal Lt. Commander seat that you can put a tactical officer in if you want and thus have an edge in a firefight. The Dyson ships however have the ability to run tactical mode offering a Full Commander seat when in tactical mode and a fourth forward weapon. From a purely tactical fire power point of view I think the Dyson is the most badass science ship. That doesn’t make it the best, but it can laydown some serious pain in a fight. You inidcated you wanted a science ship that was tough in a fight, so if it were me, Dyson. There are three versions for feddies and the primary difference between them is the special console and the overall console layout. From a BOFF (Bridge Officer) standpoint the Destroyer is better. If you do get the Dyson ship I would immediately start working on the Dyson Joint Command reputation projects. The weapons store will offer protonic weapons that do additional proton damage (not to be confused with anti-proton) and there is tactical consoles that boost proton damage as well. the special fourth weapon on the Dyson is a Proton Dual Cannon. The Dyson experimental set works well on this ship too. The reputation system is a little grindy but you can get cool stuff. You will still need some dilithium however. Since I have never flown the Multi-mission I can only go off the ship’s stats and info and my collective experience in the 40 plus different types of ships I have spread out over my toons. I am not very good at PVP but I can survive in my Dyson.

      1. I read your posts about T6 vs T5U and after a lot of consideration I got the T6 Pathfinder. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 3200 cstore points on a T5 + upgrade when the T6 ship costs 3000.

        The Pathfinder is a good ship, pretty flexible with the boff stations and the shuttle you get with it is just amazing, it constantly shoots, uses tractor beam and has a better chance to take subsystems offline.

        It’s a good ship for now and by the time I’m 60 I might get some more ships.

        The Dyson ship sounds really good but again the looks ruin it for me, I like to immerse in the star trek world and those ships kill my rp mood.

        Thanks for your help, I’ll keep reading your posts, i found them very helpful especially now going towards higher end content

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