New Command Based T6 Ships Are Here

I just picked up the new freebie ship compliments of his Royal Q-ness. Several of my characters will be adding the ship today. I’ll have to fly the ship around and let you know in another post how it fares.

Today is also the day STO launched nine new T6 battlecruisers, three for each faction. Of course you can buy the mega-pack of all nine ships for 12,000 zen ($120 US) other wise these ships will set you back 3,000 zen ($30 US) a piece or a three-pack for your faction at 6,000 zen ($60 US). I bought just the Tactical Command Battlecruiser for my top feddie toon, Admiral Sager.fed-taccom

It looks like the Tactical Command Battlecruiser is a slightly less agile T5-U Avenger with a hangar bay. It has a more standard 4/4 weapons layout as opposed to the more aggressive 5/3 on the Avenger. I am not feeling it right now for the Command Battle Cruisers. I liked the KDF Tactical cruiser but not enough to fork over the 3,000 zen and I wasn’t going to spend 12,000 zen on the nine ship set either. The nine ship set is a good deal for players with lots of toon spread across three different career paths. You know, like me 😉 Each ship is only 1333 zen which is less than half price! I already have scores and scores of ships however so I just picked the one that best suited Admiral Sager since he is my most “buffed” toon. I will get to see the ship at maximum potential with him at the helm. Of course the ship is available to all five of my feddie toons and two of my Romulan toons.

The ships each come with a special console that is part of a four piece set. The fourth piece is on the Kobali ship you win from Q. Four special consoles? I hate gobbling up four console slots with special consoles, but these at least offer up a reasonable passive abilities like 26% torpedo weapon damage, hull hp, etc.

The new T6 Command Battlecruisers offer up a hangar bay and that got me thinking that I should really finish up the mastery on my Breen Sarr Theln Carrier. The 5th level mastery starship trait is a healing buff for pets! I can’t help but compare the T5-U Avenger to the new T6 Presidio I just bought. The Avenger is still my favorite feddie cruiser so how will the new kid in town stack up?

Before I go head to head I should mention that these new ships offer up special BOFFs called Command Officers they are like the Intelligence Officers. I have none of these BOFFs yet. These special ships have the ability to “inspire” other ships to better performance by building up inspiration points through successful battle activities. This is a legit perk that is especially useful in team play such as PVE missions. This new line of ships will absolutely perform with superior results in PVE team play.

OK, the Avenger Battle cruiser will need to be a T5-U Fleet version to really compete on a size and strength comparison to the T6 Presidio, Tactical Command Battlecruiser. Below is a basic chart showing the stats of each ship with green indicating a superior stat.

corrected-t6These two are evenly matched. You know how I feel about crew count. I think it is a negative to have a large crew, but in this case it is close enough. The Avenger is going to be significantly more agile. The turn rate is only slightly better but the inertia rating is much better on the Avenger and that helps with high-speed maneuvers. High speed helps keep ship defense high. The T6 has the superior BOFF arrangement and a more versatile and balanced console setup. For the pure attack tactical ship the Avenger is hard to beat with that forward weapons blitz and five, yes count them, five forward weapons bays! It will depend on play style which ship is the best. The Standard Avenger in T5-U form is not as tough as this new Presidio Command Battle Cruiser. The Fleet Avenger T5-U however is still in the ‘A’ game.

I think I will find the more traditional 4/4 weapons arrangement a benefit overall on the T6 in solo mission work. Being able to utilize beam weapons over a 360 degree attack arc with no weak spots anywhere in the 10km sphere is nice when fighting alone. I am building the new ship now, and still deciding weather to use cannons or beams on this ship. if I go with cannons they will be of the single variety to maximize firing coverage on this slow turning ship. I can’t wait to get this new beast on the battlefield. I will surely report back later with the review.

As for the Kobali ship, I have to wait until the 19th to get the last piece of the Kobali Space Set which is the shield. Perhaps I will write about the whole ‘enchilada’ in a couple of weeks when I have the full set and a few hundred light years showing on the odometer.

Get out there and get that free ship and be sure to check into the shipyards and take a look at the new T6 line of battlecruisers. One of them may just sing to you 🙂




5 thoughts on “New Command Based T6 Ships Are Here

  1. I fly the T5-U Fleet Avenger too, so looking forward to your review of the command cruiser! One thing though – the Fleet Avenger T5-U has 4 tactical consoles, and 5 engineering consoles. I don’t think there’s a single cruiser in the game that gets 5 tactical!

  2. I was hoping you do a post about the new ships 🙂
    I just bought the T6 Pathfinder and really like it for science but now that the battlecruisers are out I’m considering getting one of these to do solo content.

    My Pathfinder is doing really well in team play, I score about middle on damage done but can provide a lot of support with shield drains and shield healing. Love Gravity Well III.

    I think one of these would be a great science soloing ship.

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