The Kobali Samsar T6, a closer look

kobaliI mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to log a few hundred light years on the new T6 freebie, The Kobali Samsar Cruiser, before I went into any in-depth review. It seems that I have met that requirement with a few of my toons and now I have a feel for the ship. I am still in a bit of a ‘hung jury’ with this one. I can’t decide whether I really like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good ship. It is the only FREE ship in the game with a seat for one of the new ‘Command’ BOFFs. I like the command BOFFs. I just can’t seem to find the sweet spot for this one. I am flying it with two of my toons for now, The powerhouse, Fleet Admiral, Sager with 22 ranks in specialization and Tier five mastery of every reputation system in the game. He is a tactical captain and I am also flying the ship with my Feddie Ferengi, level 51 engineer.

With Admiral Sager I equipped the ship with the full Kobali space set and a compliment of reputation consoles and weapons. It is by no means a ‘weak sauce’ setup but it isn’t one the Admiral’s ass kicking fleet machines either. That said, the ship performs well when compared to most T5-U battle cruisers and standard cruisers. The ship is a bit in between with a strong big cruiser hull and a respectable base turn rate of 7. I think where I might be feeling the pain is with the Kobali shield. This is a regenerative type shield and these are generally more suited to quick turning ships. Although the Samsar is no slouch in the slalom for a clunky cruiser it is by no means a crafty escort. Not even close.

I do like the complete Kobali set, this offers some nice set bonuses and abilities that are quite useful. I just found the ship flying in combat with no shields a little too often. This works fine in story missions and the easier PVE queues. But if you fly shields down in advanced or elite PVE, or in PVP, you will die in spectacular fashion. The special console on the ship is pretty decent with nice heal ability that actually cools down fast at 2 minutes.

kobaliship1I have logged less time in the ship with Admiral Sager, Level 60 stud-meister than I have with my Ferengi. He has the ship setup a little tougher however than Akir. Admiral Sager has mostly reputation gear from the Dyson Joint Command store. The Admiral could have pulled the fleet consoles off his Avenger and some more boss fleet and reputation project weapons to make this ship a bit more sinister, but I like testing with good gear but not necessarily the best gear.

You’ll notice that he has chroniton torpedo launchers at either end of the ship. Some of you may be thinking, “Chronitons” what kind of crap is he trying pull here”? Well I wanted to keep this ship a little on the cheap. Of course I did spend some dilithium filling out the Dyson beam weapons but I had a few of those from drops when I was running Dyson PVE missions. The chroniton torpedo launchers are not by any measure a top choice in projectile weapons. This is precisely why they can be found in Mk XII purple for less than a 100K EC on the exchange and even desirable [acc]x3 or [dmg]x3 units are only a few hundred grand. They do offer a great proc of 33% chance to slow and reduce turn rate of target. You hit any ship with a spread of these and they will trigger the proc nearly every single time. The damage output is nearly as good as photon torpedos but the slower reload time reduces their DPS significantly. Low DPS means cheap on the exchange. When fighting multiple enemies in faster and more agile ships this proc can make a huge difference in how quickly you can kill the enemies. Honestly I would rather use Quantums, but I wanted a modestly priced build here. Remember that faster reload really only helps when flying a ship that is fast and agile and can come about quickly. Slower cruisers take so long to get back into firing position that the dps advantage of photons is often unusable.

kobali-BOFFsAdmiral Sager has a generous selection of BOFFs and so he is able to nicely outfit this ship for nearly any mission assignment. You will see that the Admiral sat a Command BOFF in the Lt. Commander engineer’s chair. There isn’t much in the way of tactical chairs on this ship but the Command BOFFs have some quasi tactical abilities at their discretion. These abilities will enhance both the user and his allies against a targeted foe. Overwhelm Emitters will make all fire from the player and his allies do extra shields damage and leach some of that back to their own shields. Suppression Barrage will make the players weapons slow the enemy and reduce their damage output whilst making them unable to shoot down allied torpedos or mines. Using a Command BOFF on this ship helps to make up for the lack of tactical seating.

Where I found a bit of trouble with the Samsar and the Kobali Space Set, is on Borg PVE missions, the Borg are very good at reducing the effectiveness of shields. The ship however does quite well against the Tholians despite their use of shield draining tetryon weapons and heavy disruption torpedos. Overall I do like the Kobali Space Set. I had my Tactical KDF officer run through the “Dust to Dust” mission three times to get the three set pieces and of course when opening the Samsar cruiser the Kobali warp core unlocks as the fourth piece in the set. I loaded that set in her Fleet Qin Raptor and will see how it works on an escort style ship.

This turns out to be a great freebie ship and I even matched it up on the chart below against the venerable Fleet Version of the mighty Avenger in T5-U. Although the Avenger is much more tactical in its approach the ships do match up well.

avenger vs samsar



4 thoughts on “The Kobali Samsar T6, a closer look

  1. the kobali samsara is not a bad ship, it will some time to figure out, but right now I am enjoying my breen carrier and the build I am doing on it. unfortunately these things take time.

  2. Nice post, I’m new to the game but I managed to get this ship just a few days ago and I don’t like how slow it is. It might just mean I’m not into cruisers tho but I’ll give it a chance some more.
    I leveled it up for the mastery, doesn’t hurt to have.
    The healing console I really like, it saved me a few times already on my science ship and my escort.
    I liked the way farming Argala worked and I don’t like that they put it on cooldown. If people think it’s boring and repetitive they should just stop farming it but it’s good to have the option there to get through to the next skill point quickly. And aoe in that place is just fun as hell.
    Do you think they did that to stop people from getting skill points too fast or to save people from themselves who feel they have to grind it out right away?

    1. I don’t know hoenstly when the queues for PVE were really full they needed cooldowns so that everyone could have a chance at playing. Now the PVE queues are pretty empty and the cooldowns just ruin it for everyone. Not sure really why STO is so damned hot for cooldowns!

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