Jem’Bug One Upped and Nimoy Honored

2015-03-05_09-33-23Star Trek Online has completed the maintenance cycle and revealed to the STO universe a fitting memorial to the character of Spock and Leonard Nimoy.

I attend about one Star Trek Convention a year and unfortunately, Mr. Nimoy was one actor that evaded me over the years. Sadly I never met this man who is such a treasured part of Star Trek. Spock was perhaps the most important character in the original show and he was almost eliminated or neutered by the feeble minds at NBC. Thank god that cooler heads prevailed. Leonard Nimoy took the character of Spock very seriously. He poured himself into the role, making Spock one of the most interesting characters in all of television at that time.

Spock and his Vulcan brethren always reminded us to “Live Long and Prosper” and it seems Leonard was able to do that himself as a human being. May we all live long and prosper and shall we always remember Leonard Nimoy and his wonderful contribution to the most enduring and engaging science fiction franchise of all time.

jemstrike2The boffins at Cryptic have also given us a new Jem’Hadar ship to lust after. Interestingly this new ship is a beefier and scarier version of the legendary Jem’Hadar Attack Ship. It is called the Jem’Hadar Strike Ship. The original attack ship earned the nickname Jem’Bug due to its bug-like appearance. Those that prefer the original look can choose it on the ship as well as the edgier new design. That old Jem’Bug has been fetching half a billion credits on the exchange for quite some time. I was jonesing heavily for that amazing tech for over two years. I never coined up 500 mega-EC, nor was I lucky enough to win the lockbox lottery, so I never got one.

After the Launch of Season Nine, I discovered the Patrol Escort Refit and its devastating big brother Fleet version, the Maelstrom. I wrote about that ship here. Honestly the Jem’Bug is still a strong contender even against the Maelstrom, but I lost my teen-puppy love for the ‘Bug once I started kicking ass and taking names in the Maelstrom. Furthermore, additional T6 escorts have come on the scene in recent months offering players some exciting versatility in the escort ship selection.

Well, we can’t have that says the Jem’Hadar. So a T6 version of the Jem’Bug has arrived. My envy meter is swinging deep into the green now. This is a very powerful and badass ship. It offers all the juicy goodness of the original with a slalom crushing 20 degrees per second base turn rate that is excitingly close to BOP cornering. The impulse drive earns a modifier of a quick 0.22. The hull and shields are comparable but lower than the T5-U version of the original ‘Bug.  Of course this is a T6 ship so you gain the extra 5th level of mastery and that is a starship trait called, “Go for the Kill”. This trait will extend the cannon rapid fire BOFF ability’s duration by 3 seconds every time you score a critical hit (limit once per five seconds). There are few ships in the game that can escape the clutches of the Jem’Bug or this new Strike ship.

jemstikestasThis ship really starts to pull away from the rest of the field, when you consider the BOFF seating. Of course you get a Commander at tactical but instead of another tactical officer in the Lt. Commander seat you get a Tactical/Intel BOFF. You also get another Lt. Commander seat and it’s a UNIVERSAL chair. Wait! I’m not done yet… There is a Lieutenant seat that is a Universal/Command chair. What!? Both Intel and Command on the same ship? Oh yes they did! Then as if all that wasn’t enough, you still get a 5th seat for an ensign engineer. This may be the best BOFF seating ever offered in the game with the possible exception of the all universal arrangement on BOPs. Damn it! Just when I got over the no Jem’Bug in my starship garage blues, they have to come out with this 😉

So I saw an announcement that a player earned a Jem’Hadar Strike ship and I immediately decided to see what these were fetching on the exchange. My Romulan, Be’ina happened to be near an exchange so I loaded her up and checked it out. There was one Strike ship for sale and they were asking 500,000,000 EC. Notably several of the Jem’Bug ships were being offered all the way down into the low 300’s. The good news is that this new ship may create enough of a demand drain on the old ship that maybe they will become affordable, maybe down to the low 200s. That is hard to say. Honestly if I won a Strike Ship I would freakin’ fly the damn thing!

So here we go again; I’ll throw some zen at the Research and Development packs and try to win the lottery, after I fail, I’ll just have to pine after the ship since I never seem to be able to save more than fifty or sixty million EC 😉 But I will buy the Jem’Bug once this new ship crashes its price 😀

I brought back an old poll I ran in 2013 about the best escorts for feddies. I have added the new T6 additions and some newer T5-U ships, so they don’t have any votes yet. Of course, I added this new Strike ship as well. Let’s see how the T6 universe does against the legends of escort/destroyer ships.


8 thoughts on “Jem’Bug One Upped and Nimoy Honored

  1. Great post.
    Sad thing about Leonard Nimoy but Spock can live on in the movies.
    Would love to see some posts about science ships.
    I’m building my Pathfinder and loving it.

      1. I’ve read those when I was deciding on which ship to get and even though the Dyson seems versatile I wanted a full on science T6 ship. You should advertise your blog more, I find it very helpful as a new player even if it’s more tac oriented and it’s not that easy to get info about sto that’s concise and all in one place, I end up scrolling through sto forums a lot but that’s just a big mess of info and forum troll posts :))

  2. I may have one of my science toons work the ships over. I am flying the Dauntless right now with one of my toons and she also has in the “garage” the other T6 science intel ship as well. I’ll try and write about that soon. Science is the area that I am the least “good” at. Those ships require a different play style utilizing science based exotic attacks and deflector abilities. There are people I have seen in PVP with science ships that are amazing! BTW there is a science C-store ship that comes with phasers that use auxillary power rather than weapon power, which is pretty cool for a sci cap.

    1. I assume you mean the Vesta. Back when I was shopping around for an endgame ship for my main Sci Heidy, the Vesta was on my final short-list. I know the auxiliary power dual cannons were a major selling point of the ship, but I struggled with using DHC on a boat that only has a turn rate of 12 (plus I think they are Accx2 and Dmg, no Crits) so ended up getting a Fleet Luna instead, which is more of a workhorse Science vessel I suppose.

      1. All that is good, I think those Aux canons can be used on other ships though like the quad cannons. But you are right 12 degrees turn is not well suited to DHC 🙂

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