Grindy, Grinding Away and Misc Stuff

CellSome time back I was bemoaning the fact that getting the Ancient Power Cells to complete the projects in the Delta Alliance reputation system was very difficult. I still maintain that it is largely because the advanced queues are such a routine fail. It seems like 90% of the advanced and elite PVE missions end up as a fail scenario. It is not that the enemies are that much tougher, but the ability to find four other random players that can work as a team to avoid triggering the mission fail parameters is nearly impossible. I am not exaggerating on this. With the exception of the Crystaline Entity event which I run on advanced and the team of ten random players has always completed the mission (maybe this one has no mission fail parameters), all the others almost always end up as a fail. I am not good enough to carry a team of weak sauce players through an Advanced PVE mission, heck there are times when I am the weak link toon of the bunch. But I find that even when teamed up with boss players that absolutely CRUSH it, the missions tend to end up in a fail scenario, thus not awarding Ancient Power Cells or in the case of Omega STFs the Borg Neural Processors. This is something that has been a problem ever since the launch of Delta Rising last fall. Cryptic needs to pull their heads out from between their legs and fix this! The PVE queues have not been full since they screwed this up.

2015-03-19_14-28-01I did however discover that once per day there are two missions on Kobali Prime you can replay and earn ancient power cells. “These missions are “Breaking the Wall” and “With our Last Breath”. You can repeat these missions every thirty minutes but only one ancient power cell will be awarded per day per mission. Depending on whether you have help or not these missions can be completed in 10-20 minutes each. These are open missions that other players can join at any point in the progress and they are tied to another pair of open play missions as well. To access these replays for the missions you go to Kobali Prime and you will find a replay console just outside the ‘office’ of General Q’nel. This of course, assumes you have already completed the first run through of the Kobali storyline.

Admiral Sager has been sitting on 3400 Delta marks for months. Now I have been getting two ancient power cells per day and have begun to pick up the pieces for the Delta Alliance space sets. I completed the Delta Operations Set which includes the impressive Neutronic Torpedo Launcher, the Advanced Thoron Weapon (beam or dual cannon, I chose dual cannon) and an associated console. This set required a total of six Ancient Power Cells. I haven’t played around with these yet, but the stats on the torpedo launcher are impressive and the set yields a couple of useful abilities. I will be writing about both sets after I log some battle duty with them. I will be wrapping up the Delta Alliance Assault set today as I have three of the four pieces for the set. This set looks to be one of the best reputation space sets in the game. With a name like Delta Assault it has to be good, right? It requires quite a bit of effort to get, with a total of 20 Ancient Power Cells, then 3000 Delta Marks, and 130,000 dilithium required to complete the set, so it damn well better be good!

I have every reputation set except this one, and so far the Advanced MACO (KDF Honor Guard) set, particularly the shield and engines have been my favorite. I also like the Reman set and the Omega Assimilated set. On paper this Delta Alliance Assault set looks like a serious contender to the title of best ship set in the game. It is a four piece set and all I need is the deflector to complete it. As much grinding as is needed to obtain both the reputation marks and the ancient power cells, I think Cryptic should reduce the dilithium requirements for the sets. 32,500 dilithium each is really rich when considering the grinding time required for marks and cells!

scryrer-intel-30Admiral Rodessa has been grinding away as well on that new Scryer Intel Science ship. She is looking to add another ship trait to her “trait tree”. The jury is still out on whether that Scryer is a top-notch science ship. We shall see.

presidioI was thinking about having Admiral Rodanna fly the new T6 Command Battle Cruiser, Admiral Sager maxed out its mastery but he is a tactical officer and I really want to see how it fares in the hands of an engineer before I write a full review of it or do a head to head.

boffchangeI do like the change to the ability training for BOFFs with the sole exception of the nerf to the special captain training. I touched on this system a few posts back. The old system allowed for a captain to earn the ability to easily and directly train their BOFFs in a few select career oriented abilities at the highest level of III. Now the captain has to essentially complete a grindy crafting effort to create a one use “training manual” to achieve the same. Just what every MMORPG needs is a little more grinding, right? 😛 The good news is that some crafters are selling the manuals on the exchange which means any captain can ultimately achieve any of the elusive mk III BOFF abilities across all career paths. All that expressed, the new system allows for swap on the fly (out of combat) abilities and that makes more sense. The old system treated Star Fleet officers like Pokémon. Come on, having to “forget’ an ability before learning a new one is just not very Star Trek. Seriously, it,s not like I activate a BOFF ability and get this in the chat box, “Commander Pikachu uses Beam Overload, It’s Super Effective”! Kudos for fixing that issue Cryptic 🙂

kdfrecruitIn other news, Cryptic has announced Season 10 which apparently will begin yet another war! This has been building for years on STO. A showdown with the Iconians has been looming all along and apparently Season 10 will begin the direct confrontation with these ancient and powerful beings. To prepare us all for this epic war, the boffins at Cryptic have created a new Delta  Recruit system that will launch soon. This will allow new characters to become ‘Delta Recruits’. These recruits will level quicker and earn extra perks as they grow towards level 60. I already have ten toons, but I suppose I’ll have to start another just to check out these new perks.

heraldsphereThere is much to look forward to in the coming months on STO. Stay tuned for more reviews and information on new equipment, ships, and content on STO. Now I’ll get back to some classic MMO grinding and earn that last piece of the Delta Alliance Assault Set.


6 thoughts on “Grindy, Grinding Away and Misc Stuff

  1. That is a great tip! We were all making growly faces at how difficult it is to get Ancient Power Cells from the STFs.

    But you can fail Crystalline Catastrophe STF Advanced: when the Entity releases the energy shockwave, if it manages to kill more than 30% (i.e. more than 3 player ships in a full 10-players team), the STF will immediately fail. I have had the misfortune of being in a couple of these recently, but alas there is nothing you can do except to yell ineffectually at the screen for people to run away. 😦 The most annoying thing is once it fails you have to wait for the STF to cool down before you can retry it; not great if that’s you’re hoping to finish up before bedtime.

    1. I have been fortunate that the entity never killed more than 3, I guess. I often use that shockwave as a gauge of my ship’s toughness. If my ship takes the hit and has more than half its hull it is pretty tough if it takes the hit and has more than 80% hull left it is a beast.

  2. The crystalline explosion is a great excuse to Rock and Roll :)) that animation is just amazing
    I just hit t5 in all reps and I have no idea which set to get for my science ship, the Solanae set I’m currently using seems to be just as good if not better than some of those reputation pieces.

    So I have the marks and the cells etc but no idea what to use them on. Hope they introduce a way to switch shield visuals without changing the shields. That would make me get a few of those shiny ones.

    1. I have one toon about to get the “rock and roll” specialization 🙂 I use the Solane set on my Dyson Destroyer it is a good set. Depending on what type of shield you want Covariant with heavy capacity long recharge or Rengenaritive quick recharge low capacity there are some great Reputation sets. If you have stealthy desires the Reman/Romulan set is great with big stealth bonus and some good additional shield procs. I have another science toon with the complete Nukara Set and that one works well for sci toons. You know you can disable the special visuals if you don’t like them. Go to the STO WIKI and read up on the various sets. Some of the set bonuses are really nice.

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