Delta Alliance Boffins Work Some Magic

I have mentioned in some past posts that I overcame the lack of Ancient Power Cells and acquired the complete Delta Alliance Space sets. I am happy to report back that these are pretty damn good!

I labored over which ship to try them on. Fleet Avenger? Tactical Escort Retrofit? Fleet Chimera? Fleet Patrol Escort Refit? So hard to decide. Then it hit me; why not put it on the Breen Chel Grett and setup a hybrid weapons layout using both the Advanced Thoron Infused Beam Array and the Advanced Thoron Infused Dual Heavy Cannon? That’s what I did and this ship is equipped with the full Delta Operation ordnance set and the Delta Alliance Assault Space Set.2015-03-25_18-03-23

The Delta Ordnance set (Operations) is a three-piece set that has a torpedo launcher, energy weapon and console. As I mentioned above, there are two choices in the energy weapon a beam array and a dual heavy cannon but you can use both at the same time on the same ship. So I did 🙂 Be advised however, only one of the energy weapons applies towards the set bonus.

The set starts with a Mk XII Neutronic Torpedo Launcher. This is a quantum torpedo launcher that has an additional radiation damage proc. It is a very slow firing torpedo launcher, even slower than normal quantums. It does very heavy DPV however, much stronger than quantums and still gets the radiation proc on top of that! Next is either the Advanced Thoron Infused Polaron Dual Heavy Cannon or Beam Array. Only one of the energy weapons is required to get the set bonus. Last is the Bio-Neural Gel Pack console that has a nice +19.2  shield system, +2 to all power systems and a 7% cooldown reduction on all BOFF abilities. That is a sweet console. The three pieces together gain two set bonuses. First, a +13.8% radiation damage that applies to all radiation damage and a 20% cooldown on the Neutronic Torpedo launcher’s long cooldown. Second, is an active ability called, iso-kinetic cannon that launches a non targetable projectile doing a base 6012 kinetic damage with 100% shield penetration and a quick cool down! This is a great little weapons set. I recommend having a DOFF on duty with torpedo cool down reduction also because that launcher hits real hard but takes an eternity to fire again.

breen-deltaset (2)The Delta Alliance Assault Space Set is also the bomb. I said in the last post that it may be the best space set available in the game and I am still thinking that could be the case. The jury will remain out for a while, but it is a boss set to be sure. One thing you will notice right away is the shield visuals are pretty cool. It gives the ship a bronze look with cool gold trim lines and green glowing bits on your ship.

The set is a four piece with the standard shield, deflector and engines plus either a Warp Core or Singularity Core. The Unimatrix Shield Array is a covariant type shield with a base capacity of 8612. It is strong, but not as high capacity as the Advanced MACO, Honor Guard, Reman or Romulan shields. It does however have some solid passives and procs. It reduces all incoming energy damage by 10% and another 10% against Polaron. It also has a 10% chance to proc a 5% shield hardness (damage resistance) for 15 seconds and that can stack up to three times. Very nice indeed. The deflector is also very solid. It offers a +5 to both auxiliary power and shield power! It gives a huge +35 to hull repair and structural integrity which provides some great staying power. As if that weren’t enough you also get a +17.5 to power insulators to help ward off power and shield drain. Next up is the Hyper-Efficient impulse engine that offers a +5 to engine power, a +.22 to turn rate, and a +17.5 to flight speed. Wait, there’s more, you also get a huge +35 to inertial dampeners to help against hold, disable, knock, and repel effects. Normally I don’t care for Hyper-Impulse as they require a lot of engine power to be efficient and I run engine power low. But the procs and passives are to good to ignore. The warp core has a trainload of perks! A 50% cool down on all transwarp abilities, 2.5% extra shield power that gets stronger when engine power is low, +5 maximum shield power, and it adds 7.5% of auxiliary power to your shields. Remember that it doesn’t take away the auxiliary power but matches 7.5% to the shield system. For example, if auxiliary power is at 100, then the shields gain 7.5 bonus power and auxilary remains at 100. They aren’t done yet friends; the warp core also offers a +17.5 to shield performance, power insulators and EPS systems! Still more with this boss core, Trajector Jump ability teleports you 5km ahead. Long cool down on that but still pretty cool.

All of those procs and passives alone makes the set worthy but then you get the bonuses! First bonus is passive perk for evasive maneuvers, +25% defense every time you use it. Second is double passive bonus, +20% to both flight speed and turn rate! Third bonus is an ability called Tantalus Field that destroys all small fighters and projectiles within a 2km radius of the ship. The field is active a for several seconds centered around your ship. It has a moderate cool down of 3 minutes.

These two sets turned my already formidable Chel Grett into a raging beast! When all is said and done the power systems perks and skill modifiers alone make this set a contender. In review, both complete sets combine to offer the following passive buffs in addition to the aforementioned set bonuses and other perks:

  • 10% all energy damage resistance to shields
  • 10% Polaron resistance to shields
  • +2 Weapons power
  • +7 Engine, Shields, Auxiliary power
  • +7.5% of current Auxiliary power to Shields
  • +2.5% to shield power scaling up as engine power drops
  • +36.7 to Shield Performance
  • +35 to Inertial Dampeners, Hull Repair, Structural Integrity, Power Insulators
  • +17.5 to Flight Speed and EPS systems
  • +20% turn rate and flight speed
  • +13.8% radiation Damage

Oh this set is just bad to the bone. You probably saw the poll up above. That is an old poll from last year before the Delta Rising update. I added the Delta Alliance set and let’s see if it can catch up to the leaders as best reputation space set.

I think I’ll get back in the game and start working on these sets for my other toons as well. There is no doubt about it, they are worth the effort to obtain 🙂


5 thoughts on “Delta Alliance Boffins Work Some Magic

  1. I love the looks of the Delta set but I went for Reman, it’s at 19k in my sci ship even at mark xii and the regen is good enough since i have plenty of shield heals. I tried and I love it and then i discovered the 2 set bonus is 17 part gen and I was sold. Going to get the engines as well:)

    Might go for Delta on my cruiser

    1. Get all three pices that set has nice bonuses! also if you can get Romulan BOFFs you will get huge stealth bonuses added to the stealth bonus already included in that set.

  2. How is the Delta set working out so far? Since your post I have been grinding for some Ancient Power Cells and eyeing the Delta set, but haven’t bit the bullet just yet. My main KDF currently runs the Honor Guard set with a Fleet elite warp core, and I’m not sure if the Delta set will perform any better. I’d love to hear more feedback before I spend the money!

    1. Honor Guard is great set. I think the Delta set is equally as good. Even the Delta warp core is very strong with attributes that are equal in strength to the Fleet Elite Cores. This will come down to play style and preferences. Check the stats and modifiers on the Honor Guard Set and compare to the Delta. You may prefer the modifiers and perks on the one set over the other. The Honor Guard shield is a little stronger on capacity but does dot have the 10% damage reduction on all energy types, like the Delta so they are pretty evenly matched.

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