Delta Recruiting is Live

The Delta Recruit Event was launched today. If you haven’t been reading the updates I’ll let you know that this event will run through May 21st and offers a fast track for new characters created during the event with an exclusive opportunity to earn special prizes, equipment, etc. Much of this will be account wide but some will be bound to character. I had ten toons this morning and was going to delete one I hadn’t advanced up yet. Then I realized that they are offering a free extra toon for the Delta Recruit program!

They made some changes to the story when you choose Delta Recruit. You can still skip the tutorial but if you do your toon will NOT be a Delta Recruit. The storyline is very different. I like what they did, it moves faster and they make a better case for why a Lieutenant is in charge of a starship.

This is a nice change-up and since much of the perks in this event are account wide I recommend creating a new toon and taking advantage!

Last week I discussed the Delta Alliance set and updated the poll on best Reputation sets. Wow, not much love for the new set. I like that set, it is the bomb. So come on and take the poll what is your favorite Reputation set anyway?

navyThey are giving away a Romulan ground set with the new “featured” mission. The first item is a pretty mean Romulan Imperial Navy body armor piece and today they began awarding the Romulan Imperial Navy Shield. The third piece of this cool little set will be available next week and it is an Imperial Navy Kit.

Well we now know that we will soon be engaging the Iconians and my question is this: will we be able to fly an Iconian ship? That might be pretty cool. It’s not like we can’t fly every other NPC faction ship in the game 😉

2015-04-02_22-35-19Oh have you seen the latest graphical blunder. So in an effort perhaps to show us their expertise in rendering, Cryptic created some great shadow effects on the new Iconian Dyson Sphere that jumped from Andromeda to Iconia. Really Cryptic? Ship shadows on a sphere that is millions of miles in diameter and more than a couple of AU in the distance and we get to cast a giant shadow on the sphere. Oh well, physics is just not their thing, I guess 🙂

They are supposed to fix the scaling in sector space with the new interface that should launch with Season 10. So what do you all think of the Delta Recruit system? Pretty cool, right? I decided my Delta Recruit would be a Starfleet Klingon! Yeah I took advantage of the 20% off sale on special playable character species they have going on in the C-Store. There I am always throwing good money after bad on new stuff in STO. The first step is admitting I have a problem 😉 Ah what the hell I am gonna go level that dirty targ up to level 60 so I can reap the Delta Recruit bonuses for all my other toons. See you out there and get ready… The Iconians are here!


4 thoughts on “Delta Recruiting is Live

  1. I’m at 52 with my fed Romulan, was too late when I realized I can’t reuse my federation ships on him. Doh

    1. Not sure what you mean. You can use any ship you paid for with ZEN since they are account wide unlocks. Other ships like those you win in events and such of course are character bound

      1. Apparently federation alligned romulans can only use fed ships up to t4, anything above has to be a real romulan ship from the c-store or a lockbox ship

  2. Yes that is true with Feddie captains also, the last “Free” ship offered by Admiral Quinn is a t5 actually level 40 ship. Once a player gets to level 50 they must buy a C-store ship, Fleet ship or use a loccbox, lobi or event ship

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