Welcome to Season Ten!

999d2d2c9f5cdae3f9d902756d7ee8121429634835Season Ten is underway and the big reveal is not really a big reveal at all. We have been building towards a showdown with the Iconians throughout the whole five years that STO has been in existence. Now they are here and they have come in force.

Several new things have been introduced coincidently with Season Ten, The Iconian War. First we have T6 Fleet ships available now. It looks like just the original Delta Rising launch ships are available as T6 Fleet. The Command ships that came out during the anniversary event are not yet available as Fleet ships.

I have decided that my Romulan Tactical Captain will be the first to get a Fleet T6. She will be flying the Fleet T6 Faeht Intel Warbird just as soon as her fleet hits shipyard Tier 2. Then I think I’ll have Rodessa fly the Guardian T6 Fleet. I may have Admiral Sager fly a Fleet Phantom but not 100% on that since he already has three other Fleet escorts in the ‘garage’. Of course Dahar Master, Roddicka may want to fly the Fleet version of the Mat’Ha Raptor which is a great ship! So many choices 🙂

mapYou may have already noticed that the sector space map is greatly improved. They indicated this change was coming in the blog posts on the Cryptic site and in Arc. Now each quadrant is on one big map. So this means the only sector space map changes are between entire quadrants. No more multiple map changes, no more sector blocks! I like this. Now when you use an extended quantum slipstream drive you don’t lose half of it on the map change 🙂 You can lock in a course for the Iconia System from the Drozana Station and fly there uninterrupted. Previously that would have required FIVE map changes. Some things ended up slightly rearranged to accommodate this new all-encompassing quadrant map, but wow what difference.

There is a new Pilot specialization for BOFFs and one of the new Iconian War missions offers a training manual for it as a mission reward. There are no ships yet that have a hybrid Pilot seat. Of course this indicates that a wave of new ships is forthcoming. I would like to see a Universal Hybrid seat! This would allow any BOFF to use the seat with any career path and any specialization. You hear that Cryptic? Maybe the KDF could get a T6 BOP with four universal/hybrid seats! That would be awesome.

The Iconian’s are tough, but I am not finding them any tougher than the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur were pretty mean SOBs so I guess I am a little relieved that the Iconians are about equally so rather than even tougher.

I have been maxing out the mastery levels on several of Admiral Sager’s T5-U ships recently and I came to an interesting discovery; the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider is quite the badass ship! At least in the hands of the Admiral. Read more about the Plesh Brek here.  I ran both of the new Iconian missions with it and I just kicked some serious tail. After mastering tier 4 with it, I switched to the Risian Corvette. That ship is fast and maneuverable but no match in the kick ass department for the Breen Raider. I find that Raider Flanking ability is just the bomb!  Oddly the Corvette is built like a Raider but is not classified as such. If it were a raider and got the Raider Flanking ability it would be a much better ship. Read more about the Corvette here.

Voyager fans rejoice! Tom Paris is a featured character in Season Ten. Robert Duncan McNeil is reprising his role with voice acting for the Iconian War. Tom Paris daughter, Miral Paris has appeared already in previous seasons but this time actress Lisa LoCicero is reprising her role and voicing the character for Season Ten.

Season Ten also has a new reputation system Iconian Resistance. I need to get crackin’ on those three new PVE queues and start building rep marks. Right now it seems that STOs servers are pretty maxed out as lag has been an issue. That seems par for the course whenever a new season launches at least for the first few days. There is much to look forward to with this new content including the likely introduction of new ships offering the pilot specialization BOFF seats and maybe some missions around the new canon worlds that were added to the map, such as Trill and Ferenginar. See you next week!


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