Advanced Queues Still Suck but New Iconian Gear is Cool

coredeflectorI fully understand the idea that the advanced and elite PVE queues need to be significantly more difficult than the standard queues. But PVE missions rely on groups of five to ten often random players. The fail rate on these is ridiculous and they are the primary way to acquire the special items needed for many of the reputation projects.

It has become a colossal waste of time to bother with the advanced and elite queues since a single player is not able to carry the mission to its completion and most of the general players can’t seem to hang in there long enough to successfully complete these missions 80% of time.

enginesshieldI have been looking forward to acquiring and reviewing the special reputation sets of the new Iconian reputation system but fear it will take a month of Sundays to collect enough of the Iconian Probe Data Cores. The good news is that the same daily Kobali Prime missions that yielded Ancient Power Cells for Delta Reputation can also get you these Iconian Probe Data Cores. Even though the items can be obtained through the Kobali Prime missions the greater issue is the question of why advanced queues have such a high fail rate. Again, don’t get me wrong they should be tough and even result in the occasional explosion of your warp core, but seriously I can’t complete more than 1 out of 5 of these advanced PVE queues. I would love to take the blame and say that it is because I suck but the reality is that often I am but one of 5 to 10 participants and my suckage alone shouldn’t result in the high rate of mission fail. If we ALL suck then maybe Cryptic needs to lower the bar just a touch. I like doing the advanced queues and I like that they are tougher but I hate it when I am the only one that can survive and then after a few minutes the mission just ends due to a fail scenario or some kind of time out fail. Waste of F-ing time waiting in the queues and fighting one-third to half the mission only get some lame-ass parting gift of a few marks.

torpedowepsSo I am going to get the complete set of Iconian weapons and the ship set because it looks like it is going to be pretty damn awesome. The torpedo launcher has a 33% chance of granting 1000 temporary hull points and can stack up to five times. The ship set looks really cool as well. I will get the set and write about them.

Both of these Iconian reputation sets look like winners and I am most eager to get them loaded up on one of my ships so I can put them to the test. Do any of you have them yet? I am wrapping up my Tier 5 reputation in the next couple of days and then I’ll start working on the projects to get these items. The reputation sets are generally pretty good and I find them to usually be worth all the effort required to obtain them. Be prepared that it will take 26 of the Iconian Probe Data Cores and over 4000 Iconian Resistance marks to get all of these items. You may want the ground stuff too. Holy time sucking vortex Batman, that’s a lot of grinding 😉

I have run this poll for quite awhile now with all of you chiming in on what the best reputation ship set is. I added the new set take a look and over the next few months we shall see if the Iconian set can move up the chart as more people try it and either like it or not. I have reset the visit clock so you can vote one more time if you have voted before on this poll.

OK, I gotta get back to the grind and get me some marks so I can have these Iconian Resistance items soon.


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