The Summer Event is Here Again!

risa1It’s time to fly off to the luxurious resorts of Risa. We can lie on the beach, fly around with awesome jet packs, go surfing with cool 25th century powerboards, or even gamble away our credits to the greedy Ferengi. OH yeah, and earn a cool new ship!

As I write this, the maintenance is underway for the server. Rumors are that the Risian ships that were offered the last few years will not be offered again this year. However, if any player on the account has earned those ships in past events, other characters on the account can still get one in the event reputation system. As before once a character has unlocked an event ship for 1000 Lohlunat (or 8×10 glossies in the winter) any toon on the account can claim the prize for just 40 units. Also new this year, is the ability to reclaim event prize ships if they have been discharged. Nice!

rodannasurfin-3As has been the case in previous Risa summer festivals, there are several events to compete in. The powerboard competition, dance competition, Horga’hn hunt, and of course the Jet Pack course to earn Lohlunat pearls and favors. The Jet Pack event is the one that yields the prize of 40 Lohlunat Pearls per day. Gain 1000 of these gems and the ship is yours! The other events yield Lohlunat Favors and these can be used at the Risa beach vendors to acquire better powerboards or jet packs, cool summer clothing including that sultry swimwear. Seriously, Captain Kirk would have a real hard time staying on task at this place. Hot alien babes are crawling out of the woodwork here and in saucy little bikinis. Kirk would feel like a dog in warehouse full old fire hydrants! Yes it is time for a vacation on Risa and when it’s done, you can warp out of the system in a shiny new ship that you can be certain the Ferengi made some obscene profit on. Worry not, the profit came at the Risian’s expense, not yours 😉

nandipicSo the freebie ship for this year’s Lohlunat Festival is not of Risian design but rather those greedy Ferengi at the Lobi Crystal Consortium. These guys are offering up a new ship called the Nandi Warship. The ship is very sleek and sexy with some classic Ferengi styling. There has to be a rule of acquisition that states ‘looking good never hurts’.

This is a T6 ship and has an escort set of mastery perks along with an appropriately named new starship trait, “Greedy Emitters” This trait activates when using Energy Siphon, Tyken’s Rift, or Tachyon Beam abilities and can activate once every 30 seconds. It provides an immunity to power drain, less power drain for weapons and a power buff to all subsystems for ten seconds.

This is a cool looking ship. It appears to have some similarities to the Breen Chel Grett Warship. It is a cruiser style layout with 4/4 weapons but quicker on the corner than most battle cruisers. This one however is not as fast and maneuverable as the Chel Gret but offers Tier 6, better shields and a Lt. Commander Pilot/Science hybrid seat on the bridge.

I have to keep it brief this week as I am setting a course for the Bay Area System and a business trip. See you next week. Below are some excerpts from the official release notes for the new ship. You know you want it 🙂



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