A Week Under the Suns and Moons

1-twinmoonsrisa The Lohlunat Fesitival is well under way on Risa. I have spent the last week collecting not Lohlunat Pearls, but a new thing called Lohlunat Prize Vouchers. That sounds so very Ferengi doesn’t it? That was a bit of a let down since I had several hundred Lohlunat Pearls left over from last year that I wanted to used as a head start on the new ship 😦 Damn those Ferengi profiteers; but how I do admire the creepy, little shits. So I missed a few days of playing over last weekend and was unable to collect vouchers for two days. I have still managed to get 200 of the 1000 needed for the Ferengi Nandi Warship. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in these special events. I have never been dissatisfied with any of the free ships they give away during the Summer and Winter events. The operative word in that last sentence that mandates your attention is “free”.

1-beinarisa (1 of 1)This year they have added some new Risian beach wear. This is a much-needed update because the beach-comber set for men sucks. The ladies can walk around in a variety of super hot swim wear, but the men were denied any cool beach wear, until now. Now male characters have a variety of new shorts and tropical shirts to choose from. Participating in various activities around the island will earn Lohlunat Favors which can be used to buy clothing, power-boards, jet-packs and other cool stuff. They added a new line of power-boards this year and they appear to be really fast because I got my ass kicked in the power-board races. The UI has a nice interface addition for the Lohlunat Festival this year. There is a drop down schedule of events next to the mini map showing the times for the events that earn favors. Actually I am not 100% certain this is new, but I just noticed it recently.

I read the Cryptic notes for the update that is happening right now as I write this. Cryptic has listened to us, I’d like to think it was all me, but I am a dreamer not an idiot 😉 Apparently my complaints about the high fail rate on the advanced and elite PVE missions was not a solo bitch session. They are fixing that problem; now the fail parameters will not keep you from finishing the mission and at least earning the appropriate marks and other prizes such as Borg Neural Processors, Iconian Data, etc. Failing those parameters will keep the group from earning the bonus marks however and that is righteously fair. Thank you Cryptic for hearing us and making a change.
manticoreGood news has landed in the ship yards as well. Those engineers at Utopia Planatia have created a new T-6 version of the Veteran Reward Heavy Destroyer. It is the Manticore Class. It has a Lt. Commander hybrid Engineer/Command chair on the bridge and an all new starship trait called weapon system synergy. According to the boffins at Cryptic, this new trait will build up stacks every time a directed energy weapon is fired, at ten stacks the torpedo launchers gain a brief boost in power and shield penetration. This could be very useful on ships that utilize fast firing torpedoes such as the Omega and Hyper-Plasma launchers. Not to be outdone both the Klingons and the Romulans also have Tier 6 versions of the veteran reward ships. Fleet versions of the T6 ship will come later. For now the ship is better than the T5-U Chimera but probably a little bit inferior to the Fleet T5-U Chimera. Hard to say for sure. I’ll be having one of these today. You should be able to get one at the ship yards after this morning’s update. You do have met the veteran requirement of 1000 days paid or lifetime subscriber. I wrote about lifetime membership a couple of years back, read about it here. They are offering the lifetime subscription at a reduced price, read my article and consider taking advantage!
manticoreboffI acquired the complete Iconian Resistance Space set and equipped it to my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. Now that the T6 Manitcore is available I’ll move it over to that ship for testing so I can get the ship up to full mastery. I’ll review both in future postings. The specs for the set are impressive so I look forward to actual combat testing with it. I am working on the Iconian Resistance Weapons set as well. The first thing I will get on that is the console. I smoked all my marks on the four piece space set and need to build up some more to start buying the space weapons set. The console is the best piece in this set. It has a passive 10% boost to all weapon damage, 20% boost to hull healing and 20% boost to all shield heals. That my friends is a great set console! Even if the weapons are not of interest to you, get this console at least. It will require 500 Iconian Resistance marks, 2 Iconian Data Cores, 20,000 EC, 15,000 dilithium and some expertise points. It is worth it.

OK, the maintenance is done and I was able to fly the new T6 Manitcore with the Iconian Resistance Technologies Space Set for one PVE, Gates of Grethor. The ship performed well and I was using the Radiant Antiproton canons and turrets. Those give a 1000 temporary hit point boost on every critical hit so the ship did well. I was not overwhelmed with the Iconian set’s performance however. It was a normal PVE mission and the ship got low enough on hull at least once for me to activate the Fleet Support ability. Maybe it was just a lucky couple of crits or I was not paying attention, but that should not of happened. The Iconian space set has great paper stats but in this first go of it, I was concerned that the practical application is weaker than the hard numbers suggest. I do really like the deflector dish. Wow, it is the bomb. I’ll follow-up later when I have had a chance to really vet them.

Well that’s all for now, I’ll be back next week.



5 thoughts on “A Week Under the Suns and Moons

  1. awesome info on the game, I haven’t been playing for a while due to long hours of work, but once I get the chance to play, I can always look forward to reading your blogs. As always, a stand up job of information. Guess I should be playing so I can get myself a ferengi ship

  2. Wow, that Iconian Resistance console sure looks tempting now, with a flat +10% passive damage bonus. Of course the problem I’m running into is I am accumulating these special reputation consoles, and less and less slots to put them in. Is it worthwhile to get this Iconian Resistance console at the expense of a Shield Emitter (+20% Shield) or an armor console that grants damage resistance?

    1. Flat 10% damage bonus AND 20% boost to both hull and shield heals. Remember it is part of a set and with the other components additional set bonuses apply as well. It is a solid console. usually the set consoles suck, this one is pretty good.

  3. I’ve heard a lot about that console and apparently it’s base dmg not all dmg, it’s much less than 10% overall.

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