Ferengi Nandi Warship

nandi (1 of 3)Those little capitalistic, latinum huggers from Ferenginar can make a pretty sweet battleship! This Nandi Warship, that is available for FREE at the Risa Lohlunat Festival, is a solid performer. Before I dive in, I am experiencing a glitch. I have acquired the ship with my primary toon but none of my other toons can slot the Nandi Warship event project. The only project that shows up is the Vouchers for Marks. This is an irritation since I have three toons that have acquired the 40 vouchers required after the first toon gets 1000. They want to also get the ship and all they can do is convert the vouchers to marks. Anyone else having this glitch? In previous events I have never had this issue 😦 I am sure the boffins at Cryptic will figure it out.

nandi (3 of 3)The Nandi reminds me much of the legendary Breen Chel Grett. It is a bit of a destroyer layout. 4/4 weapons but turns nearly as well as an escort. This ship shares a great deal of features with the Chel Grett. The BOFF layout for example is real similar with a weak engineering setup and strong tactical and science. Where this new ship becomes very interesting is in the fact that it has six BOFF stations. Two of them are ensigns but you still have thirteen BOFF abilities to work with. I am not aware of any ship in the game with 6 BOFF stations. Only a few have a sum total of 13 BOFF abilities like the Nandi does. Add to the mix the Lt. Commander Science/Pilot hybrid station and you have a very formidable layout. This ship is a little less maneuverable than the Grett but has slightly stronger shields and hull.

The Ferengi went ‘all in’ on tactical with the console layout. Five, count them, five tactical consoles, 4 science and just 2 engineering. That is a total of 11 which is as about as good as it gets. If you are not flying around Risa earning those prize vouchers you are quite the fool. This is a solid ship and is absolutely free of charge.

nandi (2 of 3)I equipped this ship with a bunch of miscellaneous gear from my bank and the exchange. Solid stuff but nothing over the top. I jumped into a standard queue of ‘Gates of Grethor’ just to test it out. This is a pretty tough queue even on standard difficulty when you have an untested ship. This little profiteer did great and the advanced queue would not have been a problem. I am seriously considering a “beast” version of this ship with all the best gear. I was worried about the lack of engineering consoles/BOFFs. That 5th tactical console would have been better used in engineering. That said, the fact that it isn’t where it ‘ought’ to be is what makes the ship’s individual character.

Some shady buyer must have offered extra latinum if the ship had a little somethin’ special in battle. Those entrepreneurs at the Lobi Crystal Consortium follow the umpteenth rule of acquisition; “Latinum Talks and Bullshit Walks.” So I guess I’ll let my latinum do the talking and buff this ship up a little.

The T6, 5th level mastery trait is a bit ‘sciencey’ for a ship that has such a bad attitude with all that tactical tech. It is however a great trait. It is called “Greedy Emitters.” When ever these BOFF abilities: Tachyon Beam, Energy Siphon, or Tyken’s Rift are executed the trait gives immunity to energy drain, a boost to all power systems and energy weapons draw less power. Sweet deal science or not 🙂 I use energy siphon on nearly every attack vessel I fly.

Perhaps my very favorite feature on this ship is the fact that it utilizes the D’Kora bridge. Yes, I know what you are thinking… On board Dabo girl! Yes! And the bank, exchange, mail and Trader NPC are all there. I never could save up enough EC to buy a D’Kora on the exchange and now I can have the D’Kora amenities for FREE! The Ferengi are many things, and most of those ‘things’ are not that flattering, but my do they know how to fly in style! I am now flying in first class too. Let the latinum flow my friends… let it flow.

Below you will find one of my comparison charts. This chart has more engineering than the Nandi Warship but hey, the Nandi kicks ass, takes names and then has Holo-Leeta etch its victims names in a kill board of solid gold-pressed latimun. It’s time for all of us to live large in STO. This little warship is pimping the 24’s, sipping Saurian brandy and is all guns a blazing as it dispatches those pesky Iconian shit-heads and other bounties. Perfectly legitimate business of course.





8 thoughts on “Ferengi Nandi Warship

  1. They changed the way your other captains get the ship, you should just be able to go to the event store and claim it from there. You only need to run the project once now!

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