A New Dawn is Coming

newdawnCryptic has announced that Season 11 will be coming soon and it is a New Dawn. This new season will begin a post-war era for STO. Yes my friends, as you may have heard the Iconian War which has been underway since the very beginning is coming to an epic conclusion. Although it was Season 10 that brought the first direct confrontation with the Iconians in the war, all of the previous confrontations have been part of the Iconian master plan. These previous conflicts were all proxy wars for the Iconians as they attempted to undermine the stability in the Galaxy in advance of their return. Now they are here and the battle rages. Season 10 and the current 10.5 will lead us to the New dawn as they call it.

There is talk of an Admiralty system allowing players to send their unused ships on missions. Rumor is that this may work like the DOFF system. I don’t know how the whole thing will ultimately play out, but I have often wished for those “other” ships to be useful. I would like to be able to promote BOFFs to Captain and let them fly some of those ships. It would be cool if we could call them in for back up. Maybe Cryptic could let us assign our own ships as fleet support ships so when the fleet support ability is used our own ships come in instead of generic Typhoons. That probably won’t happen though.

The line is that the new story arc will be about rebuilding and a new hope for a bright future. So will the game take in a bit more of the Star Trek Spirit I was yakking about a few weeks back? Who knows. Maybe we will seek out new life and new civilizations… we have already been boldly going where no one has gone before.

The word on the street is that Season 11 will be online in October and that does follow the standard M.O. with previous new season launches in October. I look forward to the change from war to the more traditional exploration notion. Rumors have circulated that future seasons may allow for discovery of new civilizations and such. We shall see, you know how the rumor mill works. For those of you that like to fire your phasers and disruptors at everything you will likely be pleased as I am pretty sure the current missions will remain and this new “exploratory” idea will result in meeting new and unfriendly aliens 😉 The Borg are also not likely to go away either.

Ok, today the final featured episode with that lovable Ferengi engineer, Captain Nog was unleashed; it’s called, “Butterfly Effect”. I’ll try to avoid spoilers but if you are hyper-sensitive to any clues even veiled clues, stop reading now. This mission is clearly setting up the final events for the Iconian War and it’s announced conclusion.

The mission was fun with the idea being that the Alliance is looking at possible solutions to the Iconian threat and are running a variety of Holodeck simulations to see how effective and potentially dangerous the solutions are. To avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that Krenim technology is part of the potential solutions. My first run through took about an hour, but I always read all the dialog boxes and immerse myself in the story the first time through. Additional run throughs will take 35-45 minutes to complete. The mission is not all guns a blazin’ and has a nice mix of simple tasks and fighting on both ground and space environments. There were no annoying puzzles to solve and that always keeps me smiling.

krenim (1 of 4)This is a pretty decent mission and the rewards are good too. The first reward for completing it this week is a powerful special console. Just look at those specs, that is an awesome console.  It is of course part of a three-piece set and two of the pieces have more than one option. There are two different weapons (Omnidirectional Beam or Turret) and two different cores (Singularity Core and Warp Core) The cores are pretty good. The cores will be available next Thursday. The final piece is one of the two weapons, either the turret or omni-beam. Those will be available in two weeks. The science console is worth having even if you are not excited about the whole set. The weapons are pretty decent. The omnidirectional beam array is more powerful than the turret but less accurate. The set powers sound promising but I am not sure exactly how they will work. I’ll have to wait and see, I guess. They also have some alternative prizes if you want to run the mission over and over.

krenim (2 of 4)

krenim (4 of 4)I did have an interesting and annoying glitch today. I took advantage of the “free” specialization points offered as the freebie of the day. In case you hadn’t noticed they have been giving away a freebie each day this week in celebration of the announcement of Season 11. I also took the specialization point option as a prize when I completed the aforementioned Butterfly Effect mission. So now I have three specialization points available. Since the system maintenance it seems I am required to do a skills respec in order to use any more specialization points. OK no biggie, they have done that before and I have 6 respec tokens. I opened the skills window and every time I select krenim (3 of 4)respec it crashes the window. Hmm, so I transwarp back to ESD and talk directly with the Skills Trainer. Now I’m getting somewhere, the respec opens up all my skills are zeroed out and I have 366,000 points to use. So I reset all the points and it seems a variety of them are locked into 6 or even all 9 in certain categories. I am good with it and use all 366,000 points. The button to ‘accept’ the changes remains gray however. When I hover over the grayed out accept button it says, “you cannot respec in you haven’t taken enough points to maintain your current rank.” Well I took all 366,000 so that’s bullshit. Now I am stuck with three specialization points I cannot use. Come on Cryptic, fix this. I am trying to max out the Pilot specialization because I really like the “pedal to the metal” trait and it doubles in strength when the pilot specialization is maxed.


3 thoughts on “A New Dawn is Coming

  1. I think the skill/specialization point thing is a bug that’s being worked on? Or at least I hope so. I have 12 unused specialization points on one of my toons that I cannot use now. I’d really hate to be forced to buy a respec token just to be able to use them.

  2. There has been a few times that the system has forced a respec, usually after a big game update. In the past they have offered a free respec to allow you to reset your toon to match the new system requirements. My complaint is that I can’t complete the respec! Its pissing me off. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll get an earful from the STO faithful and the boffins will work it out.

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