Head 2 Head Klingon Battle Cruisers

I have done a lot of Head 2 Head with the multi-faction ships and the Federation but what about those lovable Klingons? Any real Trek fan loves to play Klingon now and again. I am no exception to that rule.

The Klingons were the big bad enemy in TOS but when TNG arrived they were our leery ally. The Romulans took over as our nemesis in more of a cold war sort of arrangement. So it is the Klingons of the TOS era that offer the big scary enemy visions. In TOS the two ships that were most often seen were B’rel Birds of Prey and D7 Battle Cruisers. In STO end game you can fly the legendary retrofitted B’rel and even a retrofitted D7 K’tinga, but the 23rd Century Battle Cruisers have long since been replaced by 25th Century contemporaries to meet the challenges of bigger, meaner, and scarier enemies.

A while back the KDF launched a new Battle Cruiser along with the Federation’s new Avenger. The Avenger was Starfleet’s first real “battle cruiser” and had a very welcome “Klingon” feel to it. Agile, powerful weapons, beefy hull. It was an uncontested hit! The KDF however went to a very “heavy” design with the new Mogh Battle Cruiser. For the Klingons, the 9 dps base turn rate was slow but the 2000 crew count was epic. With the release of subsequent Intel and Command ships the battle cruisers are offered in each of those classes as well. Recently the KDF released a T6 version of the Mogh. I have a T5-U Fleet Mogh but the T6 version is similar.

I own several end game KDF battle cruisers. I have always liked the battle cruiser style as it offers engineers a more aggressive ship and tactical officers can enjoy some of the cruiser staying power without giving up all the escort attack abilities. I still think the battle cruiser is the most versatile design in the game.

Today the KDF Fleet Mogh T6 goes Head to Head with the KDF Intel Qib and the KDF Command Ty’Gokor. I do not own the Ty’Gokor but I do have its Starfleet equivalent, I own a Fleet Mogh and a Fleet Qib.

So an interesting thing happened when the Avenger and Mogh were first released. I got both of them and fell in love with the Avenger but the Mogh never really got my motor running. I think it is because the KDF has so many options at battle cruiser whereas the Avenger was a novel idea for the Federation.

Dahar Master Roddicka is a tactical KDF officer and my strongest KDF toon. She is also the undisputed champion among my characters for PVP kills. That said, I suck at PVP but none-the-less she has hundreds of kills in PVP.

The Fleet Mogh (Kurak) battle cruiser has a large crew count of 2000. I have been fairly outspoken about my feelings on crew count. (Flying the Iconic Federation Cruisers). I think the heavy crew count may hurt this ship more than it helps. The Mogh offers a 5/3 weapons layout and the ability, like many KDF battle cruisers, to mount dual cannons. The sluggish base turn rate of 9 dps is not generally supportive of a dual cannon set up. The T6 version of the ship comes with an Ablative Shielding Console which is a very nice console. It offers an active ability granting a secondary shield followed by a huge shield and hull boost. The console also offers passive shield hardness and resistance. The ship has a nice BOFF layout with two Lt. Commander seats, one Tactical/Intel the other a generous Universal. The standard T5-U version has a Lt. Commander Tactical and Universal, no intel seating. Like most Klingon ships this one is equipped with a cloak. It is the standard type which offers an alpha strike bonus but no escape advantage. We are Klingons! We do not run away from the enemy! Sometimes it IS a good day to die. The max possible abilities by career depending of BOFF selection are as follows: 7 engineering, 7 tactical, 5 science, 3 Intel. Obviously some of these are mutually exclusive. That is a nice flexible arrangement actually.

2015-08-27_19-31-25The Fleet Qib Intel ship is outstanding. It is a T6 25th Century true battle cruiser! It has a base turn rate of 11 dps, 4/4 weapons layout and unlike the other two ships in this head 2 head, it has a battle cloak! It has very strong BOFF seating with a Commander hybrid chair for and engineer/intel and two Lt. Commander seats for tactical and an engineer. The max possible abilities by career depending of BOFF selection are as follows: 8 engineering, 4 tactical, 3 science, 6 Intel. Obviously some of these are mutually exclusive. This ship is less flexible on traditional career paths and particularly soft on tactical. The ship has a more battle cruiser-like crew count of 750. The Qib is the real deal my friends. This is a stealthy ship that has the chonies to take the battle to the enemy but can escape if things get dicey. The intel abilities greatly enhance this ship’s ability to have multiple roles in team PVE, PVP or a variety of mission play styles.

The Command battle cruiser does not yet come in a fleet variety. Despite not having the fleet boost to hull and shields this ship is still a badass when compared to the fleet versions of the other in this comparison. It also has a hanger bay and performs similarly to the very awesome Starfleet version of the Command battle cruiser which I have grown to really like. The command abilities really cater well to team play as many of the command BOFF abilities boost the whole team as do the command ship inspiration abilities. This ship has a single Lt. Commander chair for a tactical officer and a Commander hybrid seat for and engineer/command officer. Of the three ships this one has the weakest BOFF set up. The max possible abilities by career depending of BOFF selection are as follows: 8 engineering, 5 tactical, 4 science, 6 command. Obviously some of these are mutually exclusive. As I discovered with my Starfleet Presidio the choice of hangar pets will change the dynamics of this ship dramatically. I would recommended upgrading the pets to at least purple and choose a pet that suits your play style. The fifth level mastery trait is All Hands on Deck and I use that trait with several of my toons.

Honestly for me the Qib is the clear winner here. I fly the crap out of that ship and every single KDF toon I have above level 50 has one! I have a level 30 something Talaxian in the KDF that will have one as soon as he qualifies. I have not done a lot of PVP in that ship but I have run it through its paces with multiple toons across a variety of PVE and story line missions. The ship is a true fighter and champion. It is the only KDF cruiser that has a battle cloak. It is quick on the corner like the Kamarag and D7 but offers serious hull strength and a generous shield modifier. The Qib crushes the Mogh but the funny thing is that the Federation versions of the two I feel the opposite. I like the Avenger over the Eclipse. Go figure 😉

Of course I have a chart 🙂



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