It’s Bigger on the Inside

If you have played the featured premiere episode of Season 11, A New Dawn you will likely get the title reference and yes it is very Doctor Who-ish indeed. The mission, “Sunrise”, is nothing to get too excited about but does offer a very Star Trek-ish style with a science mission to study an anomalous activity in a distant uncharted star leading to a “First Contact” scenario. Worry not fans of the phasers, you can still use those 😉 They are easing us into the new, kinder, gentler universe 😉 But to keep things interesting the not so kind and gentle Mirror Universe is up to no good and they want to spread their message of domination into our universe, and we can’t have that, can we?

Oh, just thought I would congratulate myself 😉 Uh, erh, Admiral Sager as he collected a specialization point yesterday that completed his second full specialization mastery. The Admiral is now fully mastered in Pilot and Intelligence and he will begin chipping away at commando next. I have two more toons that are just about ready to punch through the level 60 barrier, both will achieve it later today. This brings my total to 6 characters at the top of the rank chart. Only five more to go!

It looks like a special weapons set will be available with one piece of the set available each week. The first set item is a “Quantum Phase Torpedo Launcher”. Sounds pretty cool, I’ll load it up and test it out. The set will be mine a few short weeks.

2015-10-28_17-17-14A New Dawn has begun and among other things we now can put to use, those dusty old ships we have in the “garage”. The Admiralty System is as I thought, similar to the DOFF system. The difference is that these missions are done utilizing your extra ships rather than DOFFs. Admiral Sager is in great shape here as he has 29 ships to use! The weak sauce ships that some of my toons still have from early in the game are still usable for these missions, they are just less effective. The system applies a rating in each of the three primary departments of Tactical, Engineering and Science. The missions require a certain amount of each to be successful with the variables being determined by the nature of the mission. You start out with three available mission slots and each mission can utilize up to three ships. It appears to be setup to offer additional missions and ship slots as you level up in the admiralty system. I am still very wet behind the ears with this new system so I’ll write about what I discover as the weeks wear on in a New Dawn.

2015-10-28_17-17-19I have included a couple of screen shots from Dahar Master, General Roddicka my toughest KDF toon using the Admiralty System. She has 21 ships to play with. The system seems to rate the ships like DOFFs with the career orientation shown (engineering for cruisers, tactical for escorts, science ships, etc.). and by rarity as well. The higher tier ships with great gear seem to be magenta like “ultra rare” and lower tier ships are green or no color like uncommon and common. I think the compliment of gear helps boost the ships “rating” as well since I have a tier 6 ship that is “rare” and a T5-U ship that is “ultra rare”.

I mentioned in a previous post how cool it would be if a toon could call in backup from his own fleet. Going into battle side by side with one of the ships you used to fly now commanded by one of your BOFFs from the reserve roster, that would be epic! Come on Cryptic, that’s a good freaking idea and you know it! So in the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard; Make it so 🙂

I am keeping it short and sweet this week as the job that actually pays my bills is booming big right now 😀 I’ll be back next week!



3 thoughts on “It’s Bigger on the Inside

  1. Are you saying that with gear the ships perform better in the Admiralty system? Mine are stripped down pretty much. I’d have to check!

      1. Oh snap! I guess I should gear up the ships then instead of keeping the gear in the bank! Wish it would have stated this somewhere.

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