New T6 Ships and Mirror People

First, before I get started, I totally missed out on an awesome freebie! I was so excited about the CBS press release that a new Trek Series would be coming out, I totally spaced looking at the STO announcement for the FREE Enterprise Bundle Kaaaaahhhhhnnnn! I like that bundle, not quite 1350 Zen worth of like but, the T’pol outfit, the two versions of Archer’s ship… crap that was a 1350 Zen freebie. And here I am always reminding all of you to get the free stuff. I feel like chump. OK I am totally over it, because CBS announced a new Star Trek Show. Whaaaatttt? There is a catch, of course there is. It is going to be available on CBS streaming service which is a pay service. But Star Trek is coming back to TV! OK so I missed the 1350 Zen freebie, I’m over it and I am over the fact that I have to pay for a service to watch the new Star Trek show. There’s a new Star Trek show coming! Early 2017!

kdfOK, they promised us new ships and rumors of a T6 Tactical Escort were floating about for months. It seems it is true. Cryptic posted the specs for three new T6 ships that effectively are T6 versions of existing ships. The Tactical Escort, B’rel, and T’Varo are now in T6 deliciousness.

valiantThe Feddies get a whole new skin or they can use any of the other Tactical Escort variants. Yes even Defiant. The new skin is really pretty cool. The KDF and Romulans get slightly tweaked new skins where as the Starfleet skin is dynamically different. Specs on the ships are typical of T6 variants. A little less hull than the comparable T5-U, but a 5th mastery trait and a hybrid BOFF station. This time it is a Lt. Commander Pilot/Universal. That’s nice.

All three of these ships are similar to their T5 counterparts. The KDF and Romulan ships are equipped with the enhanced battle cloak and thus can fire torpedoes and mines while cloaked. They can activate most BOFF abilities under the stealth of the cloak as well.

I like the special console, at least on paper. If I understand the description the console is essentially a built-in Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Plasma on the Romulan ship). It works a little bit like the Omega Torpedo Launcher in that it has charges that build up over time. Instead of firing a torpedo every 1 second this one will unload all of the torpedoes at once up to 6. Depending on how long this thing takes to “charge” and whether or not it will work with BOFF torpedo enhancing abilities, this could be the biggest piece of badassery to hit STO in a very long time. I am not holding my breath however as I feel a disturbance brewing in nerf-ville. We shall see I suppose. If it recharges at a respectable rate, then it could allow us to eliminate one or both torpedo launchers on a ship freeing up weapon bays for additional energy weapons.

romAll three ships share the same space trait upon reaching the 5th level of mastery. It’s called Withering Barrage, and it adds 4 seconds to the scatter volley BOFF ability. I use scatter volley allot, so this trait could be a serious gotta-have for me. 3000 Zen worth of gotta-have-it? I am thinking about it. Seriously, that is a 40% boost in the duration of that attack!

The ships are not quite ready for delivery so I’ll chew on them some more before making the decision. In the mean time take a look at the sexy things and read up on the Cryptic announcements when you load the game.

I mentioned Mirror people in the title. Yes I am talking about the pesky Terran Empire fiends. This is the enemy we get to fight while we enjoy the kindler, gentler, post Iconian War, galaxy. Is it me? Or is the shrieking bitch running Terok Nor annoying as hell with her repeated demand to surrender and cower before the might of the Terran Empire, blah, blah, blah. That voice makes me homicidal. I hate complicated ground missions, but if they told me I can execute that wretch, like a boss in a Quentin Tarantino flick, I’d play that ground mission all night long 😉 Instead, I am earning my Terran Empire rep, by running the space PVE queue “Counterpoint”. Admittedly, this is an easy mission. Even if you are puggin’ it, it is pretty smooth sailing. Well, until you experience that thoughtful contemplation about whether life is really worth it when that shrieker starts squawking about how awesome she is and how they have conquered everyone else in their reality. We giv’er her the old, Prime Universe single finger salute with phaser to the face and full spread of quantums because “This ain’t your reality, bitch”. Then she reminds us we haven’t seen the last of her… your toon glances at that hand phaser, it is looking real nice, a quick pop and it’s over, you’ll never have to hear her again.

OK, that was dark. Seriously, she is worse than Jar Jar Binks in Phantom Menace… well, maybe not quite that bad 😉 Worry not it’s a video game, I just turn down the volume, it’s all good 😀


One thought on “New T6 Ships and Mirror People

  1. Hahaha. Did you hit the Badlands Battlezone? You’ll love how Admiral Leeta’s cutscene randomly and repeatedly plays during the whole exercise, where she repeatedly announces SHE IS TAKING OVER THIS OPERATION.

    I also find it hilarious every time Leeta shows up in the ISS Enterprise, she loudly announces that her technology is decades ahead of ours and how powerful she is… usually a couple of seconds before the assembled player ships pound the mighty ISS Enterprise’s hull into scrap metal. XD

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