Cryptic is quick to Nerf but Slow to Buff

Corel184Have you ever noticed that Cryptic is really quick to nerf a ship or weapon they see as too powerful, but they seem to sit back and allow under powered weapons and ships to linger in the dust bin. You know, chroniton torpedos, for example. Allow though I find it a bit annoying, there is an upside. I have several toons that I have built to near end game strength (level 50 plus), with the idea of keeping them on the cheap. No Zen other than account wide unlocks from other characters and maybe the occasional transfer of energy credits through the account bank. I’ll elaborate about the account bank a little later.

The upside I mentioned regards the wonders of a free market economy. Yes my friends, STO runs on capitalism! Since very few people seem to want chronitons, they are very cheap on the exchange. I have several toons that have very rare Mk XII chroniton torpedoes that can be found routinely on the exchange for less than 200k EC. Try getting quantums or photons and you can multiply that figure by TEN! Transphasic and tricobalt are similarly discounted. So with the toons I built cheaply, I had to find a way to utilize those undesirable torpedoes. The chronitons have a proc that has a 33% chance to activate. The proc is a decent speed and turn rate debuff effect on the enemy hit. With Torpedo Spread you get the proc nearly every time. I like that proc for slow and clumsy cruisers as it helps make the targets easier to kill. You can actually build around the weakness of the chroniton torps to exploit its strength. Yet few people do.

I wonder though if having that large a spread between the relative value of photon torpedoes and chroniton torpedoes is wise. Shouldn’t Cryptic consider adding a little more bite to the chronitons, say a 100% faster reload? The transphasics should have at least 60% shield penetration rather than the paltry 40%, or they should do more damage. I prefer the former as shield penetration is what makes transphasic torpedoes special. The tricobalt torpedoes are just too damn weak. This is classic STO nerfing at it’s worst. The tricobalt torpedo has a LOOOOONNNNGGGG reload time, is a slow and targetable projectile that is easily defeatable. It should have run away scary damage output. The tricolbalt appears to be unaffected by many of the BOFF and Captain enhancements. Its base damage is five times greater than a quantum but in actual battle I find it more like double or triple. That is just ridiculous. The tricobalt torpedo should do at the very least, five times the quantum damage. If it did I would use them to distract enemies. The tricobalt can actually damage the player just like a high yield plasma, so they are very difficult and dangerous to use, thus they should offer a more devastating damage reward. If a tricobalt torpedo carrying a serious ship smashing potential is coming at an enemy, that enemy would alter its attention to the torpedo, giving us options of escape or flanking attack. Or the enemy ignores it and actually takes some serious damage. When enemy NPCs fire these at me I don’t even flinch or try to shoot them down. They could leave the damage as is but offer a debuff against shields. Normally torpedoes only do 25% damage to a ship’s shields, the tricobalt could be tweeked to do 50% damage against shields, not penetration like transphasic, but actual shield damage. The fact that a Mk XII very rare version of a tricobalt torpedo launcher can be found on the exchange for what amounts to chump change should be a clue to Cryptic that it is weak sauce and needs to be buffed. I have not had a chart for awhile, I am having excel withdrawals, so here is a chart 😉


Cryptic is apparently terrified of powerful attacks. It shows in Neverwinter as well with the nerfed spells. A powerful attack is fine as long as it has a weakness. The thalaron Weapon in the Romulan Dreadnought is another prime example. That weapon requires THREE consoles, has a TWELVE second power up that leaves the ship vulnerable to attack, and puts on a laser light show announcing its impending launch. The cooldown seems like it is measured in centuries. Anyone, player, NPC or otherwise, stupid enough to fly into it it ought to die, PERIOD. But no, the thalaron weapon that we players get is so horribly nerfed that it is virtually unused accept by noobs. They typically try it once and realize that it is useless or it gets them killed. Of course the version that NPC bad girl, Donatra uses in the PVE queue “Khitomer Vortex” features an unnerfed version that will kill all but the hardiest of players. Thus players typically get the hell out-of-the-way when they see it coming. Although Donatra’s version of the weapon may not do actual damage to players, since everyone has plenty of time to flee, it does control the battle field by forcing enemies away from the large AOE and it is good at clearing out stupid AI controlled pets. We should be able to do that as players, but noooooo says the STO boffins. The Andorian Wing Cannon attack with the Kumari is a similar fail although it is better than the thalaron. When I first got my Andorian Kumari for which I paid handsomely, the special Andorian Wing Cannon attack that came from the special console was actually a powerful attack. It did serious wrecking crew damage and had a charge up time of just two seconds. The cool down was long, but acceptable considering its nuclear bomb power level. Within months the ability was nerfed and I rarely use it now. This was not an ability that was over powered, Cryptic is just too cautious at times.

This along with the nerfed cloaking devices are among the biggest shortcomings of the game. After more than five years Cryptic has still FAILED to fix the glitch that decloaks a player’s ship every time an unsolicited dialog box opens in the game. Five effing years and still no fix to what amounts as yet another nerf to the cloak. Come on Cryptic, grow a pair!

I mentioned above the account bank. If you are running multiple toons the account bank is worth the Zen. If you are a Gold member or Lifetime member you get the account bank service free. You can access the account bank from any of your ships from anywhere in the galaxy. There is no need to stop at a space station. You can transfer items stored in the account bank, which are actually separate from your larger personal bank, to any character on the account. You can store energy credits in there as well, offering account wide access. I wish we could store dilithium in there too. You here that Cryptic, get on it 😉

Do you think Star Trek Online should punch up the power on the weak sauce torpedoes collecting dust on the exchange or do you like having an ultra cheap alternative to the hyper-expensive quantum and photon torpedo launchers? Chime in with the poll below.


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