Terran Reputation has a Hidden Gem

So I have manged to get Admiral Sager maxed out in the Terran Task Force. I have looked over the items that are available via the reputation projects and there is a the usual space set, this one a four piece number with a warp/singularity core, shield, engines  and deflector. The set is nice and may be suitable for many players. But as I was looking it over I felt a bit ho-hum… same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Of course, I’ll end up getting the set as soon as I pick up enough of the Terran Gravimetric Inducers you need to buy them. Then I looked at some of the other items. There are ground kit modules for each career path and those look promising. But the real treat was found as I was checking out the ordnance set.

2015-12-17_11-51-42There are four pieces with three needed to complete the set. I had enough TGI to get three pieces, so I did 🙂 The Ferrofluid Hydraulic Assembly console is a boss offering a 9.9% boost in hull points, +3 to auxiliary and weapon power as well as a shared recharge reduction on torpedoes. The special photo torpedo launcher which is not the greatest but it’s a nice piece, offing increasing damage as the enemy gets weaker and a withering radiation proc. Then the energy weapon… You have your choice of either a beefed up withering beam array which does about 15% more damage than a typical Mk XII beam array or the beefed up dual heavy cannons. 2015-12-17_11-51-37The DHC is really beefy! This unit hits 15% harder than a comparable Mk XII DHC. Oh God, please don’t let them nerf this weapon. I have written before that DHC and DC weapons are too weak in this game. They only have a lousy 45 degree firing arc and do about 20-25% more DPS than comparable single cannons that offer a sweeping 180 degree arc. (read about it here, Dual Cannon Conundrum). This DHC however, hits like a DHC should hit, really freaking hard. Angry rhinoceros hard! That extra thumping is not all these weapons offer, they have the withering radiation proc and a bonus proc that adds up to 200% weapon damage, the lower the health of the enemy. The increasing damage as the enemy weakens is what makes this such a great weapons.   2015-12-17_11-50-24 So as you are pummeling the enemy and smashing its hull the weapon keeps hitting harder and harder! This weapon is like the Andorian Wing Cannons before the kill-joy boffins at Cryptic nerfed it. It very well could be the best weapon in the game. I actually took my T5-U Fleet ‘Defiant” and converted it from all fleet antiproton to withering disruptors, just so I could use this new DHC.  I upped them all to Mk XIV, that was expensive 😉 The Terran DHC hits 2800 DPV without any BOFF buffs applied in a combat ready environment with all my captains skills and DOFFs applied! I get them well into the 3400 plus range when adding BOFF abilities like rapid fire or scatter volley, attack patterns, etc. Then as the hull degrades the weapon gets stronger and stronger! Kudos to Cryptic, this is a winner! Oh, as if all that were not enough, when you have all three pieces you gain the set bonuses too. They are both torpedo bonuses. Let us all pray the evil overloads of fun-sucking don’t nerf this weapon. Below is the ship at ESD showing Admiral Sager’s  passive combat ready stats for the new Terran DHC. No BOFF abilities activated. 2015-12-17_11-54-00

I made another somewhat unrelated discovery recently. Many items you have that are self leveling have a cap that is somewhere between Mk XI and XII. They never quite get to Mk XII. However you can load them into the upgrade unit and they immediately and at NO CHARGE become full Mk XII. Of course they are now bound to character and not usable by lower level toons, but so what, they are effectively improved for free! Then you can proceed to upgrade them normally to Mk XIV if you wish to spend the resources to do so. I have complained in the past that the self leveling gear never quite makes it to the same strength as regular Mark gear. Since weapons were the focal point of today’s post, I’ll compare the data on the KDF Quad Disruptor. As a universal self leveling unit they were doing a base of 288 DPS with my level 60 KDF toons. This is pretty much the same as any Mk XII DC or DHC. At Mk XII, a free upgrade, they went to 307 DPS. Then they can be taken all the way to Mk XIV where they will hit well over 400 DPS base damage.

Those bastard, joy-sucking monsters at Cryptic’s official nerfing department (I bet they have an “official nerfing unit”, I just know it) will not allow the Andorian Wing Cannons to be upgraded 😡 I have SINGLE cannons at Mk XIV that do MORE DPS than the self leveling wing cannons, seriously Cryptic, seriously? I love the wing cannons, but let me take them to Mk XIV please. BTW the wing cannons are still cool because they are like SUPER heavy cannons doing enormous impact damage per volley but losing DPS by being slow firing. Cryptic, listen up, nerfing the Andorian cannons was evil, you hear me? E-V-I-L! They only work on the Andorian ships, they are limited to one per ship, come on, unleash them you fiends!

Anyway, check all your universal self leveling items to see if they change to a full Mk XII when loading them into the upgrade system. It is free and all the items I have done either stayed the same or got better at no charge. But in any case they can be upgraded all the way to Mk XIV if you want. Just remember if it is an account bound item it will lose its ability to be used by lower level toons and may become character bound as well.

Go get that Terran Task Force ordnance set right now!


4 thoughts on “Terran Reputation has a Hidden Gem

  1. Important Note: I recently “upgraded” the self leveling antiproton omnidirectional beam array that is a free mission reward. That unit lost damage output going from universal to Mk XII. It went from 295 dps down to 267 dps on one of my toons. At Mk XIII it jumps back up to 296 dps so it seems that unit may top out closer to Mk XIII than Mk XI and a half like the other items I mentioned above!

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