Tractor Beams, The Most Powerful Weapon in STO?

Hey it’s Christmas Eve, whattayaknow?

That title may have you scratching your head, but I find the tractor beam can be difficult to counter. Sure, there are several abilities that will make you immune to tractor beams but that presumes you have clairvoyance and know in advance the enemy is about to lock you in. Of course you could run multiple instances of polarize hull and such to keep refreshing the immunity, I suppose. But I have better things for my science officers to do.

I find that this Terran event has left me needing to do something however because once locked there is little you can due to break the beam off. I had five different ships all locked on me with tractor beams at the same time the other night during the Terran PVE mission. Seriously, five ships at the same time and they all locked on me each adding an beam a few seconds after the other. Those Terran Empire bastards are flinging tractor beams around like lens flare in a JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

That’s all fine and well when Admiral Sager is flying his Fleet Avenger. Tractor beam… ha ha ha, that tickles. But General Roddicka in a BOP can get her ass handed to her with multiple tractor beams tugging at the hull. I thought polarize hull was supposed to break the beam once attached, but it seems that is not the case anymore. Attack pattern Omega still breaks the tractor beam but that is an ability I only have with a few ships.

Anyhow, the tractor beam itself doesn’t do much damage, at least not NPC versions. But the effect of slowing the ship to a crawl allows the damage to quickly pile on especially with ships that rely on defense stats to avoid damage. This can spell a quick death to small escorts and raiders.

OK I am whining a bit, but seriously any ability that grants immunity to tractor beams should also break any tractor beams already engaged against you. That’s all I’m saying 😉 Also for you boffins at Cryptic, I know I can’t be alone on this, but seriously, a dialog box breaks cloak, really, are you effing kidding me? I have been on your asses for five years about how stupid that is. Give us all a Christmas present and fix that shit, will ya?

Merry Christmas all 🙂



6 thoughts on “Tractor Beams, The Most Powerful Weapon in STO?

  1. Graga Mal, is an Operations DOFF which grants you the ability to turn your tractor beam repulsers from push to pull. Very nice on small, and fast moving ships. Best used with science captains for extra exotic damage!

    1. Not exactly, omega will negate most of the tractyor beams effects but a science toon with real strong control abilities can still cause trouble, omega has long cooldown. I am pretty sure science team does not negate tractor beam, it repairs disabled systems not held systems. Polarize hull will negate a tractor beam.

  2. I haven’t played on pc just Xbox. However alpha and beta quadrant are fine, but for some reason the delta quadrant is near impossible to beat on Xbox. The Borg tear through my shields like wet toilet paper and the voth battle ships take well over 30 minutes to beat (if your lucky they don’t regenerate to 100 a few times). I think the pc version is spoiled to get all these cheats. Wich just doesn’t have on the Xbox side of things but still have to fight the enemy from the pc side. My I trest just dropped dramatically when got to the dq because for every battle you die 5 times for every ship you destroy

    1. I personally don’t like space battles on the console version. I wrote about the console version in two posts a couple months ago. I do not use any cheats when I play STO, no console window stuff, nothing. The trick for the borg is to protect your shields from shield drain, the Borg use powerful shield drain tactics. If you didn’t take a lot in science drain powers then you need strong shields and a solid set of science boffs to boost shields when the Borg drain them. The borg use plasma based weapons so you can also use engineering consoles that offer a strong plasma resistance.

    2. Get better weapons and a reputation space set. This in itself will help immensily and the PC doesn’t have cheats. We just know how to use the game properly and hell, I’m in Ker’rat on the Xbox chewing through you noobs until you get up to the skill the pc is at.

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