Feel the Dread… Dreadnought Showdown!

2015-12-31_16-11-24 Happy New Year! Stay safe and don’t fly a Starship while under the influence of adult beverages; Starfleet gets a little cranky when their Captains fly drunk.

This year’s Winter Event is offering up a Dreadnought as the Q’s prize. It looks like a strong ship. I have noticed that several Dreadnought ships have managed to sneak into the game. I never realized so many were available. I figure it is time to have a good old-fashioned showdown!

I unlocked my Breen Dreadnought a few days ago and I have Admiral Sager flying it around the Galaxy. The Admiral is my toughest toon but I did not take this ship to the max as far as gear goes. It has all Mark XII equipment, mostly purple. The Admiral has been using it with a maxed out Pilot specialization as primary and a maxed out Intelligence Officer specialization as secondary. I may switch the two around for this ship why I continue testing it. The Admiral also has all of the space side of Command Officer specialization so I will be trying that out as primary as well.

2015-12-31_16-09-34I have all four Breen consoles equipped and regular reader know how I feel about special consoles. I went cheap on the build though and admittedly, the perks for the four Breens is decent, fast recharge on some abilities including a cumulative faster recharge on the consoles special abilities. It’s OK I suppose. I have the complete Terran Task Force ordnance set as well, I really like that set.

I will say this ship appears to be quite resilient in battle. I had no problems whatsoever during the advanced queues of the Terran attack on DS9. I don’t even have the ship anywhere near full mastery and it is tanking well. It has more hull than any ship that any of my eleven toons fly. It has 98k hull and when it gets to 4th level mastery it will have 104k. Admiral Sager is not a “tank” type build but this ship just soaks damage like a Shamwow soaks up water! I only own a couple of dreads, I have the Romulan Dreadnought set of three; Scimitar, Falcion, and Talwar and I have this one. However, I still can do a comparison of the others at least stat wise.

This new Breen Dreadnought has one of the most flexible BOFF set up in the game. As far as Dreads go only the Krenim ship is more flexible with its amazing 2.077 rating this ship is tied for second among dreadnoughts with a 1.846 that it shares with the Xindi Ateleth. Q has delivered us a free ship that has one of the heftiest hull ratings in the game at a level 60 base of 64,900. That is good for second best among dreadnought ships with the Voth Bulwark leading the stat at 66,000 base.

As much as I love the Reman ships, in particular the Falchion, this new Breen ship is just more of a true “Dreadnought”. That term dates back over 100 years as Naval vessels evolved into destroyers with amazing fire power and strength. The Falchion is a great ship with a lot of tasty features, but its weak sauce hull leaves much to be desired. I feel like those Romulan dreadnoughts should have a 9 degree turn rate at least and perhaps just re-classed as a Battle Cruiser.

As a pure tank the Bulwark seems to be the obvious choice with that stout hull and generous 1.2 shield modifier. Besides, with a name like Bulwark, you just expect a sturdy ship. The Krenim ship has a very ‘sciency’ shield modifier with a crazy 1.45

It’s New Year’s Eve, so I am gonna cut this one short. I highly recommend getting the FREE dreadnought from Q as it is a very worthy ship. As for how it compares to others in its class, I’ll say quite well, and frankly it’s another win for the Breen.

Chart? Of course šŸ˜‰



3 thoughts on “Feel the Dread… Dreadnought Showdown!

  1. I felt the Breen Dread had some horrible, maybe OK stations. The command seat/lt cmdr. tactical is wasted because in a dreadnought you need to use those stations as tactical for increased damage output. This ship is very nice however, you’re not going to die and is incredible for power when using the Breen Space Set with it. You’re not going to die with this vessel, but the damage sucks for a dreadnought cruiser. The Yamato or it’s counterparts are a lot better for the reason that it has a built in phaser lance (or counterpart) which this vessel has but on a console, which wastes a spot for something else to go that could be more beneficial.

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