Admiralty System Delivers

2016-01-06_21-32-15Well now look at you; a Fleet Admiral. My don’t you look so regal in your uniform with all those shiny bars of rank! So now you get to be the Big Cheese, Mejor que El Capitán, Admiral Bad-Ass! Yeah, that’s you!

Look at this guy over there, just dripping with swagger. Go ahead Captain make a snarky remark about all that shiny gold on the shoulder, he’ll have you cleaning out the lint tray in the warp core cooling conduits for the next three weeks. Yeah that’s us, Fleet Admirals. Go ahead make serious eye contact with that ensign over there… If you pay attention you can see a little puddle of pee forming at the base of his shoes. Yeah that’s power baby.

Yes, Fleet Admiral means you are in charge and you are the guy on the screen telling the captain where his next mission is. You wan’t to send him on a wild bantha hunt, send him to Tatooine. He’ll be like, “Tatooine”? “Astrometrics can’t locate that sir.” You can say, “Yes, it’s in a fictional fantasy universe, go find it and watch out for the force”. Why would you do such a thing? Because you can; you’re a frickin’ Fleet Admiral!

And you need to have a little fun now and then because let’s face it, Fleet Admirals push a lot a paper, answer a lot of questions from spineless scumbag politicians, and ultimately take the heat when the shit hits the fan. So to help us “enjoy” the full experience of being an Admiral, we have the Admiralty system. I know it’s been around for a while already. There was always something just a little bit cooler to write about, until now… slow week it seems 😉

Seriously though, I was chatting with another player about the admiralty system the other night and we both have come to the conclusion that the system delivers the goods. If you are not using this system you are leaving serious coin on table.

It is a like the DOFF system but a little quicker to do as there are fewer slots but the projects deliver bigger rewards. You can earn big amounts of dilithium ore if you focus on missions that offer it. Or you can do what I have been doing which is focusing on XP so I can max out the last of the specialization trees. Only a couple more days and they will ALL be maxed.

This system rewards us for having lots of ships. There are a few tips I have and a few came from the player I was chatting with as he is enjoying the rewards of the system.

2016-01-06_21-15-00Any C-Store ship you have ever bought and then dismissed prior to the launch of the Admiralty system or ships you earned in events but deleted, need to be claimed back. Once the ship is claimed a “card” is inserted into your roster of available ships for the Admiralty system. Now you can delete the ship and it is still usable for the Admiralty missions. You will need to free up at least one ship slot to do this. If you had a C-Store ship and later upgraded it to Fleet then deleted the standard version, go claim that back too! I spent a half hour and doubled my available ships for the Admiralty system! If you have multiple toons, you may have bought C-Store ships that one toon uses but another does not. C-Store ships unlock for ALL toons on the account. Go claim those science ships that you bought for sci-guy and temporarily load them up for ass-kickin’ tac-guy or the engineer. Now those guys can use them in the admiralty system as well. Once the card is in place on the admiralty system you can delete the ship from your roster and it will remain available for use in the admiralty system. Thanks to Zyl for that tip 🙂

So now I am armed with more than 50 ships for the admiralty system. Be sure to use shuttles when ever you can as they add a huge critical bonus on the missions. Remember, this is a background system, load up the missions and then go play; they will do their thing behind the scenes, just like the DOFF missions. Admiral Sager manages to go up a level a day using both the Admiralty and DOFF systems. I usually just load up one set of missions 20 DOFF and 8 Admiralty and then go play and log off. The next day I cash in the rewards and load up another batch. If you want to farm the system, some of the missions are only and hour or two so you can play for a while then cash in and reload.

2016-01-06_21-17-58The admiralty system allows you to choose between three missions at a time. When a mission is selected the next mission pops up as available. You get a peek at the next two in the queue and you earn tokens to pass on a mission and load up one “on deck” instead. You will earn extra slots up to eight. There are challenge bonuses that pay huge dilithium rewards, like 30k.

Pay attention as some of these missions require a lot of ship strength. Like DOFF missions the system will show you your success chances and crit chance. If you don’t like your chances then back out of the mission before starting it, and choose another. Some ships offer a “discount” or “bonus” for a particular mission type, or when paired with a certain type ship, or when alone. Read the little details and maximize your success.

2016-01-06_21-18-08As you use the ship in missions they will require maintenance. Sometimes the maintenance is short say an hour sometimes it is more than a day. This is another reason to have a big roster of ships in the admiralty system just like a large roster of DOFFs helps keep the DOFF mission log full.

These DOFF and admiralty missions can be a grind, but I spend about 2-3 minutes a day (per character) setting them up so it isn’t that big a deal. I’ll say it is well worth that amount effort.

Now close this window and log into STO so you can send one of your captains to the Dagobah System, where they will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master that trained you 😉




3 thoughts on “Admiralty System Delivers

    1. Yes because there are several other rewards as well. Complete ten tour of duty missions for the feds get 30k dilith do the same KDF get 30k more. And the payout just for everyday missions is respectable since it take all of 2 minutes to do each day 🙂

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