There’s a New Raider in Town

This past week I was chatting with another player online and he was on about a corrosive Plasma Torpedo Launcher he got from the Lobi vendor. I decided I had not been shopping with the sleazy little Ferengi in quite a while. So I warped over to Drozana Station and checked out his wares. I checked out all the goodies and Decided I would load up the 12km long-range heavy cannon. I have always thought that gun would be kinda of fun in PVP. In reality it is just so-so. I mounted it on my Kazon raider for Admiral Sager. I ran a few ops in PVE queues and it did well enough.

baltimWell as I was poking around in the store I spotted the Herald Baltim Heavy Raider. Didn’t I just do a raider shoot out a few months back? Now we have the new T6 B’rel and this Herald ship that has been around for a couple of months now.

The T6 B’rel is the new flexible BOFF champion with a rating of 3.25! Read about BOFF Flexibitly here. Like all KDF BoPs it has all universal BOFF stations. What’s new is the  Lt. Commander Universal/Intel and a Lieutenant Universal/Pilot! The new T6 version offers up dual Lt. Commander chairs for a total of 12 BOFF abilities. The T5-U version only had 11. Adding the Intel and PiIot hybrids is outstanding. This ship is now so versatile you can go out and catalog gaseous anomalies tomorrow and pillage Hirogen hunting grounds for a nightcap. I will probably find my self buying this ship soon, because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to dust a few Hirogens after a long day of scanning for anomalies?  But today I want to talk about the Herald ship.

2016-01-13_21-17-51The Baltim is amazing in its own right. This is the beefiest hull of all the Raiders with an escort beating 42,000 at level 60. It has a healthy class leading 0.95 shield modifier and a class leading speed demon with a 0.23 impulse modifier. It also features an unusual 5/1 weapons layout. Now, before you freak out about having only one weapon bay aft, worry not. If you normally use a turret in the rear then you can mount that turret up front and it is still effectively a rear weapon since turrets fire 360 degrees. Of course you have the option of loading five big nasties up front if you want to, and no other raider can do that!

This Herald Baltim is the biggest, meanest, and baddest Raider class ship that a Feddie can fly. If it had a battle cloak it would be the best of all of them across any faction. This ship turns at a base of 21 which is legit BoP territory. It is one of only two ships that Starfleet or Romulans allied with the Federation can fly that offers up that kind of twisting. The other is the Risian Corvette. The B’rel is tighter on the corner at 23 but the heavy BoP is 21 just like this ship.

I love the look of the Herald Antiproton cannons. They are blue instead of red. They also have a crit proc of 2.5% chance to add 20 seconds of all energy damage boost by 7%. It stacks up to three times. The Torpedo Launcher that comes with the ship is a standard common mark x, but it is a special unit. Unfortunately it is not upgradable and I can’t find better versions anywhere. Still, I left it on the ship because it is awesome. It is a transphasic type launcher with very cool blue projectiles. It has the standard transphasic shield penetration and such but there are two amazing procs. 25% chance to gain 7% all energy damage for 20 seconds can stack 3 times, AND a 20% chance to improve recharge time by 5 seconds. Firing a full spread will nearly always trigger the proc. For me the weak sauce damage is offset by the near constant 7% damage proc between the three heavy canons and this torp launcher hitting the procs. I have significantly improved torpedo reload times from DOFFs and other skills/traits so it really is a charm for me.  I want a better version of this launcher, seriously man, it is the bomb.

The ship has an enhanced raider flanking ability that gets a 33% bonus on NPCs and 11% against players when flanking the rear arc of the enemy. This compares to standard raider flanking of 25% and 8.3% respectively. The BOFFs are very versatile with four universal seats, two of which are hybrids (pilot and intel), and the commander chair is a tactical. The ship has a very flexible 2.769 rating for BOFF flexibility. Although the Tier V BoPs have a higher rating of 3.0, they only offer the standard three career BOFFs and thus this ship is actually MORE versatile in the sense that it offers two additional specializtion BOFF seats as well. I think I am going to modify my BOFF flexibilty rating system to account for that anomaly, then I’ll go blow up some Hirogens 😉

2016-01-13_22-06-13You will find these on the exchange for around 200,000,000 EC or you can lay down 900 Lobi to that weasel Ferengi on Drozana Station. Either way if you like raiders and you like watching your opponent’s warp core explode after a full dose of an enhanced flanking, DHC enema…  make haste and get this ship.

Chart? Seriously, it’s me 😉raiders



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