New Ship BOFF Rating System

boffpicSo I have gone off the deep end again and written a new program for calculating the effectiveness of BOFFs on the various ships I review. I created a simple metric for measuring the flexibility of BOFFs last year but I found that it did not account for the natural flexibility attributed to the ship’s total number of BOFF stations. It was heavily weighted towards ships with hybrid and universal chairs. That old system had the Tactical Escort Retrofit rated at 1.0 and the Delta Flyer shuttle was rated at 2.2. The shuttle has two ensign stations, one universal and one science. But the Defiant ship despite the lack of special seats still had way more flexibility and range with 12 BOFF abilities spread across all three career paths. A change was needed.

I also determined that there is a need to compliment the flexibility rating with a power rating that has less to do with the flexibility of BOFFs by type and more to do with the number of abilities and the strength of those abilities. For example a ship with a Commander, Lt. Commander, and three Lieutenants has a total of 13 BOFF abilities. A ship with a Commander, two Lt. Commanders, two Lieutenants, and an Ensign has the same 13 total abilities. But the latter is exchanging a Lieutenant ability for a Lt. Commander ability and thus that is a stronger set up. Also having more physical chairs, say five versus four adds to strength as well since BOFFs often have passives that boost the ship’s abilities.

So I whipped up a little excel magic and generated a new system, which I immediately scrapped for an even newer, more complex system. The first revision was handy as I built it right into the ship comparison chart I have been using all a long. But this newest system requires that I enter the data separately on another chart.

The new system has a theoretical maximum of 100 whereby by the ship achieving that value would have six chairs and all of them would be Commander Universal Hybrids; two of each specialization. Needless to say a perfect score is not ever going to happen. The current champ for flexibility in the new system is the new B’rel T6 with a flexibility rating of 38.42. This compares to a Type 10 shuttle craft at 0.47 with its single ensign science chair. Likewise the new power rating system grants 4 points for every commander ability, 3 for Lt. Commander, 2 for Lieutenant, 1 for ensign. The T6 B’rel has a power rating of 41.67 which is very good but not the best. The aforementioned shuttle with the solo science chair for an ensign is a 1.67. There is a maximum of 60 possible again with the theoretical 6 commander chairs yielding 60. The shuttle should have a rating of 1.0 but to keep the scale equal for both power and flexibility there is a multiplier of 1.67 applied making 100 the max points (essentially an unobtainable perfect score) for power as well.

Combining the two numbers makes for a good overall BOFF rating. The T6 B’rel comes in combined at  80.09 and I doubt we will ever see a ship top 100 combined. Looking at the Tactical Escort Retrofit it has a flex rating of 9.75 and a power rating of 38.33 for a total of 48.08.

I would say that a flexibility rating for a T5 or T6 ship should exceed 20 to be good, 30 is very good and 35 plus is outstanding! On the power ratings anything above 35 is very strong. I have a chart below showing some random ships that I have reviewed in the past. I also have the spreadsheet for the new BOFF rating system available for download, here.


P.S. I just acquired the final piece to the Terran Space Set and flew a couple or sorties in PVE. It seems solid, the 4th set active ability seems weak, but the passives are strong. I will go in depth later when I have a few more light years on the system. Also I have a new tab above that links to downloadable content including the aforementioned BOFF chart and other goodies.



5 thoughts on “New Ship BOFF Rating System

  1. How would you fill in the dyson science destroyer with it two commander seats but only one can be active? Maybe it should be like a universal seat but only with a value of 2 instead of 3.
    On the other hand of course it is a tiny bit more useful than a hybrid slot because you can really field 2 commander abilities in one battle.

    1. Dyson BOFF Here is the best way to do the Dyson, but I fear that the power rating is a little puffed up since it has two commander abilities that are limited to a cooldown and ship configuration change that is not instant. It should have a penalty for the fact that both commanders are not active simultaneously. If STO brings out any more “convertible” chairs I will have to rewrite the script for my BOFF chart… again 😉

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