Killer Kemocite, is it Worth the Warren Buffet Price Tag?

Before I dive into the subject in the headline, have you noticed the Borg have become tougher in the STFs? I have been running advanced Borg STFs with both Admiral Sager and one of my weaker alt toons recently. The Admiral has been using a T6 science ship just to get the mastery up to level 5 and earn another trait. That ship is not really that well equipped but even still it seems like Cryptic gave those Borg STFs a shot of steroids.

In the Cure Found mission the first series of assimilated enemies that approach the KDF ship you are protecting are assimilated BOPs. These things used to be easy pickings and it wasn’t until you advanced further and the Raptors started coming that they showed resiliency. So I am out there pounding these assimilated BOPs and there they are, shields down, fragile BOP hull flapping in the breeze… yes I know there is no “breeze’ in space 😉 but I hit them with an alpha and they just shake it off like nothing happened and their health bar doesn’t move. Shields down on a BOP and they shrug off an alpha? I call BS. assimilated or not BOPs are not that resilient.

OK, how about that Kemocite? So Cryptic had a Xindi lockbox drop of a BOFF training manual for lacing weapons with Kemocite. These can be found on the exchange for ridiculously high prices. In fact, the ensign version is the most expensive and they get progressively “cheaper” as the rank increases. Huh? Yes it seems that the ensign version has the advantage of being more versatile and thus more valuable despite the fact the ensign version is not as strong. I see the point since most science and engineering players may not have a Lt. Commander tactical chair and maybe only one Lt. Tactical. Those seemingly useless ensign tactical seats we see on some ships, suddenly have a powerful potential.

I bit the bullet and bought a Lieutenant manual for Admiral Sager. 120 million energy credits. You can buy some really nice ships in that price range. So the question that is screaming for an answer is simply this, Is it worth the ridiculous price tag?

“Maybe” is the best I got. I don’t regret spending the coin, but honestly I can’t say I will rush out and do it again for all my toons, either. You get a one use training manual so You will have one BOFF with this ability. With the BOFF system the way it has been for the last year or so that part is fine. We can swap abilities in and out for our BOFFs easy enough. But 120M EC is a lot of coin for something only one toon gets to use.

I decided to take it to my standard testing ground. My personal best record for eliminating all five waves in the Carraya System Romulan Patrol (with out the “assist”) was 94 seconds. I achieved this using the Andorian Kumari with the wing cannons, 3 Mark XIV fleet Andorian phaser single cannons, a Mark XIV Thoron enhanced Quantum torpedo launcher up front and the aft had another duplicate torp launcher and a Mark XIV fleet Andorian phaser turret.  The ship has plenty of tactical seats and two instances of Scatter Volley including II and III. Although Rapid fire is a stronger cannon attack it focuses on one enemy at a time. This Andorian Kumari was set up as a mobster street sweeper, thus the wide-angle single cannons.

So it was easy to load up the kemocite in a Lieutenant spot. Stop watch begins when the first round is fired. First time through 58 seconds! yes a new PB. The real trick to making the kemocite effective is the use of torpedo spread while it is active. The kemocite will ignite every time with torpedo impacts and Torpedo Spread III is devastating when used in conjunction with kemocite Laced Weaponry and Scatter Volley (or rapid fire). The combination of shield ignoring radiation damage and the damage resistance debuff adds a severity to the attack that is amazing. kemociteThose of your with that hard-hitting antiproton critical hit setup will benefit even more. Keep in mind that torpedoes ignite the kemocite every time but the energy weapons only ignite the kemocite 10% of the time. If you don’t like torpedoes, you may not want to pay the huge price for this ability.

The Counter Command set has a console with a base 26.2% (Mk XII) radiation damage boost, along with 13.3% phaser and disruptor damage and 26.2% photon damage. That might be a good console for use with kemocite as well. The radiation damage is also boosted by other captain’s skills as well. Radiation is considered exotic damage so science captains will deal serious damage with this tactical ability enabled.

This ability is ideal for clearing out large groups of enemies since the kemocite explosion deals AOE shield ignoring damage in a 1km sphere. Torpedo spread is a highly desirable ability to use while the kemocite buff is active. Captains running ships with few tactical officers can do very well with kemocite laced weapons and torpedo spread to deal serious damage. Even torpedo spread I and kemocite laced weapons II or vice versa can be a serious boost to damage for a short time. Remember, the kemocite buff lasts only ten seconds, so have the torpedo spread pre-loaded and ready before you activate kemocite. Torpedos take a few seconds to arrive on target, keep that in mind to maximize the effects of this powerful ability.

So, I do recommend this ability if you can spare the coin. It is versatile and be advised that the Lt. Commander version looks tempting with its lower price and higher damage, but it will be unusable for many ships that don’t support a Lt. Commander tactical chair. That said, this ability gives non-tactical captains a chance to deal some ass-kicking damage.


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