Tholian Meshweaver?

OK the new T6 Flagships are out today. Now I have to decide which ones, if any, I will get. I’ll go over those in a later post.

Last week I was downplaying the Tholian Meshweaver. In fact I practically dismissed it as an insignificant little ship. I decided to buy one on the exchange since the paltry price of 4.5 million EC was too much to resist. I mean really? What could possibly go wrong? Oh boy, those are some famous last words right there šŸ˜‰

So Admiral Sager reaches into his wallet, because he has a wallet, because he has a certain 21st century retro vibe goin’ on. Anyway he buys this little Tholian Meshweaver on the exchange. The Ferengi said it was flown by a little old Tholian on her way to the Mirror Universe just once a month. Hardly a scratch, a true bargain…so he claimed. More prophetic words may never before been uttered by a weaselly Ferengi. And so it now part of the Admiral’s fleet.

2016-02-10_19-23-53I decided that a Tholian ship should be outfitted with technologies that match. I took the Nukara Space set and the Nukara Munitions set and equipped it to this new Tholian escort ship. Generally I would use cannons on this type of ship but since a dual beam bank is part of the Nukara munitions set I decided to ‘all in’ on beams. I bought some Mk XII very rare refracting tetryon dual beam banks from the Nukara reputation store to compliment the hyper refracting tetryon dual beam bank that is part of the Nukara set. To the aft I had the Nukara web mine launcher and a tetryon omnidirectional beam array. Since only one of those can be equipped at the same time I added a second omni in the form of the Krenim omnidirectional beam array that just happens to also be a tetryon weapon. How convenient šŸ™‚ I loaded up some BOFFs including K’Ponok who has the Kemocite Weapons ability and gave it a try. Initially this ship was loaded with Mk XII gear.

2016-02-10_19-23-58Much to my surprise this ship was actually a pretty tough hombre. I flew it in my standard test mission the Carraya and Japori patrol missions and it cut through those like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Less than two minutes for all five waves in Japori. As I flew the ship in some more challenging Advanced PVE missions it became clear to me that this ship I dissed on a week earlier was actually a pretty damn good little unit. Good enough that I decided to upgrade some of the gear to Mk XIV.

The Admiral is having an absolute ball in this ship. Hell, he would have rented the ship for week at that price and still been happy. On paper this thing sucks, but in practice it is a solid performer and fun to fly. How much of that is the ship rather than the equipment and configuration is certainly up for debate. My choice at Lt. Commander Science is a flexible BOFF that has several different abilities in all three ranks. This setup seems to work well for the ship. Occasionally there is a hull crisis since the ship lacks engineering, but the Admiral manages to keep the ship together. Even with the Mk XIV weapons and space set, this ship still doesn’t have the really good consoles that some of the Admiral’s other escorts enjoy.

I can’t believe I actually like this ship. And not just because it is a good value, but because it is a good ship. I can honesty say, “I didn’t see that coming”. It has a little more punch in the BOFF stations than the venerable Tactical Escort Retrofit and better shields than both the T6 Phantom and the Defiant. The retrofitted version of Cisco’s legendary ship still has the beefiest hull of the three. In the end anyone that is willing to part with 3000 zen will get a much better ship if they buy the Phantom. But remember, this ship can be found on the exchange for less than 5 million EC.

I can also say that the Nukara space set and the munitions set works better on this little escort than it did on the Admiral’s Ellipse Intelligence Cruiser. It works so well on this ship that I think the Phantom would be a boss in this configuration. I have a whole new respect for that Nukara equipment. The web mines are very effective, once an enemy is caught in the web they go down quickly with a little additional fire.

Of course I can’t make a ship comparison without a chart now, can I?meshweavercomp


7 thoughts on “Tholian Meshweaver?

  1. I liked the comparison but in all in all, just go for the Phantom. The other vessels are good especially the t6 defiant, and this t5 tholian vessel is for those who can’t afford nice things but it still holds up. Nice work.

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