Krunching the Numbers on the Krenim Science Ship

A little housekeeping before I start. Cryptic announced that changes to the skill system are coming. I hate when they do that because we will have to go and respec all our toons 😦 I hope they don’t screw this up 😉 Looks like they intend to simplify things. I always liked that STO had a complex skill setup but I also have been a victim of that complexity, so this is probably a solid move on their part.

I know many of you are contemplating the new T6 flag ships. I really can’t decide whether I will get them or not. I only have two toons that really like to fly the big slow beasts. I seem to prefer the battle cruiser type layout. That said I own five of the nine T5 flagships, all the Romulan versions and one each for KDF and Feddie. My top Romulan character, Be’ina flies the Falcion Dreadnought as her primary ship. I do like the ‘batwing’ styling on the T6 Romulan flagships. I’ll keep you posted and whether of not I get the ships, I’ll write-up a comparo soon.

Well many of you are flying around in your shiny new Krenim ships. Yes the illustrious Q is once again our party host for the 6th anniversary of Star Trek Online. This year he is reaching into the Delta Quadrant and pulling out a Krenim ship to give away for chasing down those nasty Omega particles. I do like Q’s assorted snarky quips as you enter various systems to run the Omega Particle mission.

I have managed to procure one of these ships and have had the chance to fly it around for that last several days. I equipped the ship with decent Mk XII gear but not my good stuff. Admiral Sager is a tactical officer and is not really set up to fly a science ship. The Borg absolutely kicked his ass in the advanced queues as the Admiral has a weakness to shield drain. I did get the ship in the hands of both my science toons but they haven’t flown it much yet. None-the-less I got a good feel for the ship.

First and foremost this ship is free. So when pondering the question as to whether of not you should get it… yes, of course you should! Whether or not it will be your ‘goto’ ship is another question altogether, and I hope I can help you answer that one today.

This is a true science ship. For Romulan and KDF toons this could be a great choice since those two factions really don’t have a pure science vessel. Feddies however are flush with options when it comes to science. Even in the T6 arena Starfleet has several choices. This ship does compare favorably however and since it is a freebie it could be an outstanding opportunity for those who are trying to play on the thin dime.

The first thing that I find a bit odd is that the bonus console for this ship is part of a set for the new T6 Flagships. Something that jumps out at me about the Krenim Sciencel Vessel is the hull rating. 42,000 hull points on a science ship is very stout. It is more stout than the fleet version of the Scryer. It has great shield capacity as well sporting a 1.475 modifier. This is one of the most ‘tanky’ science ships in the game. The ship has a respectable turn rate but a little clunky compared to many other sci flyers out there. One interesting thing is that this Krenim ship has a strong tactical officer presence with a Lt. Commander hybrid, Tactical / Intelligence station. The Scryer has +10 to weapons but hardly any tactical BOFF presence. I think the Scryer would benefit greatly from a Lt. Commander Tac BOFF. The Krenim Science ship keeps the bonus power pretty standard for science with +15 auxiliary and +5 engines.

2016-02-18_10-06-38I loaded Admiral Sager’s version of the ship with the Chronometric set and polaron beams. The aft is set up with a polaron omni-directional beam and the Chronometric omni beam. Standard polaron beams up front and a single torp launcher at each end. This is just decent grade Mk XII. Nothing special on consoles and a Mk XII Aegis set.

The Admiral tends to play with a very tactical style. This ship really isn’t designed to go in guns-ablazin’. But he does it anyway 😉 All told in the Romulan patrol missions the ship is untouchable. It takes 2-3 minutes to clear the five waves in either Carraya or Japori. This is respectable for a science ship with basic Mk XII gear. As I mentioned above, I got raped against the Borg but that is more about the Admiral’s weak resistance to shield drain and is a problem with virtually every science ship he flies in there save for the Dyson. A true science captain could tank like NORAD’s bunker in this ship.

2016-02-18_10-06-41The way I set up the weapons the marginal turn rate of base 10 dps is a non factor. In the forward 270 degree arc all four energy weapons remain on target and only the aft 90 degrees is left vulnerable with just two energy weapons able to strike.  What’s really nice about the BOFF arrangement is that is more flexible than my numbers suggest. It lacks the true flexibility of a high-ranking universal chair, but having that Lt. Commander tactical/intel station means you have the choice of an aggressive stance or a more pure science approach.

You can easily load cannon weapons on this ship. I would stay clear of DC or DHC with the truck like steering but the high-ranking tac BOFF station means scatter volley II and rapid fire II are available.  Inversely you can load up intel abilities in that hybrid slot to add to the science profile of the ship.

The 15.94 BOFF flexibility rating is a little misleading. The Krenim Science Ship has the ability to take on several completely different personalities from a mild destroyer style to a hard-core science ship to a moderately stealthy intelligence ship. This is a versatile ship and continues the trend of quality freebie ships from our friends at Cryptic. Overall I really like the ship and I may have my KDF Science toon fly it as his primary. He currently commands the Breen Carrier.

I have a chart showing the stats compared to some other science ships.chart


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