One-Two Punch

2016-03-03_10-35-02Look! It’s Thursday again 🙂 Last week I wrote about Cannons and Beams. One of the readers posted a comment about a setup he uses and I thought I would try it out. Thanks to, UltimateDoomer1 for the tip. This setup utilizes a Dual Beam Bank up front with two cannons and torpedo launcher along with turrets to the aft. I decided the guinea pig ship would be my Breen Heavy Raider.

I took one of the DHC out and replaced it with a DBB. This ship uses the Jem’Hadar space set and a mix of Polaron weapons. All of the gear is Mk XI or XII so nothing fancy here. It was easy enough to swap out the BOFF abilities to make this work. The only beam ability I selected was Beam Overload III. The tactical BOFFs were Commander, Lt. Commander and Ensign. Commander had Torpedo Spread I and II and Rapid Fire II and III, Lt. Commander had Tactical Team I, Kemocite II and Beam Overload III which replaced Attack Pattern Delta. The Ensign station had another Tac Team I.

2016-03-03_11-02-32The setup worked pretty well actually, as I would come up behind an enemy to gain the raider flanking bonus and unleash the BOL III with the DBB and do serious damage, then a full dose of CRF III and a salvo of torpedoes. It was quite effective. BOL does a one off hit which always crits and does 5-8 times normal damage. This is excellent burst damage that really hammers that shield facing. It does however cause a huge loss of weapons power which makes the CRF weaker unless you use a weapons battery or some other weapons power boost immediately after firing the overload.

Having just one BOL meant waiting for the cool-down to make another alpha run. Admiral Sager has BOFFs and DOFFs that greatly improve the cool down times but some of my other toons do not have as good a setup for that.

The Breen heavy Raider has all universal chairs, except at Commander which is a tactical seat. One ship that might really benefit from this weapons and BOFF arrangement is the Tactical Escort Retrofit, AKA Defiant T5. This ship has the same layout I tested on the Raider. Honestly only Raiders and Escorts can really benefit from this kind of setup as they have enough tactical BOFF abilities to split up between beams and cannons. Of course there are some cruisers that have a Lt. Commander universal chair that could be used by a tactical BOFF. I personally would use this on Raiders and Escorts. If you do not have the Kemocite Laced Weapons ability another instance of BOL could be slotted where I have KLW.

The jury is still out for me on whether this setup is better than just running all cannons up front. My research has yet to produce enough data and experience to truly rate it against my more traditional Raider and Escort setups.

Try this setup on one of your ships and comment about how it works for you.

The new captain skill tree is coming with the next season update. This may change the dynamic for beams and cannons. I really hope they fix the dual cannons and make them properly powerful. I am not holding my breath on that however.

I have had this poll of favorite energy weapons by energy type for quite some time. I thought I would post it again for all of you to chime in with your favorite. The Herald Antiproton and Agony Phasers were just added so they have no votes as of this posting due to being absent from the poll. The voting has been reset so if you voted in the past you can revote now that there are new weapons on the chart.


2 thoughts on “One-Two Punch

  1. You only need 1 of each BOFF ability. I would recommend atb 3, bo3, ts2, tt1. and kemo3, hy2, tt1. That will give you the best abilies (IMHO) that you can use with the 7(and only need 6) tac slots! There is way too many tactical slots on that ship and for it, gives up the survivability, (he2, st1), and et2, etw1. I would recommend changing the ensign slot to a Sci and turn it into tss1.

    1. Yes but the Tac Escort Retrofit has no universal stations so your stuck. The graphic on the article is actually the tactical escort retrofit, which I intend to try the setup with. The Raider class ship has 4 universal chairs and even with all of them eng and science except the commander tac seat it is still questionable on resiliency 🙂

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