Terran Task Force Build

I have been diligently working on getting all of my toons to end game status. Of the eleven characters on my account just two have yet to reach level 60. I have a level 10 Federation engineer that I have been saving for my son who has a low-level toon. I plan to use the character on co-op missions with him. He has not been playing lately however 😦 The other toon is now level 51. I have been playing him a bit each day. This is a Talaxian that joined the KDF! What are the odds of that? He is a science officer and he figured that the Federation is chuck full of science officers so he decided the KDF needed him. I wonder what was going through the minds of those Klingon Warriors he had to fight to be commissioned, as they realized they were about to be defeated by a Talaxian! He is currently flying the Breen Sarr Theln, What a great ship that is. This guy is not very well equipped and yet he pulverizes those Romulan patrol missions in two minutes. OK enough of that.

Today I am writing about the Terran Task Force ordnance set.  I did write about it when it first became available. Read about it here. I have had a great deal of time to play with them on a variety of ships since then. I love the weapons in this set. These have an increasing damage output as the enemies hull is lower. By the time your enemy is at 25% hull the weapons are dealing double damage. This is a great finishing weapon. Picture if you will, the enemy captain is sitting on the bridge of his burning ship, knuckles all clenched, grimacing as his chief engineer screams, she can’t take much more of this Captain… “Engineering team!, Emergency power to the shields, Helm, evasive maneuvers!” He screams in a last-ditch effort to avoid destruction of his beloved ship. How often have you been in that scenario? Often we survive to fight another day. The Terran Task Force build is designed to crush the spirit of the last-ditch effort and send the enemy captain to his escape pods 😉

This is a disruptor build. The Terran weapons are disruptor energy. I am not a big fan of disruptors, but the withering disruptors are pretty solid and the Terran Task Force versions are also withering. The “withering” is a DOT radiation damage that is shield penetrating. Of course the Terran weapons have that amazing 200% damage boost as the hull of the enemy is weakened. The Terran set offers two energy weapon options and you can use both on the same ship if you want. They are the DHC and the beam array. This weekend I plan on building a BOP for my top KDF toon, Roddicka, that will use the Terran Task Force DHC and a compliment of withering weapons. Cryptic is offering double tech points weekend, so this is a good time to upgrade weapons and gear to Mk XIV!

defiant-terranAs of now I have three Terran Task Force builds, two are ships flown my top toon, Federation Tactical Officer, Admiral Sager. He has a T5-U Chimera with the complete Terran Task Force space set and the Ordnance set using dual beam banks up front and the Terran beam array. The real heavy hitter is the T5-U Defiant set up with the DHC. This ship does not utilize the Terran Task Force space set but rather has Elite Fleet grade engines, shield, warp core, and deflector. My KDF toon Roddicka has the T6 Veteran ship set up with the Terran Ordnance set and she is using both the beam array and the DHC with the beam to the aft. defiantboff  She is not using other withering disruptors, only because I have not bought them for her yet.

I have two load out sets that are identical with the exception of substituting scatter volley for rapid fire. Using rapid fire makes this ship very formidable against single opponents. Scatter volley allows the ship to dispatch multiple enemies and is better for collecting marks in patrol missions. I use the rapid fire setup for PVE missions.

orionI really like the Terran Ordnance set. I am not a great pilot so my skills at maneuvering my ship into ideal attack position is always suspect. But this set delivers a killing blow better than anything else. Typically I use single cannons up front as they offer that wide arc. But I really think the classic escort or raider with DHC is well suited to this set. The withering radiation is a nice hull eroding feature and the 200% damage bonus as the hull weakens is epic.

There is no reason you can’t use single withering disruptor cannons with this Terran DHC and on a ship with five forward weapons bays that could be a great street sweeper. This set should be really awesome on any raider class ship utilizing the Intelligence Flanking bonus along with the raider flanking bonus. The extra 200% damage really helps seal the deal on a quick flank attack. The console is worth having even if by some weird reason you don’t like the weapons. Even the torpedo launcher is pretty good. It has the 200% bonus as well and a huge withering DOT that procs 33%, which is basically always when using torpedo spread 😉 I won’t say these are the best weapons in the game, but they are the best finishers.

The nice thing about building a ship with the Terran Task Force ordnance set is that the build need not be over-engineered. I use disruptor boosting consoles and a nice photon boosting console along with the Terran console. If using with an escort or raider the intelligence specialization as primary offers additional flanking bonus. These weapons can also be a nice boost to science captains that do extra exotic damage. The withering radiation DOT is treated as exotic damage. The withering weapons are dropped when completing projects in the Terran Reputation and better versions can be bought for dilithium in the Terran Task Force Store. You can choose the modifiers based on your own preference. I use [acc]x2 [dmg] on the turrets and [acc] [dmg]x2 on the DHCs, but if you are a critical hit player then [CrtH] or [CrtD] are available as well. I also use tractor beam repulsors that I activate just as I am about to over run enemies that are heading towards me. This keeps the enemies roughly 4-6 KM out which allows the cannon weapons to remain reasonably powerful and with the withering damage and the 200% weak hull boost they die pretty fast. For a raider flanking setup I would NOT use the tractor repulsors as it is better to be closer and gain the higher damage. Here you are chasing the other ship so you can use throttle to avoid over running the target. Admiral Sager enjoys the added bonus of Kemocite Laced Weapons.

Don’t get too worked up on the fine details of this build, the idea here is simple, Alpha strike, weaken hull and finish with epic 200% roundhouse to the face. Defiant uses Terran DHC, it’s Super Effective.

Before I sign off I got an axe to grind. Every week Cryptic updates STO. Every week they fail to fix the cloaking glitch that has plagued the game since day one. Seriously a dialog box decloaks your ship. WTF Cryptic, fix that shit already! There is no excuse for that. 😡


4 thoughts on “Terran Task Force Build

  1. You’re not doing a lot of damage with those builds you could be doing more if you put tactical consoles in the tac slots. If you’re debating which consoles to take off, consider the 2 engy consoles that aren’t the RCS. Plus the stations with the same power put the same copy on cooldown.

    1. Expand on your thought the message is a bit veiled. The shared cooldown is fine as one comes off cooldown just as the other is finished its course, I have massive cooldown bonuses so for example shared cooldown on Tac Team is normally 15 seconds it is typically 11-12 for me a tac team has 10 seconds of run time. Similar situation on rapid fire. I am on rapid fire for 45-50 of every 60 seconds. BOFF, DOFF, and Traits aid in my cooldown reduction. Not sure what you are suggesting on tactical consoles? The Energy damage boost consoles are tactical consoles. RCS? RCS is an engineering console that aids in turning. So which tactical consoles are you suggesting? Avoid acronyms if you can. That build does do solid damage but it could do MORE 🙂 I would love to hear which tactical consoles you like. With a name like UltimateDoomer you gotta do some serious damage 😉

      1. Tactical consoles IN THE TAC SLOTS ONLY! Disruptor ones from crafting or exchange OR Vulnerability Locators. Keep the RCS but ditch the other two.

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