Freebie Cruiser Showdown: Luxo Liner Vs Zombie Cruiser

How’s that for a WWE style smack down headline? And the next question you have is, “WTF is he talking about? The Risian Luxury Cruiser versus the Kobali Samsar Cruiser of course. See what I did there? Today’s post is a little light on content as I am prepping for an away mission to the Gulf Coast. Next week, I’ll have my Top Ten Pet Peeves 🙂

These are two interesting cruisers that were made available for free during previous events. The Risian Luxury Cruiser was offered in the Summer Event on Risa in 2014. The Kobali ship was available as an a prize for completing Q’s mini-game during the 5th anniversary event last year.

First thing of general notice is that the Risian ship is a T5 and the Kobali a T6. The Risian ship comes with a free upgrade to T5-U and thus can be well compared to the walking dead model. The latter comes from a planet filled with reanimated corpses and the other from a planet of perpetual tropical isle bliss filled with hot babes in bikinis. Well if point of origin is the primary factor I know which one I’ll take and the zombie cruiser is not it 😉

But alas, the home world is of no concern to us hearty ship captains. It’s all about the guns and hull. The shields and bridge. Yes that’s it, which one hits harder and goes home grinning?

The first thing that is a bit odd here is the big clunky ship is actually the harder turning ship. Why would a ship like the Luxury Cruiser with a giant crew count of 1500 turn at 10 dps where as the slimmer Kobali vessel has but 650 crew and a dopey 7 dps on the slalom? The Luxury Liner really plays like a beefed up battle cruiser. It has a nice 1.1 shield modifier, it’s slightly faster and has a combat ready +10 power to weapons and shields. The Kobali takes a more neutral approach with bonus power spread evenly among the four systems. The Kobali has more of a tanker hull and even offers a little better shield protection. The Zombie Cruiser has the advantage of an extra BOFF ability because the double Lt. Commander chairs are not penalized with an extra Ensign chair. The addition of command BOFF abilities makes it a little more flexible in its fighting style.

If this were a beauty contest the Zombies have it hands down. Seriously that Art Deco style is crushin’ it. Those ugly zombie aliens built one of the sexiest ship sin all of STO. The Luxury Liner is just weird-looking. But if you get one, have it commanded by a Ferengi. I know right? It just seems a good fit. But this is not a beauty contest and the Risian hotties walking around inside the Lux make up for its goofy exterior anyway. It does come with a staff of Risian Bikini Girls, right? Hmm, I’ll have to check with the dealer on that, could be an option.

Honestly this is a tough choice. I am not sure one can even get the Kobali cruiser again, but you probably can still get the Risian Ship this summer. I like that Risian Luxury Cruiser. I wrote a fair piece on it when it was fresh and new, click here. I also did a review of the Kobali ship here.

I think for me the Luxo cruiser is the best bet. No, not because I think there is a bunch a cute Risian girls in swimwear aboard… although that is plus. Hey, I’m James Kirk style captain cut me some slack 😉 But I like the turn rate that gives this ship a real KDF battle cruiser feel. It’s got a beefy crew if you like that sort of thing. And I’m sure you noticed that Lt Commander seat reserved for a tactical officer.  I ran my Feddie Ferengi with this as his primary for a long time and he just killed it in that ship. Stat wise the Kobali is a touch stronger but I think it is better suited to a classic engineering style player where as I fly my engineers with a somewhat tactical angle of play.

Whether or not you prefer one over the other, the Kobali looks awesome but the Risian ship has a pool, garden, and several special skins to give it a little character. Nutty character but personality abounds. Even if you aren’t as tough as your opponents, you can catch them off guard while they’re still laughing at your ship’s crazy looks. The Risians built the classic sleeper, no one takes you seriously until your about to dust their dingle 😉 Luxo Liner takes the win.




2 thoughts on “Freebie Cruiser Showdown: Luxo Liner Vs Zombie Cruiser

  1. I have been followong this blog for 2 years and it delivers. Even when I am not playing the game, im reminded of how good it is. Maybe some tips for perma noobs like me-like hpw to become a pro like Rod- would be a good addition 🙂

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