Top Ten Total BS Pet Peeves

Generally I have warm and fuzzy, happy things to say about Star Trek Online. It is after all my favorite RPGMMO. But despite its state of harmonious awesomeness, STO has a few issues that irk the crap out of me, and probably you too. Some of these things have been an issue since the dawn of the game and others more recent. So its high time I publish the Top Ten Total Bullshit List for STO.

10.   Red alert hangs too long

Yes this can be annoying, the battle is over and you’ve dusted the last of the pesky little enemies. It’s time to warp out or cloak or whatever you want to do but that damn Red Alert will not go away. Come on already I am the captain of this boat, I ought to able to cancel the effing red alert!

9.    Large ships not properly to scale

I have touched on this in past posts. The big cruisers are just not BIG enough when depicted in the game with smaller escorts and raiders. This is most egregious when watching the KDF BoPs emerge from the Vo’Quv or the Breen Plesh Breks from either of the Breen ships with hangar bays. It’s OK Cryptic, you can make the ship models a little bigger. The smaller ships won’t mind 😉

8.    Full Impulse disabled in combat

I may be missing something here, but I can’t see any reason to have full impulse disabled during combat. No one is going to use full impulse when they are actually fighting an enemy, that would be foolish since all power levels on the ship are nominal except engines. But there are times when you are taking a beating and a strategic use of a confuse ability followed by a full impulse burst can save your sorry ass. But no, Cryptic says to us all, “Die motherf****r die”! If you’ll pardon the ‘Gangsta Rap’ parlance. A full impulse burst after an attack run with an escort or raider could speed up the ability to position the ship as well. Yes, I am aware that there are other methods of rapidly escaping but that does not excuse the inability to use full impulse at our discretion. The discretionary use of the full impulse ability would allow captains to utilize a number of tactical techniques to aid in combat.

7.    All cloaks should be battle cloaks

I have written at length over the years on this. The standard cloak is near useless in battle and since STO doesn’t have any real non-combat stealth opportunities in the game. What the hell is the damn point of a standard cloak. Especially when you have to have the device take up a console slot, ala the Tactical Escort Retrofit.  My idea is hardly novel. Cryptic gave every Romulan ship a battle cloak. I think that every cloak should be a battle cloak and certain ships such as raiders and escorts would gain a cloaking bonus to give a slight advantage that compensates for their weaker profile.

6.    Pet AI is too stupid

This is another well discussed issue on this blog. Seriously, the pilots in the fighter craft just fly into an exploding ship and die. Is Cryptic is using Kamikaze tactics? News flash! The damn ship is dead already when its warp core is exploding. What, are the AI pilots fed up with life? Are they saying, “I can’t take it anymore… this is the end for me…” Well they should take a Prozac and pull up, pull up!

5.    Torpedoes do not do enough hull damage

Hear me out on this. Torpedoes only do partial damage against shields. This is good, I have no problem with that at all. But since the weapon has a low DPS value for the most part and has a handicap against shields, I think torpedoes should get a bonus against exposed hull. +50% damage to exposed hull. It would not overpower them as the bonus would only apply when the shield facing was down or on un-shielded targets for which there are few in the game. This would make torpedoes relevant again. I know many players don’t even equip them anymore.  Also maybe cryptic should offer beam weapons a +25% damage versus shields and a -25% damage versus hull. This would bring back the allure of the beams and torpedoes combat tactic. Cannons should remain equal hull and shields damage. There is nothing wrong with having a little more separation between the two energy weapon types to give players more tactical combat options.

4.    Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons are too weak

This is another thing I have been somewhat expressive about. These 45 degree arc weapons are much harder to keep on target. This is why so many people have abandoned cannon weapons in favor of beams. DC and DHC spend a lot of time off target so come on, give the narrow arc weapons a little more kick, and people might start using them again.

3.    Cloak is too easy to defeat

Some one high up on the Cryptic food chain hates cloaking devices. Maybe his favorite red shirt was killed by a Klingon de-cloak and torpedo attack in a TOS episode. I don’t know, but in Star Trek canon defeating the cloaking device is by no means an easy task. I think the cloak should be twice as stealthy as it is now but science captains get a passive bonus to spot cloak. I also think all of the abilities that have a quick cool down and can expose cloaked ships should have a ‘check roll’ to expose rather than automatically defeating the cloak.  Further more torpedo spread should have the option of firing with out a target lock (or a new tactical ability), this could be used as a tactic against a cloaked ship and Star Trek canon supports the notion.

2.    Not enough Star Trek Spirit

I posted this originally on November 22nd, 2013. Sums it up well. The Spirit of Star Trek.

1.    Dialog box breaks cloak

This is by far the most egregious of them all. I have been playing this game almost as long as it has been out and this stupid issue remains. Any dialog box de-cloaks your ship. I cannot be alone in my disgust over this issue. It is an affront to the spirit of gaming. I can’t tell you how many times in battle in both PVE and PVP matches, where I have cloaked my ship after an attack run only to have a freaking stupid ass dialog box that says something pathetic about the tactic you should use to fight the PVE enemy or some other horse shit about the PVP/PVE objective. Of course not only is my ship exposed, possibly in danger, but I have to wait for the cool-down timer to elapse before I can cloak again. Like I said in #3, some one high up at Cryptic just hates cloaking devices. They should fire that asshole, and fix the problem.

So there you have my top ten pet peeves about STO. I am still a pathetic STO fan boy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t gripe about stuff now and again 😉


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Total BS Pet Peeves

    1. I stand by my complaint irregardless of any killer setups people may have. Torpedoes have a very slow recharge and super low DPS so they should hit like nuclear armegeddon against unshielded targets and in general, they do not. Remember, for every ass kicking torpedo setup one comes up with an equally ass kicking setup can be found for energy weapons. IMHO anyway 🙂

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