Top Ten Worst Nerfs & Best Non-Nerfs

I am prepping for an away mission on business down in California this weekend. So I had to go light on content this week as I am a bit busy with projects.

The title says it all, STO is famous for nerfing gear after launching it and some features are nerfed right out of the box! There are a few gems that are oddly, not nerfed. This may be one time I hope cryptic isn’t reading 😉

So this was a topic I have avoided so far due to the fact that I don’t own all the stuff in the game. There could be far worse nerfs that I haven’t experienced yet. Feel free to comment below about horrible nerfs or amazing non-nerfs you think are missing.

Worst nerfs

  • Ablative Armour
  • Standard Cloak
  • Thalaron Pulse (Scimitar special weapon ability)
  • Control Resistance (captain’s skill)
  • Andorian Wing Cannon
  • Andorian Phaser Dispersal Array (wing cannon console)
  • Tricobalt torpedo
  • Advanced and Elite Pets
  • Kinetic Cutting Beam
  • Spinal Lance and derivatives

I own versions of all of these items. The Ablative Armor is included with the Intrepid Class Retrofit ship. It’s a Tier 5 C-Store version of Janeway’s classic USS Voyager. It’s a good ship and has the special console which is the same Ablative Armor that Future Janeway delivers to Original Janeway in the series finale. Interesting enough the Ablative Armor works just like it did in the show accept that the effect only lasts 15 seconds. Kind of useless actually. This item keeps you from using weapons and is all defense in nature. If you can’t attack, then why have a timer at all? I have written many a long tome on the Standard Cloak. The Thalaron Pulse is also well documented in this blog. The wing cannons were awesome until the Level 60 expansion. The weapon is not upgradeable, FAIL. I have actually touched on all of these except the spinal lance. The spinal Lance would be fine if it had a quick cooldown say 60 seconds. Or they could do a hard 30 second cool down which would be unaffected by cooldown reductions from DOFFs, BOFFs, Consoles, and Traits.  That said, the Andorian Phaser Dispersal just needs a shorter cooldown as well. OK if you are a Cryptic Nerfing Boffin, please stop reading now, you have seen all you need to see and please get right on fixing that stuff 😉

Best non-nerfs

  • Terran Task Force Ordnance Set
  • Radiant Weapons
  • Romulan T5 Dreadnought Console Set
  • Tempest Tail Gun (fused aft weapon in Patrol Refit)
  • Nadion Saturation Bomb (bonus console with Patrol Refit)
  • Nukara Web Mines (part of Nukara Reputation ordnance set)
  • Kemocite Laced Weapons (tactical BOFF ability)
  • Long Range Targeting (captain’s skill)
  • Gravity Well (science BOFF ability)
  • Torpedo Spread (tactical BOFF ability)

I have written very recently about the Terran Ordnance set, so I’ll spare you a repeat. The Radiant Weapons are great for toons that have trouble keeping the hull together as these weapons are constantly added temporary hit points. The T5 Romulan Dreadnought Console set is fantabulous! Yes I did just invent a word! Like a boss 😉 Anyhow, these three consoles when equipped together create one of the worst nerfs in the game Thalaron Pulse. Separately they are solid. First the Scimitar Console gives you a cloaked barrage ability that cloaks your ship allows for a short burst of full weaponry under cloak. The other two are better however, The Falcion gives you a console that allows you to create a 45 second secondary shield that can soak more than 17k damage. But the best one is the Tulwar console that has a passive ability that allows shields to operate while under cloak and with a passive bonus to your ships singularity signature adding an enhancement to the cloak. Outstanding console. Tempest Tail Gun is a weapon I fawned over in another post, best aft weapon in all of STO but it is a fused weapon only appearing on the Patrol Escort Refit T5. The Patrol Refit also offers a boss weapon console (it is universal). The Nadion Saturation Bomb has a decent 2 minute cool down, does epic phaser damage and leaves a DOT AOE phaser cloud behind for ten more seconds. It will continuously ignite kemocite for insane bonus damage.

Nukara Web Mines are my favorite mine weapon for use against NPCs. Most NPC enemies that get caught in one of these are seconds away from the afterlife. I wrote about Kemocite Laced Weapons, I love them but they are very spendy. The new season 11.5 captain’s ability, Long Range Targeting is outstanding and has one of the most generous systems for diminishing return values of any ability. Taking the third rank in this is still quite effective. Gravity Well against NPCs is epic and even if your cap isn’t a science boss, it works well. Torpedo Spread is the bomb. Load up a bunch of NPCs in a Gravity Well and then unload a fat load of Torp Spread III and all kinds of evil hate rains on your enemies.

So that’s my current take on Bad Nerfs and Good Non-Nerfs 🙂


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Worst Nerfs & Best Non-Nerfs

  1. Kemocite has been nerfed, but you probably haven’t noticed it. It used to double proc and ALWAYS CRIT AND APPLY per each torpedo of the spread, or high yield.

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