The Batwing!

The Batwing??? What the hell is that? It’s Batman’s airplane silly. WTF does Batman have to do with STO? More on that later 😉 Some of you may be expecting a review of the Summer Event Prize ship. I can say I have mine, but I just got it Monday so that review will have to come next week or the next as the New Agents of Yesterday Content is live also. It suddenly got real busy in the STO universe.

First impressions are that once again Cryptic has delivered a boss little ship absolutely free! So yes you should have gotten one! There’s still time, Summer Event good till July 21st. In the mean time, I bought several ships on the exchange recently. I found 3 ships all priced in the mid two million range and I plan on reviewing all three soon, they are as follows:

  • APU-Cruiser
  • Malon Battle Cruiser
  • Nihydron Destroyer

I love me a good destroyer but the ship I found on the exchange that really caught my eye is one that is fairly new. A lock box reward from the Na’kuhl. This is a T6 Raider called the Tadaari. No, this one isn’t available for chump change like the others above. You might be thinking, really Rod, another raider wanna-be? This one my friends is different, especially if you fancy your Federation characters. I present to you a REAL raider that a Feddie can fly. Yes my friends, 22 degrees of swervy-curvy turn rate and wait for it… a battle cloak! Holy disappearing act Batman, they finally did it! It’s all true, Starfleet officers can now fly what amounts to a Klingon Bird of Prey. Keeping with the Batman theme the title of this post is “The Batwing”. I mean come on look at it, it is the Batwing. I need to create a new toon and name him Bruce Wayne.

batwing1This ship won’t come cheap if you can’t win the lockbox lottery, the exchange has them in the 110-120M range. Totally worth it.

I really like this ship. It is the absolute best raider that a Starfleet captain can fly. But is it the best of the best? I mean, how does it compare to the legendary B’rel? I dare say, it compares well. Well enough that a Klingon would fly it!

One note on crew count before I dive in on this “new” ship. I like that they jettisoned the old system of crew count and hull repair and I documented my distaste for it more than once on this blog; but now they have completely removed crew as a stat at all. They didn’t have to do that? The new system for hull restoration is better than the old one, but crew count could still be listed as a measurable value to judge the ship’s comparative restoration ability. Now we have no benchmark at all other than maximum hull. Ships with a larger crew should have faster hull restoration, it gives cruisers a tanking advantage. OK enough of that, I have no idea what the crew count is on this Tadaari.

taadariThe Tadaari Raider has a hull strength almost identical to the Fleet Version of either B’rel ship. Yes, I said the FLEET version. It is not anywhere near as tough as the Baltim I lovingly wrote about a few months ago. Baltim click here. But it has its own set of delicious charms. The Tadaari turns better than any starship save for the B’rel. 22 dps base compared to the B’rel’s 23 dps. It is as fast as the Baltim with an impulse modifier of 0.23 boosted by +5 engine power, and thus much faster than the B’rel. Don’t underestimate impulse modifiers, they allow you to dial your engine power all the way down to the minimum while still having as much speed as a slower ships with increased power. That power can be used for weapons, auxiliary or shields without sacrificing speed, or you can leave the power in the engines and either fly away from your enemies or chase the bastards down 🙂

The Tadaari is a typical and classic raider layout. Four weapons up front and two aft. All BOFF stations are universal. Yes, even the Commander’s chair! This is the first non-KDF raider, I have seen with a Universal Commander seat. There are two Lt. Commanders and two Universal Hybrids, one for a Pilot and the other for an Intelligence officer. This ship is now the undisputed BOFF flexibility champ knocking the new T6 B’rel down a peg.

The Tadaari has similar hull strength to the Fleet grade B’rel, but unlike the B’rel it is very weak on engineering. With only two consoles in the engineering department this ship is basically made of paper mache. The B’rel has 4 engineering consoles. This Na’kuhl raider does have four science consoles and five damage dealing tactical consoles. Unless you are very comfortable flying a fragile “glass cannon”, one of those Lt Commander chairs might need to be fitted with an engineer. At least the shields are strong, this Tadaari is also second only to the Baltim among raiders, in shield strength with a 0.93 modifier compared to the Baltim at 0.95. This is quite a bit stronger than the Fleet B’rel at 0.88.

This ship when directly compared to the Fleet Grade B’rel looks really good. The B’rel ships have the ultra sneaky ‘enhanced battle cloak’. This of course allows for the use of BOFF attacks and torpedo and mines without breaking the cloak. That aside this ship has a battle cloak, and that is a first for anyone in Starfleet. The ship comes with a special console that is one of three Na’kuhl consoles in the set. This is a fabulous console all by itself with a two charge plasma barrage weapon and a fat boost to plasma damage. The first charge deals heavy plasma damage in a wide arc to multiple enemies and debuffs those hit by it for vulnerability to the second charge. I have used this thing and it crushes it. The cool-down is reasonable as well at about 60 seconds. The set bonuses are fabulous should you get the other two Na’kuhl ships and their special consoles. Take a look at the STO Wiki profile on the Na’kuhl Plasma Technologies set here. I would set this ship up for use with plasma weapons so as to take full advantage of this excellent console.

The fun doesn’t stop there. After reaching Tier V in ship mastery your lucky captain unlocks the “Spoils of Victory” trait that heals the hull and shields every time you polish off an enemy.

I set mine up using the Na’kuhl style plasma based weapons and added the Romulan Hyper plasma torpedo launcher and the matching Romulan console. I left the Romulan experimental beam weapon at home. The Na’kuhl weapons are reasonably priced on the exchange and do a good job. In the new missions there are a couple of times that you will faind yourself in a huge battle with a shit-ton of baddies shooting at you. I got into trouble a couple of times and was forced to watch as my warp core went critical. That said, a scramble sensors BOFF ability or the Anti-matter Spread console could provide a cover for escape when the hull is buckling and your version of Scotty is screaming, “She can-nay take much more of this, Captain…”

So is it the best raider in the game? Long pause for critical thinking… Maybe. If not for the weak engineering console setup it would be the best raider in the game. Even with its glaring engineering faults it is still a serious contender for the top dog of raiders in galaxy. Overall the T6 B’rel is still the King, but this ship is number two and right on the Klingon’s tail. I have a chart below showing the comparison to the B’rels and the Baltim. Below the chart is a poll asking which of the cheapo ships listed above you prefer to see a review of first.chart

Next week I will try to review the new Summer Event ship. Beyond that I intend to review the other three ships mentioned above. But also I will have to chat up the new Agents of Yesterday content as well as the new ships offered with that update. Take the poll below and pick which one of the cheap exchange ships you think I should do first. I’ll do the one with the most votes in two to three weeks.


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