An Affair on Risa with a Vorgon

vorgon-46Last week I wrote about my new favorite Raider for Starfleet officers. I also posted a poll asking which bargain hunter ship I should review next and thus far the Nihydron Destroyer is in the lead with 46 plus percent of the vote. You can still vote on that by viewing last weeks post, click here. I mentioned that this time ’round I might comment a bit on the new content released in Agents of Yesterday. Some of you may not have completed the 23rd century portion of the content so I will attempt to minimize any spoilers. I also said I was flying the Risa Event ship and that will be the primary topic today. Do read on as the Vorgon ship is much better than I expected. Seriously, it is a boss.

So the new reputation system has some boss stuff. I am only at tier two right now but that console is the bomb! The two missions are the “Battle of Procyon V” and “Days of Doom”. The first is a grindy affair where you pull off the trifecta of Deja Vu doing the same exact thing three times with increasingly difficult conditions. This mission is great if you want to pump your fresh new starship up to full mastery, as you will be forced to end an absolute crap-ton of baddies. It uses the ornery and annoying portal closing mechanics that are disrupted every time an enemy looks your way. The first two waves are no sweat the last wave is quite literally a gauntlet of seemingly endless enemies. Tip: this only applies to the third wave, once they announce the Annorax is attacking the Enterprise J, forget the portals and just go waste that annoying douchebag and it’s all over.

The second mission is actually pretty interesting. It is much more than just a shooting gallery, this takes some teamwork and is actually pretty fun for a rep-grinder. Here you will kill the doomsday machine, yet again 😉 But the method employed is pretty cool and there are some variable dynamics at play. Fortunately when you pug with a group of complete idiots, that never happens though, right? Anyhow on the standard version the fail scenario results in a brave captain going out the hero, nice little animation but no effing bonus marks. So just deliver Scotty’s big heavy warp core bomb already and get the bonus marks.

As far as the new content, there will come a point where your 23rd Century toon will be able to integrate with the current 25th century timeline. When that happens you will have the opportunity in several missions to examine a temporal probe. This builds up your rep with the temporal agents and you will earn some bonus goodies from the creeper standing outside of Admiral Quinn’s office (also in the throne room on Qo’nos). Just like the Delta Recruit deal last year. Now many people are whing about not being able to “connect” the 23rd Century toons to the 25th Century Screenshot_20160714-142535starbase. Of course not, Kirk wasn’t able to just abra-kadabra-alakazam into the 25th Century, could he? Hey look, that last sentence formed a evolution chain for a psychic Pokémon 😉 But here is another useful tip: The account bank still works! The bridge of the old 23rd century ships feature an account bank and therefore you can have players in the 25th century starbase send you stuff via the account bank.

Alright, that’s enough of that, I want to blather on a bit about the Risa Summer Event golden prize for flying around a tropical paradise in a jetpack. Wow, Star Trek really is utopia; seriously, I fly around a tropical paradise surrounded by majestic scenery, perfect weather and a bunch of bikini babes, AND for suffering through this horrible chore, I get a FREE ship. (please insert a pile of steamy sarcasm here)

vorgon-25And what a ship it is. The Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort. First off you gotta look at the furry animal print paint scheme, looks awesome and it is color customizable. I went the easy route by pirating a bunch of gear off the Tholian Meshweaver ship I built a few months back. You remember that little package of joy. If not click here. I was surprised by the Tholian ship but this ship has higher expectations. This is a T6 and well, it still delivers the goods. The ship feels very Klingon Raptor-ish. It has a beefier hull than most Feddie escorts but is a touch sluggish on the corners just like the Raptors in the KDF. I set it up with mostly mark XIV gear including all the Nukara stuff and I must say it is a great all-rounder. It is not my meanest beat down machine, but it still hits like an angry Klingon. It has surprisingly good resilience. I quite frankly fly this ship with impunity in the cluster-f that is the third wave of the new Procyron V  PVE. The ship just takes a beating like full size cruiser. Meanwhile, I am blasting away with those Nukara tetryon weapons, watching the endless stream of enemies flee to the escape pods whilst their ships explode in a tetryon, chroniton, kemocite sandwich of doom.

The special console is “Harrasser Probes’. This is actually a cool console, because it only has a 2 minute cooldown, maybe 2.5, but it releases a couple of “probes” which are really like little fighter ships that grab enemies with a tractor beam and hold them for you to destroy. The console is usable on any Vorgon ship. Oh BTW it also passively boosts tetryon damage 25% and 8% crit damage!

vorgonThe tier V mastery trait uses “harrasser mines”; every time you hit with energy wep it deposits a mine near the enemies hit, max of once every 20 seconds. I’m still evaluating whether I like it enough to take one of my five ship trait slots. When using FAW and kemocite it can launch quite a few mines at once and mines always ignite the kemocite. The ship has one universal / intel hybrid seat for a Lt. Commander and is otherwise very neutral on seating. The Commander is a tactical, the other Lt. Commander is an engineer and its rounded out with a science officer at Lieutenant and a tactical ensign. If you like flying KDF Raptors and you want something almost as angry on the attack but with a little more staying power, this is your ship. It will tank harder than even a Fleet Raptor! If you are a Feddie and you are willing to give up the delicious handling of the Defiant to gain a nice boost to shields and hull, again this is your ship.

If you don’t want to use beams, this ship can equip the dual cannons, but I have never personally liked dual cannons on a 15 dps turn rate ship. I would go single cannons on this guy, but I know there are some badass pilots out there that will disagree and that is fine by me. It is wise to always know your own limitations. For me, this ship is either dual beam banks or single cannons up front. I can clear all five waves of either of my test missions, the Romulan patrols at Carraya and Japori, in less than a two minutes and that is solid performance. Like I said earlier, it’s not my top dps nuclear option, but it is still a scary proposition for the enemies facing it.

Of course I have the now obligatory chart showing a comparison between this amazing FREE ship and some very expensive ships. You may still have enough time to get this ship if you at least already started collecting the vouchers. Go forth at once and get it. Remember only one toon has to do the 25 triple runs in the Jet Pack it will unlock account wide 🙂



7 thoughts on “An Affair on Risa with a Vorgon

  1. Excellent review of this awesome free ship. I would suggest however that you look into getting a Wide Arc Dual Heavy Cannon for one of your fore weapons slots if you use cannons at all because it has a 90 degree firing arc, just like a dual beam bank.

    1. I havever them and I use them but I have yet to see one that is not limited to one per ship. I have several posts over-the-counter years about beams vs.cannons I do use cannons frequently.

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