Cool Tidbits to Chew On

This post I’ll be bouncing around like a kitten on catnip, bear with me…

So I have been ramping up my new Temporal Operative toon with the special bonus experience. You all knew that, right? The free toon slot they gave us after the launch of AOY was a special toon just like they did for Delta Rising. The AOY character gets to level fifty faster than Kirk gets to second base with a hot Orion chick.

2016-07-27_20-51-34Anyway I discovered a few things along the way. First of all, have you tried the Kelvin Photon Torpedoes? Seriously, get them, they are the bomb; oh look at that, pun, pu, pun, pun! These little beasties are basically quite similar to regular Photon Torpedoes. Photons are already the fastest reloading torpedoes in the game.  Abra-Kadabra, the Kelvin models are 2 seconds faster yet!  But wait! There’s more, they have a 20% chance to improve recharge time by 3 seconds and another 20% chance to improve recharge time by 5 seconds. Alakazam! Hey that’s the full evolution cycle of a popular psychic Pokémon 😉 If you have any DOFF torpedo reload bonuses these things can just pump out the damage like a flamethrower at a gas station. I am most happy with them. You’ll find them on the exchange for less than a million EC. Remember though, these fast load times are not going to be as useful on a slow turning ship. This is ideal for escorts and raiders that can turn about and attack quickly. I still think big slow cruisers are better off with the harder hitting but slower loading quantums.

2016-07-27_20-51-40I also made another discovery that isn’t really a secret but it is kind of cool. I don’t know how I missed this. When Cryptic launched the T6 version ‘Defiant’ they added a special console, no surprise there. The Quantum Warhead Module is a console that offers a boost to all torpedo damage and has a special quantum attack. As a console it’s pretty good but it’s not blowin’ Marilyn’s skirt up. Classic movie reference ALERT, look it up younglings 😉 Any how they created a set using this new quantum console, the existing federation cloak console, and quad phaser cannons. If you have two of the three you get the “Overcloaked” ability AND the “Critical Ambush” ability. This reduces the cool down on the cloaking device and offers a bonus to both CritD and CritH when decloaking. OK, no biggie, but if you have all three… The cloaking console upgrades… wait for it… to a BATTLE CLOAK! Sweet mother of Jesus, that’s pretty cool! Too bad you need two consoles to get what the Romulans get on every ship built-in, but still it’s a BATTLE CLOAK on a FEDERATION ship!

This gives me an idea. Why doesn’t Cryptic create a console that upgrades a standard built-in ship cloak on either KDF or Fed ships to a battle cloak. The console could offer a passive stealth bonus of say +20 or +40 stealth and upgrade any built-in cloak to a battle cloak. When using the console with a ship that already has a battle cloak it could provide the “overcloaked” ability. Come on Cryptic, that’s a solid idea, it’s a fair compromise. Get on that, will ya?

So this new AOY toon is now level 51. As a Vice Admiral he is enjoying all of those awesome C-store ships Admiral Sager bought. I have him flying the Intel Phantom right now and I gotta say, I like that ship more and more as I fly it. The Admiral’s Great, Great, Grandfather is now flying around in the same time period as the Admiral himself. Weird.

It’s kind of cool that they didn’t change the beam out animation when the 23rd Century toons migrate into the 25th. It’s like they have the cool antique retro communicators. I like retro. You know he’s walking into Club 47 and flippin’ that bitch open like a 1990s rock star on his Motorola Star Tac.

2016-07-27_20-51-04Anyway, grandpa’s flashing the sports car bling with his shiny new Phantom. It is equipped nicely for a newly minted 3-Bar. All mark XII mostly purple. This ship can run the Japori and Carraya patrols in around a minute thirty and this with only Mk XII gear. The Kelvin torpedo launcher is helping lay down some photon hate.

In a past post I mentioned that killing the Annorax on the final act of Procyon V ends the mission and launches the final Tox Uthat cut scene. That was anecdotal evidence unfortunately, as new data shows that is not true.  Sorry 😦

vorgon-25The Vorgon ship I wrote about a few weeks back is just getting more delicious every day. I really like the setup I have with the Tholian Nukara gear and Admiral Sager’s combination of Intel and Strategist specializations. He just kills it in that ship. I really hope you all got that ship.

I am happy to let you all know, Cryptic fixed the Andorian Wing Cannons. They can now be upgraded! Another player actually told me about it. I now have mine pumped up to Mk XIV and they hit like a rhinoceros with a Klingon Mother. Holy cow, I’m rolling the metaphors like a Tamarian on Red Bull.  Yes that was a simile, but a simile is a metaphor, a metaphor however, is not always a simile 😉 But I do love those wing cannons!

Another blogger recently wrote that she had heard that people were actually exiting PVE queues when they saw a player in there with a Kelvin ship. You know, the JJ ships. Seriously peeps? First of all the Kelvin ships look pretty badass. You gotta hand it to the gang at STO they are creating a shit-ton of ships to satisfy the needs and desires of just about any fan. It’s not like they added the Millenium Falcon, if they did that, I’d understand the pity party. But they didn’t and they won’t so get the hell over it already.

If those JJ ships weren’t fetching coin too steep for Warren Buffet I’d have them both. But alas half a billion in EC doesn’t come easy for me and that will get you just one of the ships.

Everybody needs to just relax and enjoy the fantastic immersion into Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction masterpiece. It’s all Trek, all day, and very tasty. Just soak it up and have fun. OH, and by all means, if you don’t like the JJ-verse no one is twisting your arm to fly those ships. Besides, if you hate them so much, put on your big boy pants, fly into a PVP match, and waste them.

That’s all I got today, I’ll be back next week.


2 thoughts on “Cool Tidbits to Chew On

    1. If you are referring to the animal print look that is the default special scheme that ship comes with. The other “look” is the Nukura space set default look.

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