Mission Reward Gems

There are many fantastic mission reward items in STO. Mission rewards are nice in that you get them at the completion of a mission that also rewards you with experience, dilithium, expertise, etc. Mission rewards are not as “grindy” as reputation rewards in that they are awarded immediately and after just one play through. Sometimes multi-piece sets will require multiple runs of the mission to get all the items, but still way less grindy than reputation items. Most of these missions will take between 30-45 minutes the first time round but then successive plays are likely to be 10-15 minutes faster. I have all of these items so my commentary is based on actual usage. If my brief descriptions sound a little enticing but also a little too vague, try reading the specific article on the STO Wiki page and decide if the item is for you.

Obelisk Ancient Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Sphere of Influence ) This is the set for all you antiproton lovers. The set bonus offers up a delicious 10% bonus to antiproton damage and the omni-directional beam array is nice.

Overcharged Plasma Sniper Rifle ( FED Mission Reward: Empress Sela ) Sniper rifles in STO suck ass, but this is probably the hardest hitting sniper rifle when used in sniper mode. The Admiral punched his up to Mark XIV and got a rarity bump along the way 🙂

Nimbus Pirate Distress Call ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Installation 18 ) this is great for distracting enemies while shutting down portals in the stupid Procyon V queue. These hapless pirates can take some fire while you shut that last portal down on Act III. Long 15 minute cool down so use it wisely.

Numiri Regenerative Shield Array (Mission Reward Fed: S’harien’s Swords or KDF: Destiny ) If you like fast regenerating shields and you care not about such things as maximum capacity, have I got a shield for you 😉 This has a faster regen rate than normal regenerative shields at the additional expense of even less capacity.

Paratrinic Shield Array ( Mission Reward FED: Past Imperfect, KDF: Test of Mettle, ROM: Tradecraft ) This shield has a capacity equal to Covariant with a [cap]x3 modifier but suffers from the slowest regeneration rate of any shield array. Buying a Covariant Shield Array with a [cap]x3 modifier requires that you actually be, the Grand Nagas, so if you like high capacity but lack the deep pockets, this could be your lucky mission.

Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher  ( Mission Reward FED: Past Imperfect, KDF: Test of Mettle, ROM: Tradecraft ) The Hargh’peng torpedoes are convenient for for killing a doomsday machine. Wait, I mean for killing that one doomsday machine in that one mission. But they are useful for other enemies as well. They have a unique cool down and they can do a big radiation damage bonus if the enemy ship fails to get a hazard debuff in time.

Scorpion Fighters ( Mission Reward Multi-Faction: The Vault ) This is a consumable, not to be confused with the Scorpion Fighter Hangar Pets. But it is a great way to have combat pets without a carrier ship. It has 50 charges. Each charge launches three “rare” Scorpion fighters and two ‘wings’ of three can be out simultaneously.

Cloaked Tractor Beam Mine Launcher ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Cutting the Cord ) These are handy. The little sneaky mines float about innocently enough, cloaked from view. Then out of nowhere they grab your enemies and hold them whilst you pummel them with your angry weapons of death and destruction 🙂

Jem’Hadar Ground Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Multiple missions in the “Cardassian Struggle” for FED or “Dominion Domination” for KDF ) I like this ground set. It is the set that my top KDF officer uses as a daily driver and Admiral Sager’s top science BOFF has the set equipped on away missions. The primary feature is the set bonus that offers a stealth field. It is activated automatically. I find that the BOFFs get more mileage out of the stealth feature than I can. BOFFs seem to be able to use the stealth field almost at will.

Jem’Hadar Space Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Multiple missions in the “Cardassian Struggle” for FED or “Dominion Domination” for KDF ) This is the set to own if you like to use polaron based energy weapons. When taken to Mk XII a set bonus of 13.8% polaron damage is applied. It is a decent little space set, the resilient shield array is pretty solid.

Shard Sword of Kahless ( KDF Mission Reward: Gates of Gre’thor ) Hey it is an ‘Epic’ grade bat’leth that no self-respecting Klingon would pass up.

Klingon Intelligence Stealth Utility Armor ( KDF Mission Reward: Alpha ) This is a very capable piece of armor and should be a purple or magenta colored as it has that level of proc.

Personal Repulsion Shield ( FED Mission Reward: Ultimate Klingon or ROM: Memory Lane ) I like these for my toons and BOFFs that like to get in close and melee their way to victory. Every time you take damage nearby enemies may be “repulsed” by the shield and knocked back or down prone.

Biothermal Dampener ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Cold Case ) This is a ‘green’ item that is worth having if you like a little extra ground ability. This is a device so it doesn’t take up a kit slot, but it acts like a cryo grenade freezing enemies briefly but without the kinetic damage of a grenade.

Breen Supercooled Space Set (Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Multiple missions in the “Breen Invasion” ) Decent space set and also Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo can be had here as well. ‘Rapid’ is used loosely however. This set is not that popular among players but it is pretty easy to acquire and the missions are not that hard or long.

Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Surface Tension ) This is a solid standalone console offering a modest boost to both Phaser and Disruptor damage as well as large boost to both Photon projectiles and Radiation damage. The console is part of a four piece counter command ordnance set the other three items are obtained using the reputation system.

Solanae Space Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: A Step between the Stars ) This is a decent science oriented space set with three items available by repeating this mission. The fourth set item is either a singularity core or warp core. The warp core is awarded with the Solanae Science Destroyer (Lobi Store). The singularity core came on the Romulan version of the 4th anniversary freebie ship and I am not sure if it is still obtainable.

Kobali Space Set (Multi-Faction Mission rewards: Dust to Dust ) Another nice freebie set. Repeat the mission three times to get the three pieces the fourth is a warp core that comes with the Kobali Cruiser 5th anniversary reward ship.

Romulan Navy Ground Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Uneasy Allies ) Nice ground set very usable as end game set and the kit is actually decent. My primary Romulan toon uses this set as her regular away outfit. Also can be equipped to a BOFF (kit exempted of course).

Preserver Resonant Technologies Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Blood of the Ancients ) I use this set on one of the Admiral’s escorts. I like it. It is a three-piece set with choice of two energy weapons so four pieces available with three needed for maximum set bonus. The quantum torps have a 33% proc to create resonant energy wave doing nice bonus AOE damage and it looks cool while doing it. 2.5% proc chance for the same on the energy weps. The console offers solid bonus to both disruptor and transphasic damage.

Polaric Modulator ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Delta Flight ) This is an interesting console for engineering offering a medium turn rate boost, but also an inertia boost. I have not seen an inertia boost  anywhere else. It boosts speed and also adds 7.5% of current weapon power as bonus power to the engines. Just like warp cores this does NOT penalize the weapons but gives BONUS power. Great console. You can repeat the mission and pick up the purple neutronium console as well, those are expensive to buy on the exchange.

Delta Alliance Reinforcements Beacon ( Multi-Faction Mission Reward: Broken Circle ) This allows for a 35 seconds reinforcements call with faction specific “pilot” escorts coming to your aid. This is a reusable ship device. Unfortunately it also shares the cool down with the Nimbus pirate distress call. I can’t remember, but I think it also works from your inventory like the Nimbus, so as to not waste a ship device slot 🙂

Krenim Temporal Manipulation ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Butterfly ) Three piece set includes the science console, either the singularity or warp core and either the chroniton infused omni-beam or turret. The Omni-beam can only have one equipped per ship but can be used with a standard crafted omni-beam as well.

Sol Defense Space Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Midnight ) Nice classic space set, three pieces, deflector, engines and shield. Covariant Shield in this set.

Quantum Phase Catalysts ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Sunrise ) Three piece ordnance set, console, torpedo and choice of either a beam or cannon energy weapon. Torp offers an additional range to High Yield AOE and energy weapons do phaser proc plus additional shield leeching proc. cosole offers boost to phaser damage and +4 aux power.

Quantum Phase Applications ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Stormbound ) This is another classic space set with deflector, shield, and engines. I like this set it uses a very nice resilient shield with all kinds of extra healing capabilities and procs. The deflector has generous boosts shield healing and capacity as well as a huge boost in control expertise. The engines are a combat type which I like as it allows good speed at low power. The engines also have a +5 boost to aux power and while in full impulse and 15 seconds after dropping from full impulse, big boosts to Control, Drain and EPS.

Chronometric Calculations Set ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Time and Tide ) Another cool little weapons set. This has four pieces for the set but six total offering flexible setup. There is a special chroniton torpedo weapon basic chroniton except the proc is 25% instead of 33% and yields better results since it also procs to ignore shields, chonometric console that offers +2.7 weapon power, and a general torpedo damage boost of 20% along with a polaron boost of 20% and for good measure +30 particle generators. the energy weapons choices are dual heavy cannons or a beam array as well as the choice of either an omni-beam or turret. These are polaron wepaons with a chroniton enhancement offering 15% shield penetration on proc at 2.5% chance.

Na’kuhl Temporal Operative ( Multi-Faction Mission Rewards: Temporal Front ) The latest entrant offers up a solid ground set that all pieces can be used by player of BOFF. Classic shield, gun, armor. The set bonuses are universally good boost crit chance and severity. The third set bonus is those annoying crawler mines. Now you can annoy your enemies too 😉

These are a few easy to obtain goodies that every player can take full advantage of. Most of these items are solid end game performers. Enjoy and if I missed and easy in-game freebie be sure to comment below about it. I deliberately omitted the reputation items as I have discussed them before and they are a bit grindy and spendy to get. These items are all a simple mission away 🙂


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