Flying the UFO!

2016-08-08_19-08-04OK the poll is in and the APU Cruiser is the people’s choice for the next review. I guess the reader base isn’t interested in a “garbage scow” Malon ship, right? I haven’t had much flight time in this ship but I think I have a solid feel for it.

This is a standard fare cruiser. Nothing really special, but it is upgradeable. It will cost a token to upgrade (700 Zen or Four for 2000 Zen). I went ahead and upgraded it to T5-U and so should apuyou. This ship is the classic cruiser layout with 4/4 weapons and a shit-ton of engineering. The ship does not have a special console and really its only redeeming quality is a respectable 8 dps base turn rate which allows it keep the narrow dual beam bank on target longer than most typical cruisers with 5-6 dps. The retrofitted Excelsior is a good comparison to this ship in feel with the same 8 dps turn rate similar hull strength, shields, etc.

I did not want to spend big bux in EC, dilithium, or certainly Zen, so I loaded this ship with a lot of mob drop items. The Admiral put his hardly ever used Mirror Patrol Escort in the dry dock and loaded this ship with a bunch of gear he had on that ship. It’s mostly Mk XII and the complete Mk XI version of the Borg Assimilated space set. I did spend a bit and upgraded that set to Mark XII, Admiral Sager doesn’t do Mk XI 😉 I don’t think the Borg set is ideal for this type of ship, but that’s what he has at the moment.

The admiral had a bunch of the Temporal Antiproton weapons from mob drops and several were purple grade so the ship is set up with those.

2016-08-08_19-06-46This ship is decent and for what they charge on the exchange, it is a relative bargain. Any science or tactical toon that does not have a C-store cruiser nor received a Tier V cruiser with the final level up token might be interested in flying this ship just for fun or to enjoy the “cruiser” experience. If you already have an upgradeable Tier V cruiser this ship isn’t likely to convince you that you need it. Of course it is an unusual looking ship so that could be worth a couple of million EC just for the style aesthetics, if that’s your thing. Let’s face it, this thing has serious 1950s ‘UFO flying saucer’ vibe going on.

The APU Cruiser will crush any of the rear-admiral  token ships as it is upgradeable. But if it is not upgraded it is somewhat mediocre when compared to the level up token ships in the Fed and KDF. The universal ensign seat is nice but with only a lieutenant at tactical you are hard pressed to put another tac  officer in that universal seat anyway.

The lack of tactical and abundance of engineering means I have some liberty to utilize some of that engineering for tactical purposes. You can see there is plenty of hull healing there and a respectable amount of shield healing so I added Emergency Power to Weapons and Weapon Penetration abilities to beef up the attacks. Kemocite is an expensive ability and many players don’t have it so beam overload or FAW can be substituted there.


I have flown this setup in the Romulan patrols at Carraya and Japori. It fares decent for a Cruiser with limited firepower. It also handles the Fek’Ihri foundry mission at Japori pretty well. I am surprised at how resilient it was in the newer PVE queues, Doomsday and Procyon V. The hull starts to buckle a bit in the third wave on Procyon V but that is a legit shit storm of enemies and this is not a well equipped ship compared to Admiral Sager’s blockbuster fleet ships.

Overall this is a solid ship. It has a cool alien odd-ball look and upgraded to T5-U it is solid. Again engineers will likely have better ships in the garage already, but non-engineers looking for a cruiser, should find this a capable and very affordable ship.

Don’t forget that the admiralty system is greatly enhanced the more ships you have. All one has to do is have the ship for a little while then delete it or dry dock it and the ship remains available for admiralty missions indefinitely. I don’t recommend deleting lockbox ships as they can’t be recovered, nor can fleet ships, so dry dock is better. C-Store ships and event prize ships can be reclaimed if deleted. Keep that in mind 🙂 Admiral Sager now has over 70 ships in his admiralty fleet!

Of course the obligatory chart is present showing the APU cruiser against several similar Federation cruisers and a KDF battle cruiser.



5 thoughts on “Flying the UFO!

  1. Don’t forget an unplanned advantage of this ship: I remember doing that one Delta patrol mission with a raider, and I couldn’t tell which was this ship’s rear arc! It can really throw your opponents off in PvP.

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