The Consolization of Trek

stoconsoleAs most of you likely are aware, Cryptic Studios has announced that this fall, STO will in fact be available in all its glory on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I have mixed emotions about this new revelation.

I am happy that they feel the franchise is successful enough to launch to a whole new audience in the console-verse, but sad that it is unlikely there will be any ability to play across the multiple platforms. Thus the console version could take players away from the PC version thinning the experience.

I have an Xbox One and I enjoy many games on console. I can relax while playing console game more effectively than I can on the computer. But getting the complex system of game play to work on a game controller is no small task. I am pretty sure if I play the console version I will have to start all over from scratch and that is not very appealing.

I wonder if they will allow all my C-Store purchases to count in the console version. Unlikely me thinks. Honestly, I know I won’t be able to resist the temptation to download the Xbox version and see how it plays and feels. I don’t see myself becoming engaged in it as I have a vested interest in the PC version for which I have been playing now for over 5 years. My concern is that new players that might otherwise play the PC version may opt for ‘the sit on the couch and 65 inch it’, console version.

Cryptic has released a video showing all the advanced graphical polishing they created to give the console version a great look. Are they going to polish the PC version too? I heard they are, actually and I have a ‘hot rod’ video card, so I can handle it 😉

I’ll probably opine on the launch of STO for console, play it a little and then fall back into my routine play on the PC with my five years worth of awesome ships, weapons, equipment, etc and God only knows how much Zen I’ve spent. Starting all over will just never sit well with me.

Of course I have a poll that addresses the announced autumn launch of STO on console so please chime in with your opinion by participating in the poll below.

I am just about finished with the Temporal Operative reputation system. I will be acquiring the ordnance and ship equipment sets and testing them over the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on their effectiveness. As for now, it seems the pug groups are starting to improve on our new PVE queues and that’s always refreshing news. One thing I have noticed is that on the Procyon mission, it seems that it is easier on the third wave to have everyone on the same portal as the ships come through too fast to destroy. As I and other bloggers have complained, one stray particle hits you during the disabling process and it resets. Total BS; I say.

I hope you all enjoyed the review of the UFO. I guess the last ship on that list from the original poll is the stinky Malon battle cruiser puking out all that toxic waste. I unpacked it and Admiral Sager loaded it up with all the gear he had on his rarely flown Star Cruiser. What the hell was Admiral Sager doing with a fat Star Cruiser anyway? Long story, but bottom line, he thought it was sexy. Anyhow, it’s in dry-dock now and the Malon Pollution Machine is already flying around leaving a “Pigpen” trail of dust in its wake. The ship is actuallynot as horrible as I expected and I intend to write it up next week. Hopefully I’ll have it at Tier IV mastery by then.


2 thoughts on “The Consolization of Trek

  1. I am a PC gamer and have yet to switch to the console version. I see some benefits for including the console to my game play but would hate to start over again lol.

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