Dirty Little Malon Secret

2016-08-23_21-13-27The best kept secret in the Delta Quadrant could be the Malon Battle Cruiser. This ship can best be described as a classic “sleeper”. It is literally a giant tanker like ship leaking green clouds of toxic steam as it flies around the galaxy. But when pressed to duty the ship is reasonably well equipped to fight.

The fact that is called a Battle Cruiser and has the battle cruiser penalty on cruiser commands and device slots gaining only 3 of each, is  very misleading. It fails to get the battle cruiser bonus to turn rate and the extra little tactical boost. That’s kind of raw deal there.

2016-08-23_21-14-16After bludgeoning my way through the galaxy this last week, I managed to get the stink bomb up to tier 4 mastery. Overall I’d say the ship is average. It has decent hull but turns like school bus. Engineers looking for a cheap ship might like this as it is only 2-3 million EC on the exchange and none of the level up token cruisers are upgradeable. Be advised, just about any C-store cruiser or battle cruiser will take this smog maker to the woodshed.

I really didn’t give this ship the kick ass package so I can’t complain about the lack of devastation wreaked upon the enemies of this green puffing ecological space disaster of a ship. It really should not be classified as a battle cruiser though. Look at the weak sauce tactical arrangement on the bridge and seriously with that 2 tactical console layout? I was able to get some weapon enhancements out of the engineer at the lieutenant station at least. But again it only turns at a base rate of 6 dps. That is the same as the giant Odyssey for crying out loud. To be a battle cruiser this ship really should have an 8-10 dps turn rate, an extra tactical console on the T5-U upgrade instead of the extra science, and swap the LC science with the Lt tactical for some extra punch on the bridge.

2016-08-23_21-14-22I was able to control enemies effectively using the gravity well out of the LC spot on the Science officer. Coupled with a heavy dose of kemocite laced weapons the ship had moments of tactical ecstasy but then it was back to droning about with weak weapons fire until the cool downs were done.

I suppose the slow turn rate would be OK if the ship was a cruiser with all four device slots and the extra cruiser command. This ship is in fact, more of a traditional cruiser with a slight perk to science and the aforementioned nerf to cruiser commands and device capacity.

As I mentioned above it is a bit of a sleeper. Kind of like taking the hybrid drive system out of a Prius and replacing it with a 4 liter turbo. Surprise! You thought I was just a garbage scow, think again scumbag this is a fully armed cruiser… buahuahua >;)

The bottom line on this bottom feeder is this: What it is; a dirt cheap, capable, and most importantly, upgradeable, CRUISER. What it is NOT, is a battle cruiser. I grew fond of the LC science station which is a departure from the typical Fed cruisers heavy on engineering. It feels a bit Romulanesque in that regard, but only in that regard, this is no Romulan cruiser my friends 😉 Over all I am not a fan of clunky tank ships, that is just my style, but for engineers that like a slow moving tank, this could be a solid and bargain valued, heavy cruiser.

This does conclude the three ship review based on the polling that started with my review of the Nihydron Escort, then the APU and now this Malon ship. Of the three ships, I think I liked the APU the best. This one is definitely bringing up the rear, but for 2-3 million on the exchange it is worth it just to get another admiralty ship card.

Speaking of admiralty system, this is a great way to level up toons. It is much less grindy than duty officer missions and you get a reasonable amount of experience. Admiral Sager has every specialization maxed and he primarily does a 10 minute a day routine in the admiralty system. You can get a fair amount of dilithium this way also.

Here is a chart comparing this radioactive sludge tanker to other ships in the game.



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