A Little Mindless Chatter

I’m still grinding away at those stupid little chroniton drive actuators needed for the reputation projects in the Temporal Defense Initiative. I have the complete ordnance set and need the deflector and warp core for the space set. Then I plan to equip it all on one of the Admiral’s T6 ships and test them out.

Meanwhile back in the grind, I am completing a PuG match every day in the special Mirror Defense mission. I really hate that mission. Seriously with the portals already. One stray photon and you have to start over. ARRRG!

I think I am having writer’s block, I just can’t focus on anything. It has to be that stupid queue. And how about that ridiculously long intro speech by Obisek? At least you can hit escape and just wait quietly for the match to start, quietly for more than a full minute. Wow! While I’m raging, what is up with those mirror ships? STO brings us tough enemies but they are flying in 23rd century Tier 1 ships and fighting like a horde of Jem’Hadar with a double dose of Ketracel-White. Fighting a level 60 Miranda class is just silly. But hey the prize for this event is pretty boss.

Risian Luxury Cruiser

Speaking of Mirror Universe ships, they were one of the first STO ships to offer a special paint scheme. Even now years later it is a still a pretty awesome design. Since then we have seen a few other ships come along with really crazy and bright paint schemes. The Risian Corvette offers really nuclear bright colors and cool patterns, then the Risian Luxury Cruiser came along and offered the craziest paint scheme and electric colors and wild patterns. That ship is one of the most customizable in the game. Recently we got the Vorgon escort and it has a cool, fuzzy, animal print vibe.

Part of the appeal of an MMO for me is making a custom character and having cool designs and clothes, etc for the character and in STOs case custom ship paint. Really, did anyone not think that the unlimited and boundless custom weapons in Borderlands was amazingly cool? Yes, yes it was. So the range of customization in STO is pretty damn good as well.

Cryptic gave us a pretty solid customization ability with the ships and I really like that they recently added some additional vibrancy to some of the colors in the standard palette.

Let me know which ship I should review next. Be advised that I may not actually buy the ship if it is one of the ‘billionaire club’ models that sell on the exchange for 300M or more. I might consider dropping some zen to review a ship but even if I don’t I can still write it up 😉 I have written articles about the following ships dating back to the summer of 2013:

  • FED Andorian Kumari T5/T5-U
  • FED Tactical Odyssey T5/T5-U
  • FED Star Cruiser T5
  • FED Assault Cruiser (Enterprise E) T5
  • FED Advanced Heavy Cruiser (Sulu’s Excelsior) T3/T5/T5-U
  • FED Support Cruiser T3/T5 (Enterprise C)
  • FED Mirror ships T5: Assault Cruiser, Star Cruiser, Patrol Escort, Advanced Escort, Recon Science, Deep Space Science
  • FED Avenger Battle Cruiser T5/Fleet T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • FED Chimera T5/T5-U
  • FED Dyson Destroyer T5
  • FED Advanced Dyson Destroyer T5/T5-U
  • FED Tactical Escort Retrofit (defiant) T5/Fleet T5/T5-u/Fleet T5-U
  • FED Patrol Escort Retrofit T5/Fleet T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • FED Phantom Intel Escort T6/Fleet T6
  • FED Eclipse Intel Battle Cruiser T6
  • FED Guardian Cruiser T6/Fleet T6
  • FED Tactical Command Battle Cruiser T6
  • FED Dauntless experimental Science T6
  • FED Scryer Intel Science T6
  • FED Mercury Pilot Escort T6
  • FED Delta Flyer T1 Shuttle
  • FED Tac/Sci/Op Odyssey T5-U
  • FED Dreadnought T6 Fleet
  • FED Exploration Cruiser T6 Fleet
  • FED Tactical Escort Retrofit T6/Fleet T6
  • FED Manticore Destroyer T6
  • FED Temporal Destroyer T5-U
  • KDF B’rel T5/Fleet T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • KDF B’rel T6
  • KDF Qin Raptor T5/Fleet T5/Fleet T5-U
  • KDF Bortasqu T5
  • KDF Bortasqu Command Cruiser T5/T5-U
  • KDF Mirror ships T5: Qin Raptor, Vor’cha Retrofit, Vo’Quv Carrier
  • KDF Peghagu’ T5/T5-U
  • KDF Mogh Battle Cruiser T5/Fleet T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • KDF Advanced Dyson T5/T5-U
  • KDF Kar’fi battle Carrier T5/T5-U
  • KDF Mat’ha Raptor T6/Fleet T6
  • KDF Qib Intel Battle Cruiser T6/Fleet T6
  • KDF Pilot Escort T6
  • KDF Kurak (Mogh) T6/Fleet T6
  • KDF Ty’gokor Command Battle Cruiser T6
  • KDF Duquv Destroyer T6
  • KDF Temporal Destroyer T5-U
  • KDF Heavy BoP T5
  • ROM Mirror ships: Ha’feh Assault, Ha’apex Battle Cruiser, Ha’nom Guardian (science)
  • ROM Dreadnought T5/T5-U: Scimitar, Falchion, Tulwar
  • ROM Daeinos T5/T5-U
  • ROM Advanced Dyson T5/T5-U
  • ROM Mogai Retrofit T5/T5-U
  • ROM T’Varo Retrofit T5/Fleet T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • ROM Aelahl Warbird T6
  • ROM Faeht Intel Warbird T6/Fleet T6
  • ROM Pilot Escort T6
  • ROM D’deridex T5/T5-U/Fleet T5-U
  • ROM Dinaes Destroyer T6
  • ROM Temporal Destroyer T5-U
  • MF Risian Corvette T5/T5-U
  • MF Breen Chel Grett T5/T5-U
  • MF Breen Plesh Brek Raider T5/T5-U
  • MF Obelisk Carrier T5
  • MF Risian Luxury Cruiser T5/T5-U
  • MF Ferengi D’kora Battle Cruiser T5
  • MF Breen Sarr Theln Carrier T6
  • MF Kobali Samsar Cruiser T6
  • MF Jem’Hadar Strike Ship T6
  • MF Jem’Hadar Attack Ship T5
  • MF Kazon Raider T5/T5-U
  • MF Ferengi Nandi T6
  • MF Zahl Heavy Cruiser T6
  • MF Vaadwaur Astika T6
  • MF Breen Rezreth Dreadnought T6
  • MF Voth Bulwark Dreadnought T5-U
  • MF Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought T6
  • MF Xindi Aetleth Dreadnought T6
  • MF Krenim Annorax Dreadnought T6
  • MF Herald Baltim Raider T6
  • MF Tholian Tarantula T6
  • MF Paradox Temporal Dreadnought T6
  • MF Tholian Meshweaver Escort T5-U
  • MF Krenim Science Vessel T6
  • MF Krenim Imperium Warship T6
  • MF Hazari Destroyer T6
  • MF Taadari Raider T6
  • MF Vorgon Escort T6
  • MF Nihydron Destroyer T5-U
  • MF APU Cruiser T5-U
  • MF Malon Battle Cruiser T5-U

I wrote a post “The Consolization of Trek” a while back and posted a poll asking about how people felt about STO coming to consoles this fall. It seems about 70% of you don’t really give a shit either way 😉 Take the poll and opine on the subject below. Hopefully I’ll have all the goodies to complete the Temporal Space Set by next week so I can write that set up! I think that’s all I got in the tank today, I’ll be back next week.



7 thoughts on “A Little Mindless Chatter

  1. Hehe. I voted “Meh” already, so yes, I don’t give a shit. 😉

    About the Mirror event portal-closing: Science ships shine here. They close portals about twice as fast as other ships, just as engineering ships activate the relays faster. The worst part for me is finishing too fast, and we end up sitting for 5 minutes waiting for the dreadnaught phase to trigger.

    As for future reviews… I’m actually rather curious about the Xindi Narcine. That is a sleek, sexy machine.

    1. Happened to me only once, a great run and we had to wait for 2mins until the dreadnought phase. I think it was my fault though, GW3ing 70℅ of the map into a single point and destroying them in the matter of seconds.

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