Temporal Defense Reputation

I have finally accumulated all the Temporal Defense gear and figured I’d take this week to write about it. I also decided to try out the 3 ship 31st Century Temporal Ship package. Yes, I went and did it again, spent a bunch of money. But these C-store ships are multi-faction! They work with all your toons! In case you were unaware, most of you know this, but for the benefit of newbs, C-Store ships are an account wide unlock. Every toon that is able to fly the ship can get a copy of the ship. You only pay the one time C-Store fee.

I even loaded up STO on my Xbox One to try the console version. Suddenly I have a crap ton of content to write about over the next several weeks.

Today I’ll yak-up the Temporal Defense Reputation sets and dive a little into one of the two ships I tested them on. The Eclipse Intel Battle Cruiser which I have written up already was the first ship I tested the sets on, then I used the first of three new Temporal ships I bought. The three pack included a Raider, Multi-Mission Science and Dreadnought. I’ll be loading all three up over the next month or so but guess which one I am flying first. Another Raider? Am I serious? Yep. This is a the second raider a feddie can fly that has a battle cloak and it is a serious challenger to the B’rel dynasty! That will be coming up later this month.

For now I loaded that ship up with the complete Temporal Reputation space set and ordnance set. I still need to acquire the dual heavy cannon piece for the ordnance set so I am currently committing a little raider blaspheme by running a set of dual beam banks up front and the advanced beam array for the set in the aft.

I want to stop a minute and mention that I noticed Cryptic slipped in a new way to get the stupid little special widgets needed in the reputation projects. This time they’re called “chroniton buffers”. Anyway it used to be that you had to do advanced or elite PVE queues to get these items. I was disappointed to find long wait times for the advanced and elite queues for this rep system. But I spotted a new reputation project that exchanges 100 marks for a chroniton buffer. I don’t know how “new” it is, but it is the first time I spotted it 😀 Alas I checked and the other reputation systems that require special gizmos also have a similar method by which to obtain them! Hallelujah! You will find these projects in the “upgrades” section of the reputation system.

The Reputation Ordnance set is a four piece affair that you only need three to get all the bonuses. As has become standard fare here in the STO-Verse, the energy weapon is an either or proposition with either a beam array or a dual heavy cannon. I chose the beam array as the first ship I tested the gear on was the aforementioned Eclipse.

The ordnance set includes the two energy weapon choices, a torpedo launcher, and a console. This is pretty typical stuff. The torpedo launcher is a chroniton unit which is not real popular as a damage type. This is also the second time in recent months that a special set included chroniton torpedo launchers, think, Krenim 😉 This set is actually pretty damn good.

chronactThe console, Chroniton Drive Actuator has nice passives, +4 to both weapons and shield power, 7.5% boost to shield capacity and +15 control expertise. Very nice indeed. Even if you don’t want the set, get the freaking console at least!

The Torpedo launcher substitutes the normal chroniton slow proc with a special proc, “enhanced chroniton stabilization”. 33% chance to proc and it will add 60 seconds of the following: 3% DR to shields, +5% speed and turn, and instant 5 second reduction to BOFF abilities cooldowns. This can stack up to 5 times.

The energy weapons have the same special proc as well 2.5% chance to activate. The set bonuses are nice as well. Two pieces gain an overall passive 8.9% bonus to all directed energy weapon damage and plus 5% to critical severity. The third set bonus is an active ability offer 15 seconds of both armor and shield penetration.

The weapons in this armament set are mediocre but the proc is good and the set bonuses are solid. This set does use antiproton energy so if the other Temporal Defense weapons bore you the 8.9% applies to all energy weapons and these would pair nicely with other antiproton weapons in the game.

The Temporal  Defense space set is pretty solid. I find that most of the reputation space sets are pretty damn good. Considering the amount of grinding required to get them, they ought to be good. This set features a regenerative shield array and I ran it for a few days at Mark XII on the Eclipse with questionable results. I like running regen shields and agile craft like escorts and raiders. When I loaded it all up on the new T6 Temporal Raider I went ahead and buffed all the stuff up to Mark XIV.

This is a four piece set with either a singularity core or warp core and 3 set bonuses. Two pieces gain the ‘predictive decay algorithms’ passive, which increases all damage over time effects such as plasma fires, radiation etc. The third piece yields another passive; every time eng, tac, or sci team is used 10 seconds of both control and drain expertise bonus is applied. The final set bonus is an active ability called, “Temporal Fracture” This holds up to four enemies in a 2km radius dealing pretty solid damage. It works pretty good actually 🙂

The deflector offers +35 to both hull and shield healing abilities and 17.5 to both control and exotic particle generator. The engines are my favorite type, Combat that run efficient at low power. The engines offer a +5 to weapons power and they remove one hazard debuff every time a heal is applied.  The shield is a solid regen unit with 10% DR all energy damage and 26.2 boost to drain expertise. The warp core unit offers up a nice sciencey aux to weapons boost and 35 points to warp core efficiency. Nothing too special though. The trajector jump ability is nice enough, it does bail you out of squirrely situations sometimes.

timeraiderThis complete set is now loaded up on the new T6 Temporal Raider and I fly that thing like a boss. It really seems to be well suited to Admiral Sager and the new ship. Now that I mention the new ship… This raider is pretty solid. I haven’t decided if it is the very best raider in the game or not, but it is probably the best a feddie can fly with the “Batwing” right there with it.

Overall I think this set is a decent performer. If you are looking for a fast regen shield setup you have a fair number of choices in the Reputation system. The original Assimilated Set is still a viable tool. The Dyson regen shield is very good and I like the hyper-regen feature that applies a double regen to empty shield facings taking damage.

If you like to have your power levels buffed then both of these sets are a solid choice. As equipped these two sets offer passive boosts power systems as follows:

  • +9 Weapons
  • +4 Shields
  • +7.5 Auxillary (& +5 aux power cap)

I will be reviewing the T6 Temporal Raider, next week and the Science ship after that. I’ll also opine on the console version of STO at some point.

Here is a comparison of the three reputation system shield units that utilize the regenerative tech. The Borg assimilated Regenerative Shield is still a boss unit even after more than five years of service!

tempdshieldassimshield  dyson



2 thoughts on “Temporal Defense Reputation

  1. In case you missed it, you can also get Chroniton Buffers by hitting the Badlands Battlezone. Like the Undine BZ, for every Terran station you bag at the end, you get one Chroniton Buffer, so a full run will net you up to 3 Buffers. Much easier than wait for Adv or Elite STFs to pop!

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