The Time Traveling Raider from the 31st Century

tempraiderI know what you are thinking… “Oh no he’s at it again with the raiders”. Not the AFC West American football team mind you, I’m writing about raider class ships. Well as I mentioned last week the relatively new, 31st century temporal ships are out and the gang at Cryptic has a ‘3-4-2’ ship package that is a smorgasbord of sorts. The three for two deal includes a raider, dreadnought, and multi-mission science ship. Buy two and get one free. All three of these ships are sporting BOFF stations with the new temporal agent abilities and these ships offer the temporal molecular reconstruction that allows the ship to be configured three different ways kind of tac, eng, sci sort of deal. It also builds up a molecular deconstruction “charge” that is devastatingly effective. These three are also multi-faction ships whereas the other 31st Century Temporal ships are Federation only.

This little ship, officially the “Ouroboros Temporal Raider” is now a serious contender for king of the raiders. Before any official coronation takes place, a little bit of serious comparative evaluation is in order.

First of all, the whole 31st century class of ships have some unique features. These ships span the full range of ship types including, science, raider, escort, battle cruiser, cruiser, and even a dreadnought. All of them offer a feature similar to the Intelligence ship’s special ability. The Intel ships allow you to build up an Intel ‘file’ on the targeted enemy and then utilize one of three debuffs to weaken the ship. This system is a little different and as best as I can tell, much better.

This special system is called the Molecular Deconstruction, and it is more complex than other systems utilized by T6 specialty class ships. First there are three configurations. Offensive, Defensive, and Support. As you fly around in combat you build up ‘counters’. These counters are specific to the configuration you select. (If no config is selected the counters still build up but I am not sure how they are treated in the system). Offensive config gives +10 to max engine power, +20% flight speed, and +20% turn rate. All of this comes with a debuff to hull healing of -20%. Every tens seconds in combat yields an offensive counter. Defensive config adds +10 to max shield power and +20% to incoming hull heals, but reduces turn rate and flight speed by 16.7%. Again every 10 seconds in combat gains a defensive counter. The Support config gives a +10 boost to max auxiliary power, +20% exotic damage, and +40 to control expertise. This at the expense of a debuff, -16.7% energy weapon damage. If you are a science fiend, that support ability is the bomb! Once six counters are earned, and they can be an assortment of different counters from different configs, the Molecular Deconstruction Beam becomes available. Once fired the beam will cause the following effects:

  • To target enemy: a scaling (based on number of offensive counters) shield bypassing, physical damage lasting 5 seconds. (Physical damage resistance is often not buffed on ships)
  • To self: a scaling (based on the number of defensive counters) hull heal over 5 seconds.
  • To target enemy: full disable for 3 seconds scaling up with additional support counters.

Activating the beam will consume all the counters and restart the process of collecting new counters. In continuous combat this system is usable every 60 seconds! Let me say this, The Admiral flies around with the offensive setup and routinely gains six offensive counters. The deconstruction beam with six counters will plunder even the hardiest ships in PVE and will likely give PVP tanks serious heart palpitations. I’ll chat up the science ship in another post but that support system is equally impressive.

Furthermore these ships utilize special BOFF stations for the Temporal Agent specialization. There are some solid BOFF abilities in the Temporal Operative’s bag. Be advised that these have additional complexity. There are two types of BOFF abilities in this special class. Builder and Consumer. You are either building entropy or consuming it. Using abilities that build entropy will allow those that consume it to be more effective.  I like the Channeled Deconstruction (physical damage) which is a builder and both the Rapid Decay (physical damage) or Gravimetric Conversion (enemy shield drain and self shield heal) abilities that consume entropy.

Admiral Sager is my only toon that has the Temporal Captain’s specialization maxed out. That also ties into these BOFF abilities.

2016-09-09_19-47-12Currently Admiral Sager, my meanest and most ornery toon, has maxed out the mastery levels on the raider. Of course the Admiral has his raider loaded to the gills with delicious Mk XIV gear. He is using the Temporal reputation sets just to keep it all in the family, so to speak. I also have Rodessa, my strongest Science toon, flying the Temporal Science ship. She is flying with a moderate level of mostly Mk XII purple gear. She is about half mastered on that ship. I’ll write that ship up soon.

So what about the actual ship? Well, let the coronation begin. This ship will take to task the two best raiders in the game which are hard to argue as the B’rel T6 and the Na’kuhl Tadaari T6. The B’rel still has the one thing these other two do not, an enhanced battle cloak. For the sciency captain with the epic exotic damage and control ability the enhanced battle cloak is pretty amazing. But once the enhanced battle cloak advantage is taken away, the T6 B’rel gets its feathery wings clipped by the sheer awesomeness of the Ouroboros.

consoleSeriously, how about the fact that this new ship is the BOFF flexibility champion? Yes the Tadaari held that title briefly but now this ship is even a little more flexible. The Universal Commander chair with Temporal Agent ability is the key and the other three seats are all universal including another temporal agent position. The ship has a battle cloak and a decent special console, Tactical System Destabilizer.  This is a solid console offering a passive boost to energy weapon damage and tactical BOFF cooldowns. The active ability offers a 30 second boost to weapon firing speed and further reduces the BOFF cooldown for all BOFFs. That’s a sweet deal right there. It is part of a three-piece set which the other two ships in the 3 for 2 deal have. The two piece bonus is excellent with 10% directed energy damage and 3% hull boost. The third set offers up a 50% reduction in cooldown for all three consoles special active abilities.

This ship is the second hardest turning starship in the game with a 22.5 base rate barely less than the 23 dps of the B’rel and a nudge better than the Tadaari. At level 60 the ship sports a stout (for raiders at least) 35,200 base hull which is nearly as beefy as the FLEET version of the B’rel/Kor. The 0.925 shield modifier is much stronger than the weak sauce 0.88 offered by the Fleet B’rel variants and don’t even get me started on the base 0.80 on the standard B’rel.

So I can say with little hesitation that the Ouroboros Temporal Raider is the king of raiders for the time being. Tactical officers should be delighted with this amazingly capable ship that is just as stout as most T6 escorts yet offers the raider flanking and super swervy handling. Science toons may still like the idea of a B’rel with that enhanced battle cloak and a full load of devastating exotic and control abilities that can be performed under cloak with a pumped up auxiliary power and a full complement of torpedoes. But this new ‘playa’, has the science goodies also with the temporal support configuration so that’s a tough call. Engineers are like, who the hell cares 😉 If they are forced at gunpoint to fly a raider they would like the ever so stout, Herald Baltim with that cruiser-like 42k hull rating.

For me, the Ouroboros is the best raider in the game. With what little authority I have vested in me, I hereby proclaim it king of the raiders.



5 thoughts on “The Time Traveling Raider from the 31st Century

    1. As I understand it, the Paradox Temporal Dreadnought is the only ship in this series that can use the Manheim device and the other two consoles in that set as well as the consoles in this new set.

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