Temporal Multi-Mission Science Ship

2016-09-27_18-24-46I picked up this ship in the same bundle I got the Raider I wrote up two weeks ago. This ship gave me an excuse to shake the dust off Rodessa, my HAFSC… you know, Hot Alien Federation Science Chick šŸ˜‰

So don’t forget that this ship can also be flown by any faction and since the KDF has a chasm of darkness where the science ships are supposed to be parked, this could come in real handy for the Warrior Scientist.

As I mentioned when I reviewed the raider class, these Temporal ships have a unique functionality. Quoting from the raider article, it works as follows:

This special system is called the Molecular Reconstruction, and it is more complex than other systems utilized by T6 specialty class ships. First there are three configurations. Offensive, Defensive, and Support. As you fly around in combat you build up ā€˜countersā€™. These counters are specific to the configuration you select. (If no config is selected the counters still build up but I am not sure how they are treated in the system).Ā Offensive config gives +10 to max engine power, +20% flight speed, and +20% turn rate. All of this comes with a debuff to hull healing of -20%. Every tens seconds in combat yields an offensive counter. Defensive config adds +10 to max shield power and +20% to incoming hull heals, but reduces turn rate and flight speed by 16.7%. Again every 10 seconds in combat gains a defensive counter. The Support config gives a +10 boost to max auxiliary power, +20% exotic damage, and +40 to control expertise. This at the expense of a debuff, -16.7% energy weapon damage. If you are a science fiend, that support ability is the bomb! Once six counters are earned, and they can be an assortment of different counters from different configs, the Molecular Deconstruction Beam becomes available. Once fired the beam will cause the following effects:

  • To target enemy: a scaling (based on number of offensive counters) shield bypassing, physical damage lasting 5 seconds. (Physical damage resistance is often not buffed on ships)
  • To self: a scaling (based on the number of defensive counters) hull heal over 5 seconds.
  • To target enemy: full disable for 3 seconds scaling up with additional support counters.

Activating the beam will consume all the counters and restart the process of collecting new counters. In continuous combat this system is usable every 60 seconds! Let me say this, The Admiral flies around with the offensive setup and routinely gains six offensive counters. The deconstruction beam with six counters will plunder even the hardiest ships in PVE and will likely give PVP tanks serious heart palpitations. Iā€™ll chat up the science ship in another post but that support system is equally impressive.

Furthermore these ships utilize special BOFF stations for the Temporal Agent specialization. There are some solid BOFF abilities in the Temporal Operativeā€™s bag. Be advised that these have additional complexity. There are two types of BOFF abilities in this special class. Builder and Consumer. You are either building entropy or consuming it. Using abilities that build entropy will allow those that consume it to be more effective. Ā I like the Channeled Deconstruction (physical damage) which is a builder and both the Rapid Decay (physical damage) or Gravimetric Conversion (enemy shield drain and self shield heal) abilities that consume entropy.

2016-09-27_18-25-14OK so that is really cool what about the ship Rod, the ship! OK, OK the ship is pretty solid. I am not the science guy’s science guy, so bear with me here. This ship is a little different from most science ships as it does have a hanger bay. This ship does not have a fleet version but it compares well to a fleet version of the Scryer Intel or the Nautilus Temporal Science. Look at that stout 43k hull at level 60. Ā It is otherwise pretty typical as far as base specs when compared to other science ships. It turns a little on the slow side for the class but not bad, impulse is typical of the class a pokey slow 0.15. Ā It does have that fleet grade hull and shields though so you know, it doesn’t really have to run away from a fight. You get the standard science ship weapons layout with three bays at each end. That tuna boat turn rate will make it hard to run narrow arc weapons but I ran it with dual beam banks up front anyway.

I decided since I had 12,000 Romulan Marks banked and I hate sharing ship parts, I know the system for swapping out is awesome, but I am fine with throwing a little dilithium at the Romulan Reputation, OK? Anyway I set the ship up with the Reman Space set and the Romulan weapons set. I went ahead and upgraded the carrier pets too. That Romulan shield with a 1.475 modifier is deep, really deep. I think the total capacity is 25k per facing. Upgrading the pets adds the channeled deconstruction ability which helps build entropy.

I like that this ship has a big fat hulking hull. Sometimes I am not paying attention to my engineer when he’s screaming that the hull can’t take much more of this… so having that into tier 5 cruiser range is kind of cool.

I trained up a couple of BOFFs to Temporal Agents and played around with the abilities. I like the Temporal Agent BOFF abilities. With a science cap they work really well. I flew this ship in the support mode and just wasted enemies with the entropic abilities and science powers. Oh sure, that fact that the Romulan Hyper-Plasma launcher belches out a trio of heavy torps every few seconds sure doesn’t hurt. Gravity Well, Channeled Deconstruction, Molecular Reconstruction, and a half-dozen angry torpedoes doesn’t end well for the enemies of Rodessa the HAFSC. She puts a couple of overload beam shots in there just in case they have a good engineer.

2016-09-27_18-23-37I am not really all that keen on the science path but I’ll say this, when you get everything lined up and your toon is packing some serious Stephen Hawking science buffs, you can just take the baddies to the woodshed. This ship with Rodessa, who isĀ not any where near my strongest toon, carved up the NPC enemies in both Japori and Carraya with ease and under two minutes for all five waves.

This ship has a Commander hybrid chair for a Temporal Agent with an affinity for science. It also has a very delicious Universal Lt. Commander chair. Science toons that like to have some tactical punch could certainly pack the LC universal chair with mean ‘ole weapons master. I kept mine as a science officer because my first officer is running two Temporal abilities. I will likely swap out that Tachyon Beam for another instance of Gravity Well.

When comparing this ship to other science vessels it is pretty solid. When looking at the Fed Nautilus Temporal Science Vessel, that ship leans more tactical. It has a Lt Commander Universal and a Lt. Commander Tactical whereby this ship features an engineer in the second LC chair. The Nautilus is very fast for a science ship sporting an escort-like 0.20 impulse modifier and a slalom busting 14 dps base turn rate which is also scary close to escort capability. The Nautilus is Feddie only however, whereby this ship can be used by a Klingon or Romulan.

Compared to the Scryer, which I have always liked, this ship is much stronger. The Scryer has weaker BOFF flexibility, weaker shields even at Fleet strength, Ā but it is faster and more maneuverable as well as offering a cloaking device. I like the intelligence abilities on the ship and the BOFFs, but they tend to favor stealth where as the temporal ships favor pure science when used in the support mode.

Romulans don’t have much in the science ship arena, they have at end game the Ha’nom Guardian Warbird and a fleet version, as well as the Dyson Science Destroyers. But Romulan ships tend to lean towards science anyway. Many Romulan cruisers and escorts feature a high-ranking science station. Romulans are sneaky, deceptive, and stealthy so they don’t seem to have a demand for a Fed style pure science ship. If so this could be a viable option.

But Klingons, that’s a different situation altogether. For a KDF toon you can look to other Multi-Faction ships but looking in the KDF arsenal, science is pretty weak. The Gorn, Varanus Support Vessel and the Dyson Science Destroyers are about it. Those ships frankly are not the equal of this ship from a purely science standpoint. KDF officers that want to play a pure science toon would be well advised to look at this ship.

If one wanted to fly this ship with a more tactical leaning play style it would do just fine. remember there is the offensive mode that boosts turn rate and speed. The LC universal could be equipped with a tactical officer and the science and engineering abilities are still decent with the other LC an engineer and the Commander’s chair a science/temporal. You cannot underestimate the beefy hull and shields here, it does tank pretty well all things considered.

For me the hard tactical approach doesn’t fit since the ship only has the 3/3 weapons layout and a mediocre turn rate. I have tried to make a science ship tac heavy, and it just never really works well. The sole exception is the Dyson ships as they have the tactical mode, which exchanges the secondary deflector for a 4th forward weapon and boosts the turn rate and speed to near escort ability. So if you are a science toon that wants to play the tough guy, the Dysons are probably the best choice. For a true science role this is a very versatile ship and I really like it. For a KDF officer that wants to run science this could be the best choice out there.

I’m working on a new ship rating system that will rate ships by engineering, science, tactical, stealth, and support parameters. The eng, sci, tac will somewhat resemble the ratings given in the admiralty system but I have a few crossover values so my numbers will be different. The stealth is obvious, but the support is how well the ship should do on a team helping other players. I am still tweaking the system but I will launch it official on future charts. This ship came in with and overall rating score of 282 points spread out as follows: Engineering 59, Tactical 45.1, Science 88.7, Stealth 22, and Support 67.2

Below is a chart that compares several science ships to this one.



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