Temporal Dreadnought and the USS Border Wall

pollLast week we had some fun with the USS Private Server, commanded by Fleet Admiral, Hillary Clinton. I queried in this poll what kind of ship would she fly if she were in Starfleet. So far more people think she would command a cruiser than any of the other ships but we have no majority consensus yet. This week I’ll post the poll for the USS Border Wall, commanded by Fleet Admiral Donald J. Trump. I wonder what kind of ship ‘The Donald’ would fly? In upcoming weeks we’ll ponder the third party candidates The USS What’s Aleppo, commanded by Vice Admiral Gary Johnson and The USS Treehugger, commanded by Rear Admiral Jill Stein.

Well I started flying that T6 Temporal Dreadnought this past week. I decided to try out a toon I hadn’t loaded in a long time, The lovely Rodanna, Starfleet Engineer and Fleet Admiral. She is running the Command specialization as primary and Strategist for secondary. She doesn’t have either of them maxed out yet.

2016-10-10_16-38-17This dreadnought ship is pretty solid. I don’t know if I like it as much as the Breen ship they gave away last winter. The jury is still out on that. Of course the Breen ship was FREE and this ship is 3000 zen so that’s a huge plus.

This Dreadnought has an exceptional turn rate for the class. If you look at most of the T6 dreads, they turn between 6-7 degrees per second and this ship cuts the corners at 9.5 dps. This cornering ability allowed me to run the ship with a set of dual beam banks up front. This is not something I’d be comfortable trying on the ships with less turn rate. Honestly even with the 9.5 rating it is still hard to keep fast moving escorts in the 90 degree firing arc. I tend to use control abilities like gravity well and tractor repulsors to keep the target in the arc. This Chronos Dreadnought does offer a tactical chair 2016-10-10_16-43-10for a Lt. Commander. You can use cannon weapons if you wish. I would stick with single cannons. I chose beams because I wanted to focus on the Temporal Agent BOFF abilities but that LC Tactical means I surely could have a pair of scatter volley or rapid fire in place of the beam overloads with no real penalty. In fact I may set this ship up with Admiral Sager to do just that.

The BOFF flexibility is better than most dreadnoughts. The Commander specialist chair and the Lieutenant universal specialist chair help create a versatile bridge.

This ship’s hull is practically impenetrable. This character, Rodanna, is no where near as well developed as my primary toon, Admiral Sager. Yet she flies with impunity into a sea of enemies and the hull hasn’t dropped below 90% yet. You can see on the screen shot below that the tier IV mastery is not even unlocked yet. That will add another 10% to the hull strength. I am using the attract fire and the threatening stance to draw fire off the pets and on to the ship. This has resulted in the pets building up 4-5 stars regularly. Of course as captain of the ship I have to keep the pets in close to the carrier and stay away from exploding warp cores which seem to be a magnet for the pets 😉 I did upgrade the pets to purple advanced grade.

The shields are constantly on the brink of failure but the hull stands strong. Rodanna is a true engineer so she has the hull heal and hull strength abilities well developed. This ship also has the dreadnought mastery abilities including rapid repairs. The hull is so resilient that I was able to use three of the four Commander BOFF abilities as temporal rather than engineering. The only engineering abilities Rodanna is using is a lieutenant reverse shield polarity and an ensign engineering team. I could take the engineering team out and load emergency power to the shields instead and still not have to worry much about the hull. This is a solid tank my friends. Rodanna doesn’t have nearly the resources that Admiral Sager has and this ship’s equipment levels reflect that.

I loaded up protonic polaron weapons from the Dyson reputation store and even used the relatively weak Dyson tactical consoles that boost base polaron damage 20% and offer a proton energy boost and accuracy perk as well. I have a Mk XII quantum torpedo launcher up front and the wide angle quantum torpedo launcher aft (acquired from the C-Store version of the assault cruiser).

2016-10-10_16-43-03I am not a big fan of the dreadnought ships but I do like this one. The special console is decent but offers no passives, just a powerful taunt-heal-attack ability. This draw foes to the ship while increasing the ship’s hull healing then shifts to a crit chance and damage chronoscapboost. It has a 2 minute cool down and it’s an effective ability. However some may choose to utilize a passive boost console instead. If you do have all three of the consoles from the this ship (Admiral Sager does, Rodanna does not), the cool down is cut in half!

I am still working on the overall ship performance rating system. This is truly a system with some bugs that need tweaking. But I intend to have a solid working overall ship rating system soon. Right now I am working on the weighting of abilities. This will keep abilities from having too much influence over a ships rating in the system or not enough influence. This system is designed to measure a ship based on engineering, science, tactical, stealth and even support. The support rating measures the ships ability to boost team mates and allies so the Command and Temporal ships gain an advantage in this category. Below is the comparison of the dreadnoughts I measured against this Chronos Dreadnought. You will see that this ship measures up nicely, but again I have to test it with a variety of ships to be sure that no abilities are improperly weighted. Below that is my standard comparison chart for the ships. Don’t forget to vote on the USS Border Wall below the charts.

powerrank dreadchart



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