STO Should Break the Grind with Some Unique Gaming

hillary trumpThe past two weeks I have posted polls for you to opine about which ships the American Presidential Candidates might fly were they STO Captains. First I had the USS Private Server, commanded by Fleet Admiral Hillary Clinton, then I added the USS Border Wall commanded by Fleet Admiral Donald Trump. So far, more people think Hillary would fly a cruiser and Trump is a mixed bag with a statistical tie between dreadnought, raider, destroyer , and battle cruiser. Now the third-party candidates are due a chance, right? I am doing this more or less in order that they are polling by the way, not by any preference. Next up, The USS What’s Aleppo, commanded by Vice Admiral Gary Johnson. Whatever ship he flies would need to have a good hydroponics bay, that Mary-Jane ain’t gonna grow in the dark. Take the poll below and let’s see what the ‘Big Johnson is flying.

OK, what could STO do to breakup the monotonous MMO grind so present in most games of this genre. I was thinking about how they created the KDF and Federation groups from the very beginning as a coalition of worlds. The KDF was the Gorn, Nausicans, Orions and Klingons and the Federation the Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, and Humans among others.  Now in all of Star Trek canon, we have a lot of local (worlds) politics happening. There are various issues facing specific worlds in the Star Trek universe that sometime bleed into the narrative of an episode or even a full length movie. What if captains could do special missions that were specific to the world they are from. For example, Andorian captains would still play the Starfleet main story but after achieving the rank of Fleet Admiral new missions that are Andorian specific could become available and they would only be available to Andorian characters. Likewise to all the other races. That would break up the routine and might encourage players to create additional toons.

This is not an entirely novel idea. In the earliest days of STO the Federation players engaged in the Klingon War. Players in the KDF sometimes flew the same mission as the Federation counterparts but from the KDF perspective. We could do this with slight variations for career or race to create a more diverse experience and give players a reason to have alt characters.

It could look a little like this: once a toon makes Fleet Admiral in Starfleet or Dahar Master in the KDF, they would be approached by their home world government officials to engage in occasional special missions specific to their home world. These might be clandestine missions or maybe assigned by Starfleet or KDF officials through diplomatic channels. The options are quite varied in how this could be achieved. To make the content universal there could be a slightly different role for all other Fed or KDF toons to play that same special mission. This could work for career based content as well.

I am not talking about deep layers of content, that of course isn’t viable since only a small percentage of toons would be engaging in this side content, but it would be a nice distraction from the daily grind. I mentioned several years ago that career specific missions would be nice also. STO has had elements of missions available to careers where a science officer can do an optional exercise during a missions, or an engineer or tactical, etc. But straight dedicated career and race missions are not in the game. They should try it. STO can easily figure out what the number one alt race is in the KDF and the Federation and try a special mission for each. I would guess that Vulcans are the number one non-human race in the Federation and I think either Orions or Gorn are #2 in the KDF behind Klingons. Custom alien  races could participate by receiving a communication from the “home world” requesting the captain take action on a Federation of KDF side mission that benefits the home world’s interests. I know those clever writers can come up with some good side content that separates the different character races and breaks up the grind, right?

Now Cryptic is going to need a financial reason to do this and I may have the answer. Most of you reading this blog have advanced well beyond the Klingon War missions and have played the doomsday machine mission. For Federation toons this mission provides you an opportunity to fly a KDF BoP. In the earliest days of STO the BoP was a truly unique experience. Cryptic exposed players in the Federation to the amazing experience of flying a ship that turns on a dime and hits like a… well, like a Klingon! How many Feddie players decided to play a second toon on the KDF side after flying that ship? How many toons decided they would drop 2500 Zen to get a B’rel Retrofit because they had so much fun flying that zippy and angry little raider? I did! Maybe the side missions I am speaking about could have a similar cross-experience. Maybe a Andorian mission where you end up flying a Kumari, or a Vulcan mission where you end up flying a Vulcan Science Vessel. This exposes players to these C-Store purchasable ships! The options are as wide as the Pacific. Come on Cryptic, this is a good idea, get on it 😉

Now take the poll and tell me what kind of ship Gary Johnston flies, the USS What’s Aleppo or maybe the USS MaryJane 😉



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