Hungry? Munch on some New Content

Well today we have the final poll for the Ship’s the Presidential candidates might fly. We started off with the USS Private Server, followed by the USS Border Wall, and the USS What’s Aleppo? Today we end this series of polls with Jill Stein’s ship, the USS Treehugger.

Make your choice with the poll at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile here is an update on the three running polls:

hillary trump aleppo

So we have some new content as of Tuesday. New content is like… well to paraphrase the crap out of Forest Gump… ‘new content is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. But we all take a piece anyway, right? New content is always a good thing.

This update also applied the new graphics to the PC version with the smooth shading and snappier look that launched with the console version of the game. It looks good. One note that may save you all a bit of trouble. The system will reset your graphics to the default the first time you log in after the patch. Even after you use the ‘graphics’ settings to get back to what you had you may still find the background looks like crap. There is another setting ‘display mode’ under the ‘display’ tab that has a slider dropping the background resolution (everything except the GUI). Slide this back to 1.0 to see high-resolution background and foreground.

Another bug seems to occur with your toon’s kit. I played the whole new mission with no kit powers and my kit and modules were mysteriously missing. Then finally my kit and modules appeared in my inventory, hocus pocus. That was annoying. Good news however is afoot, actually it’s here already, once you actually find your magically misplaced Kit. Now both the Kit and all the Modules are upgradeable. I also noticed that the modules are now just career specific or universal, there is no sub category so all tactical modules fit all tactical mod-slots, et al. Nice; Admiral Sager is now loaded for bear with a Mk XIV Tactical Kit and a full compliment of Mk XIV anger management modules. That is if you like to manage your anger by channeling it to your enemies.

This new mission was very sciency. No spoilers here, but most of the mission is exploration of uncharted space with a new ally. There is some combat but really it is refreshing to have some Star Trek spirit in the game. See my rant on that here. The mission is a little repetitive but they mix up the style in each phase so it’s not unbearably tiresome. Some of the scenery in this new mission is pretty sexy with the new shading. This new mission is gently leaning us toward a merger of the new AOY and the original story line. They appear to be weaving the AOY and Iconian War across both timelines and the mirror universe. This is truly a tangled web of intrigue.

OK this is a mission we will all need to run once a week for three weeks to get the three pieces of the new Nausican weapons set. I got the beam array today, it is a special series disruptor weapon and next week the console, followed by a Nausican torpedo launcher. Guys this is FREE stuff MK XII very rare and special set powers. You need to get this stuff!

Funny thing, I just happened to notice for the first time the unlocked logs from the Terran Task Force and the Temporal Agent reputation system. I completed Tier V in both of those a while back, yet I just now noticed the “mission” to go to DS9 and read the various logs. Mirror Leeta’s logs are awesome. If you have Tier V reputation with the Terran Task Force you have unlocked all five log entries and access them at DS9. Since I never got around to doing this, I did it before running the new content. I love Mirror Leeta, so diabolical and sexy too 🙂

OK I kinda zig-zagged all over the place today, I guess the new content wasn’t quite deep enough to support a whole post 😉 That’s OK I’ll write about the new ordnance set in a couple of weeks when I have all three pieces. I am trying to figure out which ship I am going to get next and I’m thinking it’s time to do a space set build and review it. I’ll take one of the ship sets and build an entire ship around it fly it and let you know how it does. Maybe I’ll do the Romulan/Reman set. That has to be the easiest of the reputation systems to master with so many easy marks out there. I dunno, who knows…

Don’t forget to vote on the USS Treehugger poll…



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